Top Office Management Software to Make Your Life a Breeze

Ana Gotter
November 10, 2020
26 Office Management Software Tools To Simplify Your Day | Hoppier

Office managers are essentially responsible for juggling multiple tasks all at once. Employee and meeting scheduling, event planning, travel booking, and inventory management might all be on your plate, keeping you busy and your day very full.

The right tools can help you manage all of these tasks, simplifying them and making your job a lot easier. 

There is an endless number of tools out there that can help office managers, and in this post, we’re going to help you review different types of office management software so that you can determine what types of tools you need, and which specific software choices are right for you. 

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Office Communication Tools

Communication tools are one of the first types of office management software that you may start looking for. This software is designed to facilitate and improve the quality of communication both within internal team members and even external contractors or clients. Three of the best communication tools for office managers include Slack, Chatter, and Microsoft Team: 


Lets you create multiple channels of conversations with different combinations of team members, utilizing a threaded format to help everyone follow the conversation quickly. 


Makes it easy to share files and information quickly, and is recommended for use within a salesforce team. Chatter allows for each employee to have their own profile on their internal social media styled network, helping people to get to know each other and facilitating team building in addition to collaboration. 


A highly customizable, open source messaging platform for secure team collaboration. You can build custom intuitive workflows that scale to tens of thousands of users to collaborate across larger teams.

Microsoft Teams

Offers increased transparency between team members and is relatively intuitive even though it comes with a hefty list of useful features. This platform is great for larger companies working on complicated projects and tickets. 

Logos of Slack, Chatter, and Microsoft Teams office communications software tools
Compare the three main tools here.

If you’d like to see how each of these stacks up against each other in detail, you can read more here.

Online Conferences and Meeting Software

Working remotely is increasingly common, and whether you’re working from home on a permanent basis or just need to connect virtually with clients or other team members, having tools to help you have glitch-free conference calls and online meetings are a must-have. These tools can be used within a business or to communicate with vendors or clients, so finding the right one for your office is essential. 

Here are the top three online call software that we’d recommend starting with: 


Ranked #1 in customer reviews thanks to how easy, affordable, and reliable it is to use. You can use it to hold meetings and webinars, as well as to take part in collaboration-enabled conference rooms that allow you to record the meetings. This is a great all-in-one tool.

The Zoom Meeting platform showing 4 people on a conference call
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Works similarly to Zoom and allows you to host webinars, conference calls, and online meetings with just a few clicks. There are a ton of great features here, making it a great tool that will scale well with your business. 


Whereby is a flexible tool that provides teams with the ability to host meetings in browser without needing to have a guest account or sign in. It's is a perfect solution for individual use or small teams. It's clean, simple to use and is fully customizable.

Time Management & Productivity Software

As an office manager, you can benefit from time management and productivity tools, which will help keep project management on-track like nothing else. Since you're always keeping up with an endless list of tasks, you can take advantage of the software for yourself, and extend the benefits to the rest of the office, too.

There are a ton of great options for time management, productivity, and project management tools, but we recommend considering the following office management software options:  


A cloud-based productivity and task management tool that uses drag-and-drop technology for task organization. They also have Gannt charts for task planning, and easy task viewing through the dashboard.


A free tool that makes it easy to break down different individual tasks into “cards,” monitoring their progress with checklists and task lists as they move from “board” to “board.” It’s easy to use, and has great collaboration features. 

Trello office management software uses digital a Kanban template to plan and manage an office party
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Accounting Tools

Some offices put office managers in charge of accounting, so you may be directly responsible for keeping up with office finances. Even if you aren’t, it still may come to you to order the office management software needed to keep the office books in check. These accounting tools are a great place to start: 


Send professional invoices seamlessly and set up automated billing, create payment reminders, allows for easy-to-use bookkeeping and easy reporting tools. 

Zipbooks accounting software dashboard showing key financial metrics for businesses
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Automatically integrates with all payment methods, financial institutions and credit cards, which means there is no need for you to manually enter any type of information after you set it up.


Automatic billing and invoicing options, as well as the option to set up reminders and keep track of unpaid bills. It also automatically syncs information and imports expenses and deposits as well as other financial data.

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Document and Data Management Software

Keeping up with crucial business documents and data-- including contracts, internal brochures, and more-- is no easy task, but it’s one that you’re likely charged with nonetheless. Fortunately, document and data management tools will make this much easier, especially since we’re living in the time of Cloud storage. All of these tools are great choices: 

Google Drive and G Suite

Google’s tools are free to use, and include Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and more. Think the Microsoft Office Suite, but online, free, and more accessible for collaboration. 


Offers a familiar collaboration tool that is easy to use and is customizable. Anyone that can use Excel can learn Airtable quickly because it’s almost exactly the same.

