How to Show Employee Appreciation in Your Office (And All The Reasons You Should!)

Ana Gotter
December 15, 2021
20 Unique Ways To Show Employee Appreciation In Your Office | Hoppier

No one likes to feel like they’re nothing more than a cog in a wheel, with a mundane job that would easily replace them without a second thought. We all want to feel appreciated and valued in all areas of our lives, and there’s significant proof that this is particularly important in the workplace. 

Letting your employees know that you value them as individual workers and the work they do is essential to keep office morale, productivity, and employee retention rates high, so this isn’t something that should be put on the back-burner or saved only for special occasions.

Instead, demonstrating apply appreciation should be a frequent occurrence, woven into the fabric of your company culture. 

Not sure how exactly to do this in ways that feel authentic and that your employees will love? We’re going to look at 20 different ways you can show employee appreciation, but first let’s look at some data that explains exactly how important it is to do so. 

How Showing Employee Appreciation Benefits You 

Showing employee appreciation-- which can be as simple as a “hey, great job on that” or as complex as an internal awards system-- doesn’t just benefit your team; it benefits you, too.

Employee appreciation leads to a direct increase in employee satisfaction, which is immediately tied to lower churn rates. You’ll be able to attract the best people when they hear about your incredible company culture, and you’ll be able to keep them for much, much longer. 

According to a study from GlassDoor, employers will retain half of their employees longer if they regularly show appreciation to them. The same study found that 81% of employees will be more motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work, which is significantly higher than the 37% who say they’re motivated to work harder because they fear losing their job or 38% that work harder because their boss is demanding. 

When employees feel valued and satisfied with their jobs, there’s also a direct link on improved productivity. Engaged employees are actually so much more productive that they lead to a 21% increase in profitability when compared to non-engaged workers. 

Three bunnies in plant pots being watered to show that employee appreciation fosters growth

Despite the fact that employee appreciation and recognition is so valuable, it’s not particularly common in many company cultures. Only one in three workers surveyed in a study from Gallup received recognition for work well done during the 7 days before the study. The same case study found that the most memorable (and often impactful) recognition came directly from the employee’s direct manager, showing that you don’t need to have complex systems in place. Since only 10% of people on average actually act on an impulse they may have to show someone appreciation, this is something to start focusing on with your management teams fast. 

How to Express Employee Appreciation In Meaningful Ways 

There are a vast array of ways that you can express to your team members that you’re grateful for the work that they do, letting them know that they’re valued. It will typically be best to incorporate as many different options into your company’s mix as possible, ensuring that everyone feels recognized on a regular basis.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to demonstrate employee appreciation.  

1. Offer Office Perks 

It’s hard to say no to office perks, which can be occasional or frequency depending on what they are. Consider options like these:

Hoppy bunny holding healthy office snacks with a box beside him to how employee appreciation
  • Have healthy snacks in the breakroom. Healthy snacks that everyone likes to eat is a small perk that can go a long way in showing that you value your employees. Hoppier has you covered here
  • Maintain a clean office. Hiring a cleaning crew to come in prevents your team from needing to worry about vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning the bathrooms or workplace kitchen. 
  • Providing your team with quality office supplies. It’s a small thing, but not having to equip your own paper clips and sharpies can go a long way-- and with subscriptions like Hoppier, it won’t cost you much, either.
  • Offer in-office meals on occasion. Think ordering in catering once a month, pizzas once a week, or even a food truck to the company parking lot. It’s hard not to feel appreciated when you’ve got amazing food to munch on as proof. 
  • Cover their parking or transit. I’ve had a job where I was required to pay $70 a year for a parking permit just to get into the office. That doesn’t make you feel so great, so cover a yearly parking pass, or consider covering transit to meetings or conferences. 

