Best Virtual Bulk Gift Cards for Employees (Tips and Gifting Themes)

Cassy Aite
May 5, 2024
Best Virtual Bulk Gift Cards for Employees (Tips and Gifting Themes)

Gift cards are the easiest way to resolve employee gifting or shopping dilemmas. Beyond the greater convenience on your end, they work just as well for employees who can buy something they genuinely want. But if there’s anything better than gift cards, it’s bulk gift cards.

Buying the best bulk gift cards for employees allows you to put this into practice. You can show your appreciation for your employees without worrying about making them feel less special than their coworkers. Plus, they can all enjoy amazing deals.

The only catch? When you buy in bulk, you have to be careful. One overzealous purchase and you’re stuck with way too many useless virtual cards. Or even worse, you end up running over budget because of hidden fees.

Don’t worry, though. With a bit of caution and a few ideas, you shouldn’t have any issues. This Hoppier guide will cover helpful tips and gifting theme ideas to help you pick virtual gift cards in bulk for your team.

A Guide To Virtual Bulk Gift Cards for Employees

When buying virtual bulk gift cards for employees, you work with bulk gifting vendors and platforms. Choose vendors who offer the whole package, including procuring/producing, customizing, and delivering the cards to employees for a streamlined approach.

Do these steps correctly, and you’ll improve your relationship with employees. Do this wrong, and you find yourself dealing with a demotivated task force that doesn’t feel appreciated for their efforts.

Why Virtual Bulk Gift Cards for Employees Make the Perfect Gifts

You’re probably wondering why you should purchase virtual gift cards in bulk rather than single digital gift cards or physical gift cards.  Aside from the evident bonuses of improved employee engagement and morale, virtual bulk gift cards for employees offer even more incentives for employers. Here are some that should pique your interest.


While e-gift cards themselves are an inexpensive gift option, purchasing bulk gift cards for employees makes the transaction even more cost-effective — especially for corporate gift card programs.

One budget-friendly benefit is that you eliminate any packaging and postal costs when sending employees virtual gift cards. You also don’t have to worry about volatile shipping fees, which is a common issue with plastic prepaid cards.

Greater Control

Another significant advantage as the employer or manager is you have a lot of control. You:

  • Set the denomination for each gift/reward card.
  • Take back any leftover money on any card after the expiration date.
  • Choose the vendors where employees can spend the money to follow a specific theme or initiative. (think: productivity, self-care, wellness, skill development)

This is a significant advantage if you want employee gifts to serve a specific purpose. Don’t forget to factor in your employees‘ perspectives and needs while you're making decisions on bulk gift card orders. After all, you’re the one trying to impress and appreciate your staff.

Mass Appeal

When choosing gifts for employees, finding something that pleases everyone can prove difficult, especially when you're on a budget. However, gift cards are as close as you can get to giving cold hard cash, only with a bit of sentimentality and thought intertwined.

The only thing to keep in mind is to ensure the gift cards come with a level of flexibility that lets employees buy what they want instead of limiting them to a select few options. For instance, vendors like Uber Eats, Spotify, Deliveroo, or Drizly give employees a lot of options to choose from. Regardless of which vendors you choose, make certain that your employees’ gift card purchases are something they’ll readily use online or in-store. They’re sure to appreciate the forethought.

Branded Customization

If your preferred vendor offers customization, you can buy bulk gift cards for employees adorned with company branding.

Why is this a benefit? Customization elevates otherwise boring gift cards. You select the color, add a brand logo, and send a personalized message — among other things — to make your employees feel special.

The fact that your gift cards will look super cool is just the proverbial icing on the cake.

5 Tips to Buy the Best Virtual Bulk Gift Cards

Bulk gifting can get tricky, especially if it’s your first time starting an employee rewards or incentive program. To help you avoid any missteps, here are a few handy tips to help you buy virtual bulk gift cards for employees with ease.

Stick To Trustworthy Vendors and Employee Favorites

Avoid buying gift cards from shady vendors. Scratch that — don’t buy gift cards from shady vendors.

Only buy from reputable companies, with professional and reliable-looking websites. Online auction sites, sketchy third parties, and other similar sources may sell you counterfeit or fraudulently obtained cards, ending in wasted funds.  

Again, stick to employee favorites. Pay attention to where your employees like to shop, dine, or be entertained — you can always learn these through virtual happy hours or remote team-building activities. Once you have some insight, you can choose the retailers, delivery services, and vendors that will resonate with your staff.

Another important thing to note here is to avoid imposing your choices on your employees. Just because you like seafood doesn’t mean everyone on your team would appreciate fish burger takeouts. Respect their choices.

Give a Usable Amount

When giving virtual bulk gift cards, make sure your employees can redeem them without having to pitch in on the purchase, but while staying on top of your budget.

Pick a gift card that is within your dollar limit while still being usable for the recipient. For instance, if you want to buy employee gifts below $20, Hoppier has partnerships with Starbucks and Dunkin’ for fresh morning coffee and snacks, as well as IKEA and Amazon for their WFH setups. Easily send Starbucks gift cards in bulk or Walmart bulk gift cards using Hoppier.

Prioritize Employee Convenience

Virtual gift cards should be redeemable locally or online. If you're unsure about where employees can redeem their car, check the locations on the store's website or call the helpline number. Be sure you do your research before purchasing to avoid any headaches.

If you’re unsure how far the recipient is willing to travel or if the exact location is unknown, select Visa gift cards that your staff can use anywhere.

