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Peer To Peer Recognition Tools That Drive Employee Engagement (Feature Comparison With Recommendations)

Looking to step up your employee recognition game? Check out this comparison of popular peer-to-peer recognition tools to help you pick the best one for your office!

Ana Gotter

When we go above and beyond in the workplace, we may well be doing it for the pay-check, but we want to have our hard work acknowledged, too. It’s human nature, and if your employees feel like management and peers are really seeing and appreciating the extra effort they’re putting it, they’ll be more motivated to go all out a little more often… especially when hours get long and job demands are at their peak.

Employee recognition tools and rewards programs can help with this. These tools allow all members of your team to reward each other for work well done; whether it’s a thank you for extra help on a task or acknowledgement for completing a challenging project. You give each team member a set number of rewards points they can doll out, and they award them to each other as they see fit.

These peer to peer reward programs can be a game-changer for your company culture. They’ll keep your employees motivated and feeling appreciated by everyone on the team, which can boost employee satisfaction and internal relationships. This will ultimately lead to more productivity, and can even help you keep more of your best people on your team for much longer. 

There are plenty of employee recognition tools out there, but in this post, we’re going to look at three of the most popular options available and who would benefit most from each one.


When you start researching employee recognition ideas, Bonusly’s software is likely one of the first options that you’ll find. 

It’s a popular tool that comes with a ton of different features which allow employees to recognize their peers and managers. By handing out "Bonusly points" team members can thank one another with rewards available on the extensive catalog, ranging from gift cards to donations to different recognized charities. Employees can even turn their awards directly into cash by accepting the points through PayPal, and companies can offer custom rewards like “lunch with the CEO” or “extra PTO” if employees accrue enough points.  

Bonusly rewards available for peer to peer recognition including Airbnb, Starbucks and Target
Image source: Bonusly

The system has great options, like the ability to add customized branding to your company’s accounts, and a full integration with other SaaS softwares like slack for convenience of use. Employees can publicly mention the person they’re thanking in the software’s feed, which can encourage use of the tool and improve morale throughout the company thanks to its visibility. They’re given a monthly allowance of points that they can award to their peers and managers. 

Giving out points for great customer service via Bonusly peer to peer recognition app.
Image source: Bonusly

Bonusly works well on desktops, apple, and android devices, and is easily affordable. Pricing starts at $2.70 per month per employee for 1-100 employees, with a premium plan available for $4.50 per month. Enterprise-sized companies need to contact the company for a direct quote. 

Pricing of the Bonusly peer to peer recognition tool. Core plan is $2.70 per user per month and pro plan is $5.70 per user per month.
Image source: Bonusly

Tool is best suited for: Businesses who want a tool that can integrate with other SaaS software they’re using, and who want to opt for a monthly allowance instead of a yearly one to encourage employees to use the platform consistently throughout the year. 


Motivosity is another popular peer to peer recognition tool, and it’s a great option for large companies with plenty of employees. They even have searchable employee profiles that allow your team to get to know each other a little more, even featuring the ability to add in non-work information like interests or hobbies to facilitate employee relationship building.

Like Bonusly, Motivosity has public feeds so that employees can recognize each other in a visible way while awarding each other with tokens of thanks. Other employees can react with the appreciation news, commenting and liking it to build social proof and encourage more discussion. 

Employee recognition via the Motivosity app
Image source: Motivosity

Unlike Bonusly, however, Motivosity doesn’t let you award someone with points that can go towards an award; instead, you’re giving them actual dollar amounts out of a set allowance. And when it comes to rewards, there are so many different reward options available, including gift cards, options to donate to a charitable cause, or custom gifts your company can create. 

Rewards available on Motivosity employee engagement app including Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart.
Image source: Motivosity

Motivosity also comes with a number of different features even outside peer to peer recognition, allowing companies to send out anonymous satisfaction surveys, access analytics, and have employees give each other feedback.

Survey example offered to companies by the Motivosity employee recognition app.
Image source: Motivosity

Motivosity works well on desktop and apple devices, and pricing starts at around $3 per month, though you need to contact the company for an exact quote. 

Tool is best suited for:
Companies who want a vast array of gifts to choose from and are really looking to facilitate employee relationships. It’s also a good choice for companies who want to take advantage of the feedback systems, which may be particularly useful for large, enterprise-grade companies who may not be able to get this feedback one-on-one the same way a smaller company would. 


Kazoo has some great features that some of its competitors haven’t thought of just yet. This includes a group features reward, like donuts for everyone, or behavior bonuses that are designed to incentivize certain specific actions or behaviors within the company, which can be anything from landing a new client to going on a walk during lunch.

Employee recognition sharing using the Kazoo app
Image source: Kazoo

Like the other platforms, there are plenty of reward options available, with a full catalogue of more than 30,000 different options to choose from that include company merchandise, service awards, gift cards, charitable donations, and “non-monetary experiences.” 

Rewards available on Kazoo employee engagement app including donuts for everyone and yoga sessions
Image source: Kazoo

In addition to the public recognition and employee rewards that we’ve seen with other platforms, Kazoo also makes it a little easier for companies who want to offer official awards, like employee of the year. 

Kazoo works on desktop, apple, and android, and it integrates with a large number of different SaaS software including Slack, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Google. You need to contact them directly for a quote. 

Tool is best suited for:
Want to use the employee recognition platform to reward specific behaviors or groups of people? This tool can help you shape work culture in a positive way, and it has plenty of options to systemize and streamline reward systems. There are some great dynamic features there that other platforms don’t offer, so if those are appealing to you, this may be the way to go. 


It’s important to let your employees know that you appreciate what you’re doing for them, and a peer to peer recognition tool may be one of the best ways to do so. In addition to getting a pat on the back, they’re given actual financial rewards and very public acknowledgement, and your other team members are much more likely to join in on passing some compliments around when they’re given the option to do in a financially beneficial system. 

It’s so essential to find new ways to keep your employees happy and feeling appreciated, and these recognition tools can help you do exactly that. 

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