Airtable data management tool showing organizational capabilities for managing office projects
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Organizes everything in the same place and allows all users to keep up to date with what is happening overall. Confluence is said to be clear and seamless across a project.


Is good for sending large files and automatically updates across any device you have it connected to when an update is made on the workspace. 


Is great for online file sharing and content management. There is a freemium model that gives you the ability to use basic services for free and pay for personal or business accounts if you want to.

Employee Scheduling Tools

Employee scheduling is a giant pain in the neck. There’s no getting around that. Trying to keep up with everyone’s individual scheduling requests, time-off needs, and even preferences is exhausting. Unless you’re a fan of overly-complicated 3-D jigsaw puzzles, this is one task you likely dread.

Employee scheduling tools will be a lifesaver for you. They’ll automatically generate schedules that you can adjust or change at any point, saving you a massive headache. Here are the ones we recommend:


Automate employee scheduling and has a manager logbook, allowing you to build employee schedules in short time and manage your schedules 75% faster. Shiftnote is used by over 75,000 users.


A free communication software and scheduling software for companies with shift workers. It allows officer managers to organize all aspects of their work on a single platform. 

Sling Employee scheduling software showing mobile and desktop scheduling features
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Another great free option with several perks such as improving communication, eliminating excuses, boosting employee accountability, as well as time and attendance tracking. The tool also offers an accessible mobile clock-in, which is useful especially for employees working remotely.


Envoy has a free plan and offers visitor management solutions for any front desk. Envoy helps you manage upcoming visitors and invite new guests, get notified about packages, book nearby rooms, and more. Check out their new Rooms feature here.

Travel Management Software

Office managers are typically in charge of travel planning and management for most individuals in the office, including planning out office retreats or scheduling business trips. I know some of us don’t like planning our own trips, let alone scheduling trips for your team members. It becomes even more challenging when there are a lot of moving pieces and especially when you’re on a tight budget, but these tools can help: 


Is a good app for frequent business travelers and shows the best rates and travel routes. It also has a 24/7 customer service team. 


TripActions is one of the top contenders for corporate travel management content. It’s an all-in-one solution, allowing you to book a rental car, the plane tickets, the train, and the lodging all through one easy-to-use interface.

Lets you save up to 30% on business travels with access to special negotiated prices, and you have access to a 24/7 customer service, too. 

Lola business travel software displaying spend management feature to see total savings and spend
Manage spending and view savings directly in Lola

To find out more about travel management tools, check out our article here

Peer to Peer Recognition and Employee Wellness Management Tools

Recognizing the hard work and dedication from everyone at your office is crucial for boosting morale, increasing productivity, and resulting in higher employee engagement. Boost employee satisfaction and make everyone on the team feel appreciated with the following peer-to-peer recognition and employee wellness management tools. 


When you start researching employee recognition ideas, Bonusly’s software is likely one of the first options that you’ll find. It’s a popular tool that comes with a ton of different features which allow employees to recognize their peers and managers. By handing out "Bonusly points" team members can thank one another with rewards available on the extensive catalog, ranging from gift cards to donations to different recognized charities. Employees can even turn their awards directly into cash by accepting the points through PayPal, and companies can offer custom rewards like “lunch with the CEO” or “extra PTO” if employees accrue enough points.


Motivosity is another popular peer to peer recognition tool, and it’s a great option for large companies with plenty of employees. They even have searchable employee profiles that allow your team to get to know each other a little more, even featuring the ability to add in non-work information like interests or hobbies to facilitate employee relationship building.


Kazoo has some great features that some of its competitors haven’t thought of just yet. This includes a group features reward, like donuts for everyone, or behavior bonuses that are designed to incentivize certain specific actions or behaviors within the company, which can be anything from landing a new client to going on a walk during lunch.

Logos of Bonusly, Motivosity, and Kazoo employee wellness office management software
Dive deeper into features here.


Namely is a people operations platform that makes employee recognition a company-wide initiative. Employees can use Namely’s appreciation feature to shoutout their coworker’s hard work and accomplishments on the company-wide newsfeed. The newsfeed also calls out important employee milestones like an employee’s first day, birthday, and work anniversary, so your workforce can recognize and celebrate their colleagues. Namely’s platform also lets employees easily enroll in, view, and update their benefits selections, as well as request time off.

Looking to compare the mentioned employee recognition tools in more detail? Check out our blog post on it here.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to office management software. There are so many incredible tools that will help you streamline or even automate some of your most cumbersome tasks, giving you more time in your day to focus on the tasks that need your attention most. Your whole job requires an incredible amount of organization, after all, so some software that can do some of that for you can be a worthwhile investment.

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