16 Work From Home Gifts Your Employees Will Love

Cassy Aite
May 5, 2024
16 Work From Home Gifts Your Employees Will Love

Remote work has its fair share of challenges. While modernized, remote-friendly technology helps employees coordinate and delegate, the home office can come at a cost. Being part of a virtual team can lead to workplace isolation and loneliness. The true connection and value that keeps your employees motivated is a constant challenge.

However, you have a proverbial ace up the sleeve if you want to foster good relationships with the people who work from home and drive your business: work from home gifts. These gifts are a token of goodwill, appreciation, and personalization all in one. Ranging from workspace upgrades to gift baskets to food and entertainment, these gifts afford a unique opportunity to stave off loneliness and increase morale among your staff.

16 Amazing Work From Home Gifts for Your Staff

Gift basket with wine and flowers

To some degree, the gesture of giving a gift means just as much as the gift itself. But a gift that speaks to the recipient can surely make a long-lasting impression. The overarching goal is to provide a thoughtful and practical gift that will impress each individual employee. Use this gift guide to choose the best work from home gifts for the people who work so hard for you.

1. Classic Gourmet Gift Basket

Whether it’s the holiday season or some special occasion for your company, a gourmet gift basket is a year-round winner.

A basket full of delicious fruit cakes, smoked Gouda cheese, truffle balls, bacon habanero bites, or other goodies allows your work-at-home employees to take a break or enjoy a well-deserved snack at the end of the day.

2. Houseplants

Not every worker has a green thumb, but hard-to-kill houseplants such as cacti and succulents make great work from home gifts. They liven up a drab home setup and add a touch of much-needed aesthetic beyond furniture and basic decor. Plus, they’re available from all types of retailers, including The Sill and even Amazon.

More importantly, plants have been shown to increase worker productivity, reduce stress, and evoke a calming and relaxing effect. As a business owner, that’s a win-win gift idea.

3. Snack and Wine Combo

When it comes to corporate gifting, nothing beats a classy snack and wine combo. Put together a basket of quality meats and cheeses, popcorn, and red or white wine, and this basket can be a great gift for your employees to enjoy with their spouses or loved ones after a long workday.

4. Healthy Gift Basket

Swapping junk food with nutritious options has become common practice in the business world in an effort to improve the health and well-being of employees. And when you consider that 90% of Americans don’t get an adequate amount of nutritious foods, it works just as well for a work from home gift.

Consider making a basket with organic treats (nuts, seeds, and protein bars), an affordable Bluetooth fitness device (wearable, oxygen meter), scented candles, some fruits, and a gym membership.

5. WFH Essentials

Beatiful home office setup

Any gift that improves the comfort and productivity of your employees is sure to be well-received. From gadgets to hardware to office supplies, you have plenty of things your employees will use to their advantage. Some options might include:

  • Noise-canceling headphones or Apple AirPods to help them stay focused and avoid distraction
  • Blue-light computer glasses and desk lamps to prevent eye strain
  • Lap desks to break away from the typical home office cubicle
  • Desk organizers to get everything in order
  • Memory foam footrest to improve posture and comfort
  • Other little items, such as a mouse pad, rechargeable smart mug to keep coffee hot, wireless chargers for an iPad or iPhone, a small back massager, or an auxiliary webcam for better quality video calls.

If you have a bigger budget, you can splurge on some high-quality WFH essentials that will boost productivity and morale. Flexispot standing desks and ergonomic office chairs are some of the best options available; just make sure to stick with your budget.

6. Gift Cards

Want to go that extra mile to show your employees they’re valued? A gift card is an excellent option. Gift cards allow your employee to choose what they want to suit their needs and interests. While they’re great for employee rewards or even as an addition to a per diem, gift cards — just like the gift cards from Hoppier — provide a level of customization in a work from home gift you won’t find elsewhere.

And if you have a large workforce, bulk gift cards are a godsend to prevent an air of favoritism while allowing each person to choose the gift they want the most.

7. Personalized Gift Basket

Did you know 62% of Americans prefer personalized gifts over expensive gifts? Thoughtful, custom gifts make employees feel valued and supported, so consider adding items that show you care.

