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Here's 7 Reasons Why Office Plants Will Make Your Employees Happier

See how office plants can bolster productivity and add some cheer to your office, the best choice for stressed employees and creative minds!

Jonathan Marshall

Office plants are the secret to employee growth.


A great way to bolster productivity and add some cheer to your office is by including some greenery around the workplace and adding office plants to employees’ desks

Just like an office snack delivery program, office plants are a cost effective way to bring moments of joy to your team's work day.

Here are just a few reasons why you’ll want to add office plants to your employee handbook!

7. Office plants improve the health of employees and reduce sick days

An immediate effect that office plants have on employee growth is that they reduce the number of sick days taken.

This amounts to more time in the office spent snacking...err, I mean working. 🐰

Plants naturally filter toxins from the rooms that they grow in, to help freshen up the place.

If your office has poor ventilation, then your employees may be more prone to headaches, difficulty concentrating, and even experience signs of cold and flu.

These are all symptoms of something called “sick building syndrome” and it sucks to deal with!

It means your employees will feel bad, making  you feel bad and it’s really not fun for anyone.

Try sprucing up your workplace with Peace Lilies, Devil’s Ivy, and Spider Plants, all common office plants that are known air purifiers and will help everyone in the office breathe a little easier.

“Bringing a little bit of nature to your workplace can lift your spirits, increase your productivity and improve the office air quality. For gorgeous, colorful foliage in low-light conditions, you can't beat the Peacock Plant.”
- Tamara Horne, My Garden Life

6. More indoor plants in the office will increase employee productivity

We don’t mean to crack the whip here, which I think HR will be happy to hear.

People feel better when they’re more productive, so you should do everything you can to help employees feel like they are getting to where they need to be with a smile on their face.

Adding some office plants actually has a measurable impact on memory, meaning more people will remember respond to your emails on time (you can always dream, right?).

Consider setting up some communal office plants in places where people can see them from their desk.

When the mind starts to wander, desk plants have been shown to help with concentration and basic cognition.

Try adding some eye-catching varieties like the Zebra Plant, Red-Edge Dracaena, or the Bamboo Palm to your office to inspire your employees to go out on a limb.

"Air plant Terrariums It’s the plant you can’t possibly kill! These terrariums require barely any attention or soil, so decorate them how you’d like and add some natural décor to your indoor space."
- Alyse Kalish, The Muse

5. Boost creativity with desk plants for your workplace

IEver found yourself sitting at your desk trying to think of the right word, and it’s just on the tip of your...shrub?

If you want your brainstorm sessions to really rain, then consider adding some office plants to your cubicle and watch the ideas flow!

Scientists have proven that humans prefer to be closer to natural settings, and that having a closer connection to indoor plants can help employees shift into a whole different mode of mental processing.

Try scrounging up some Hens and Chicks, Chamaedorea elegans, or a Cypress Vine, as even the smell of nature can boost creativity in your office.

"I love the exotic nature with the combination of orchid and bromeliad.  This has minimal to none fragrance, helpful for sensitive allergies.  Personally, the plant reminds me if I work hard work I may get a vacation in a warm location this year get to see these lovelies in the wild!"
- Kap Wallingford, Calyx Flowers

4. Plants for the office will absorb loud background noises

Open concept offices have flourished in this day and age, and with it the problems of being constantly surrounded by noisy people.

Instead of buying headphones for the whole office, pick up some plants for the office to dampen the noise and keep people smiling!

Positioning a few frilly floras between departments or near communal spaces can do a lot to absorb excess sound coming from definitely productive conversations.

Try taller office plants like the ‘Anita’ Dragon Tree, Snake Plant, or the Weeping Fig to bring some peace and quiet to your workplace.

"My top three plants for an office would be snake plant (Sansevieria), ZZ plant (Zamioculcas), and Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema). These three plants are among the most resilient indoor plants you can find. Plus, they're typically inexpensive and the most readily available to find."
- Justin Hancock, Costa Farms Online

3. The best office plants reduce stress experienced by employees

Let’s not pretend that office life is stress-free.

Even if you love where you work, the daily grind can wear you out and cause frustrations to build up in the best of us.

If you wanted to add some calm to your workplace then office plants are among the most effective ways to ease the tension for your employees. Here’s why:

  • A 37% reduction in anxiety.
  • A 44% reduction in office hostility.
  • Reduces chronic fatigue by nearly 40%.
  • Even a 58% reduction in reported depression.

I can do this all day folks, just go buy some plants already.

Try picking up a few of the prickly kinds, like the Pincushion, the Desert Gem, or Blue Barrel cactus, because I’m sure we all feel like a bit of a prick sometimes.

These will help with that.

"Any plant that thrives on neglect is a good choice for an office. Classic office plants include pothos, spider plants, snake plants, or the aptly-named cast-iron plant are all wonderful choices because they don't require much light. When in doubt, go with what you like though - you'll be more motivated to care for it and it'll thrive!"
- Kevin Espiritu, Epic Gardening

2. Job-seekers are looking for offices with a natural aesthetic

When you’re looking to attract top talent, you want an office that showcases growth.

What’s the best way to do that you ask? Literally have things growing out of the wall.

One of the areas modern companies are focusing on for employee satisfaction are the benefits they offer during “down time.”

Whether it be snacking programs, communal spaces, or exotic desk plants, job-seekers are interested in what you offer them when they need an extra pick-me-up.

Try researching whether a living green wall is right for your office, and see what plant varieties would work best for your needs.

"I like easy plants for the office, particularly plants that aren’t picky about getting lots of natural sunlight or need high humidity or water. Lucky bamboo is a perfect office plant, but remember to water it with spring or distilled water, and succulents also work really well in most offices."

- Jon VanZile, author of Houseplants for a Healthy Home

1. Get a green office with healthy indoor plants

Take a deep breath in.



Pretty easy right?

Turns out, when plants breathe they raise the humidity levels in the building, and enough of them can lower the temperature of a building by 10°C or more.

One study showed that a single healthy tree can cool a building by the same amount as 20 air conditioning units working for 20 hours a day!

Try some larger species of indoor trees to max out this effect and put some green back in your pocket.

A roomful of good office plants are perfect for office managers looking to branch out for new eco-friendly solutions.

"I favor the Pothos plant. This little beauty is about as low maintenance as it gets, thriving in low light situations or areas having bright light. So, even if you don't have much room for a large potted plant, stick some cuttings in a vase of water and you'll still be able to enjoy some attractive greenery in your office space."
- Nikki Tilley, Gardening Know How


These are just a few of the many ways that office plants help with workplace stress, productivity, creativity and overall health of your office space.

You don’t have to go all out right away, maybe pick up a few that are easy to care for at first (see the video at the top for some ideas) and go from there.

Start building your collection of office plants and notice all the wonderful ways that they benefit your employees.

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Happy snacking!