Consider the Delivery Method

Modern companies are flexible when delivering gift cards virtually. Email, Facebook, and text message are a few of the most convenient delivery methods, but it’s possible your employee may have another preference.

The easiest solution is to ask employees how they want to receive their gift cards. Hold a vote and go with the top-voted delivery method.

Avoid Placing Any Restrictions

Ensure the virtual bulk gift cards for employees have clearly disclosed fees and expiration dates in order to give everyone access to all available funds for as long as possible. If you give gift cards with restrictions, always add a note to ensure employees understand the limitations.

Want an even better option? Use Hoppier’s digital smart digital Visa cards that don’t have expiration dates and work in 60+ countries. Choose the allowance for each employee, and if there’s any unspent money, it’ll be refunded back to you.

10 Amazing Virtual Bulk Gift Card Ideas

Bulk gifting doesn’t have to be boring. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are the ten best (and easiest) virtual gift card themes you can consider giving your employees. Let’s get started!

1. Office Supplies

Welcome your new employees with an office supplies gift card that gives them the funds to buy their favorite office essentials. This can include something practical like stationery or digital devices like a tablet. Or it may include niceties that improve the home office like potted plants or digital photo frames.

Your current employees will also enjoy refreshing their office essentials or buying something from their wish list.

2. Health and Wellness

Show your employees you care about their well-being by giving them gift cards to virtual health and wellness classes. You can opt for tried-and-tested options like yoga or online exercise sessions. Or you can get creative by having employees sign up for a healthy eating class that teaches them nutritious recipes and beneficial eating habits.

3. Electronic Gadgets

Before you see the dollar signs flashing in front of your eyes, hear us out: when we say gadgets, we don’t mean the latest MacBook or Galaxy tablet.

Instead, go for inexpensive, functional gadgets like Bluetooth keyboards or earphones, power banks, fitness trackers, and blue light filter glasses. These can be particularly useful for remote teams who appreciate handy gadgets that’ll make their WFH life easier.

4. DIY Swag Bags

Employees have a love-hate relationship with swag bags, and rightly so. What is a person supposed to do with another key chain? Fortunately, you can display your company’s logo in other ways.

The best swag bags are customizable and DIY. Give your employees a swag bag gift card that lets them choose gifts and goodies they like. Not only will this help promote your brand, but also give your team members something they can use and cherish as a souvenir of their time with you.

Hoodies or pullovers, water bottles, socks, laptop decals, and coffee mugs are some of the best swag items that your employees will appreciate.

5. Online Subscriptions

If there’s one virtual bulk gift card for employees you can never go wrong with, it’s online subscriptions.

Offer free subscriptions to employees for gym memberships, personal care, or wellness apps. You can also consider subscriptions to streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime for some after-work entertainment.

Again, since you’re buying in bulk, make sure you have buy-in from all your employees so that everyone can enjoy their gift.

6. Happy Hour Celebrations

If you’re buying gift cards in bulk, it’s probably to celebrate work anniversaries, birthdays, or the holiday season. But who says they have to be boring?

Help your employees let loose with a happy hour virtual gift card. In addition to gift cards to popular pubs and bars, consider giving them DIYs. Items can include a cocktail kit, customized glasses, garnishes, and bartending recipes.

7. Travel Goodies

If you have employees who travel frequently for work, consider giving them a travel gift card. This can also be an excellent idea if you have a work-from-anywhere policy.

Set an allowance redeemable for travel-related items like luggage, portable chargers, bags, screen cleaners, and neck pillows. Any little item that makes their travel easier is always a blessing.

8. Learning Allowance

LinkedIn‘s 2022 Workplace Learning Report found that 94% of employees would stay with the company for longer if it invested in their careers. So why not take this desire and give it in the form of a gift card?

Help your employees improve their skills and thrive professionally by giving them e-learning gift cards. You could either gift them one course at a time or simply hand over a lump sum amount and let them set their own learning goals.

Hoppier has partnerships with world-class professional learning platforms like Udacity and Udemy. Or give them a virtual gift card to Skillshare to upskill them at a pace they are comfortable with.

9. Customized Gift Bags

If you’re looking to buy bulk gift cards for employees as a part of an employee recognition program, we recommend segmenting your workforce based on their interests.

Team up with the virtual card vendor to put together customized gift cards to cater to a specific test. For instance, for baking enthusiasts, you can select vendors that sell baked goodness, offer a baking masterclass, and baking goodies.

This bulk gift card idea would be more suitable for larger teams. You’ll also need to confirm with the gift card vendor if they would be on board with customizing virtual credit cards in small bulk amounts.

10. Experimental Gift Cards

Experimental gift cards focus on in-the-moment activities that you can plan for individual employees or team members.

These can be virtual cards for relaxing spa sessions, meditation retreats, fun concerts, or recreational activities. Even if you have a remote or hybrid team, you can consider virtual equivalents like a live stand-up show or an online physical development class.

Before finalizing the items for bulk experimental gift cards, talk to your employees to get their opinion. This will help you ensure everyone is on board with the chosen idea.

Make Virtual Bulk Gift Cards Easy and Hassle-Free With Hoppier

We’ve already discussed why giving virtual gift cards in bulk is an excellent idea. But if you want to make your experience even better, choose Hoppier.

Customize gift cards exactly to your liking — from setting the allowance limit to selecting the vendors to customize how they look. With Hoppier, you can integrate virtual Visa smart cards as a part of your bulk gifting program and manage your budget effectively while defining the gifting experience. Sign up for a free demo today to see it in action.

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