For example, a technical team member will appreciate portable chargers to charge multiple devices at once, while a drawing pad will make a good gift for someone in the design team.

Etsy is also a great source of original, one-of-a-kind work from home gifts. Made by local artists, you can skip the mass-produced goods and shop local, all to the enjoyment of your giftee.

8. Game Night Gifts

Studies have found that board games and digital games can help combat stress and anxiety. That’s the perfect reason for you to make a basket of fun board games, card games, or digital gaming memberships to help employees alleviate stress levels and enjoy some downtime with family — or even with colleagues virtually.

9. The Boredom Buster

Even the best employees tire of using office management software and B2B sales tools after months on end. So enliven your employees and eliminate the tedium of the workaday world by gifting them a basket that’s full of boredom-busting items. A sketching book, fun quizzes, easy puzzles, and other activities will brighten your employee’s day and ensure hours of fun to help relieve the boredom of working.

10. Movie Night Fun

Friends enjoying a movie night

Who doesn’t love a good flick at the end of the day? Make sure your basket contains everything from popcorn to candy and an additional gift card for movie rentals, and your employees will be set for a fun cinematic experience with their loved ones.

Even better if you get employees to sign up for teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) as a fun virtual team-building activity. The next day, you can chat about the movie, whether you liked it, providing an interactive platform to improve camaraderie and employee engagement.

11. Fitness Freak Package

Gifting a basket encouraging fitness shows that you care about the health and well-being of your staff. A yoga mat, water bottle, and jump rope among other workout items will aid your employees in their daily exercise. They’ll stay energetic throughout the day which will lead to better performance and output. And if you want to offer perks like some of the best companies out there, throw in a gym or crossfit membership for good measure.

12. Book Worm Special

When you think of learning and self-improvement, reading naturally comes to mind. A bookworm’s basket containing some must-read books, a compact reading light, a bookmark, and a coffee mug can be the perfect work from home gift for your employee to learn and grow as an individual.

13. Cozy & Comfy Gift Basket

A perfect gift for many employees is something that allows them to relax and take their minds off work. Bring coziness and comfort to your employees with this gift basket. A calming heat pillow, a blankie, an oil diffuser, and even some soft pajamas will make great additions to ensure they can enjoy a relaxing night's sleep.

14. The Beer Lover

Bucket of beers on ice

Beer drinkers prize their favorite beverages for aromas, complex flavors, and refreshing finishes. So for the beer lover in your office, a mix of lagers, pale ales, darks, and experimental brews is an excellent work from home gift idea. What's more, you can also add a Hoppier card to let employees enjoy happy hour by ordering from Drizzly, Minibar, and Bitters & Bottles.

15. Signature Corporate Kit

Brand recognition and awareness can boost your revenues, customer loyalty, and customer engagement. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend a ton on advertising.

Instead, curate a gift backet with everyday products like water bottles, caps, and pillows branded with your company’s name or logo. In addition to free advertising, this also helps instill a feeling of belongingness within employees working from home. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

16. Eyecare Gift Basket

Post-pandemic, a study found remote workers began to experience increased eyesight risks. Considering most of their time is spent in front of mobile and desktop screens, it's honestly not surprising — but that doesn't mean you can't do anything about it.

Help your employees look after their eyes with eye masks, computer glasses, and cooling creams that keep their eye health in check. Ideally, you want to add items that help prevent eye strain and fatigue.

Let Hoppier Help You Give the Best Work From Home Gifts

Making a lasting impression on your employees is like investing in your business. And with remote employees missing out on the in-person workplace experience, you shouldn't shy away from doing small acts to show your gratitude.

The above unique corporate gift basket ideas will help make your remote team feel appreciated and valued. With a little thoughtfulness, you can make your staff who work from home feel a little happier and more productive.

Hoppier gift card example

Want to simply employee gifting further? Sign up with Hoppier to give your remote workers gifts they actually want. Simply set up a gift card balance, choose from our diverse range of vendors, and send your employees a virtual card they can use anytime, anywhere.

Learn more here.

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