2. Express it Directly & One-on-One 

Sometimes, all that people need to hear to know that they’re appreciated is “great job on that project.” Different variations of one-on-one feedback and appreciation are an excellent choice, so consider these options: 

Two Hoppy bunnies high-fiving each other to show employee appreciation one-on-one
  • A thank you card. Especially if someone has really gone above and beyond, a thank you card could be in order - even if it’s a digital one sent through email. 
  • Going out of your way to thank the employee. Leave the office, go up to their desk, and tell them directly they did a great job and thank them for the hard work. Acknowledging the extra task they completed-- whether it was coming in early or knocking out something difficult-- makes a big difference. 
  • Incorporate more positive feedback into the employee review process. You should absolutely be having regular employee reviews; train your management staff to incorporate positive feedback and a few words of thanks to each employee. 
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3. Create A Culture Built Around Appreciation & Advancement 

Employee appreciation efforts are going to be most impactful when they’re integrated into your company culture. Embrace this fully, offering opportunities for career advancement or employee services like the ones listed below.

One hoppy bunny helping another Hoppy bunny climb up stairs and help advance their career
  • Offer regular training. Give your people the skills and education they need to do their job well, and they’ll excel. Take time out of the schedule regularly to offer training on new, cutting-edge technology, tools, or research. 
  • Set up mentorship programs. Many of your best workers are motivated by career advancement, and having one-on-one mentorship programs with higher-level employees is an appealing one. They can learn new skills and get great advice from someone who they admire. 
  • Covering educational conferences. Conferences are an excellent place to learn new skills, but they’re also a strong networking opportunity. Covering one or two conferences a year (including hotel stay if possible) is a good way to show appreciation for your team.
  • Provide employee services like tax days. Think about it - no one likes doing their taxes, and the more complex they are, the more we fear about getting audited. Services like in-office tax help during tax season are a huge asset. 
  • Set up employee recognition programs. These are formal programs that you can use to facilitate peer-to-peer recognition, often with financial rewards received as a perk for participants.

4. Do Something Fun 

At the end of a busy period or during a slower season, take some time to do something fun for your team. This counts as going above and beyond in a way that your team may recognize.

Six Hoppy bunnies jumping together in celebration of employee appreciation in their office
  • Get everyone personalized coffee cups. This gives you a chance to pick something each team member would personally like and even add in some humor, which is good for morale. 
  • Throw a work party. End a Friday afternoon a little early and have an in-office party with food, drinks, and even some games. Where my boyfriend works, they have an in-office Mario Cart tournament at the end of every project period. 
  • Take everyone out to lunch. Have your managers take their teams out for lunch on the company credit card, picking a fan-favorite restaurant everyone will love. Be mindful of those with allergies or eating restrictions if possible. 

5. Back It Up with Financial Rewards 

It’s time to put your money where your mouth is… literally. Employees are unsurprisingly heavily motivated by financial rewards, so factor that into the budget, and remember that well-paid employees stay longer, reducing the costs associated with high churn. 

A Hoppy bunny surrounded by money and putting a coin into a piggy bank from his employee appreciation initiatives
  • Offer bonuses. If your team knocked it out of the park and you’ve got any room in the budget to give bonuses, do so. Even $100 a person makes a big impact. 
  • Use more paid time off as an incentive. One more vacation day or 8 more hours of PTO? Very few people will turn their noses up at that.  
  • Distribute gift cards. Order gift cards in bulk, and pass them around to team members at the end of a big project or during the holidays. Keep a few on hand for birthdays and events like weddings or baby showers.  
  • Introduce a house cleaning program. A recent trend that's received quite a lot of popularity, covering house cleaning for your employees can take a load off their day-to-day chores and help make time spent away from work a lot more enjoyable.


Employee appreciation can be easy to show, and even small changes in your company culture to focus on recognizing your workers can increase productivity significantly. You’ll also keep your better people longer, making your business more successful, and can cut down on the amount of time you spend finding, hiring, and training new team members. 

For best results, incorporate a mixture of different tactics to demonstrate employee appreciation into your company culture, ensuring that employees are shown appreciation on multiple fronts. This is a low-cost and high-reward strategy that will easily pay for itself before you know it.

Ready to start showing some employee appreciation in your office and aren’t sure where to start? Check out Hoppier as your first step, setting up your team with the best snacks and office supplies around!

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Ready to 2x your global engagement at your next event, with Ox stress?

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Ready to 2x your global engagement at your next event, with Ox stress?

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