20 creative corporate gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression

Cassy Aite
October 10, 2022
20 creative corporate gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression

Creative corporate gift ideas show how much you care about your employees or clients, helping you forge personal connections, even in a remote setup. In fact, the frequency of corporate gift giving has increased since working from home became a mainstream business practice. According to a survey from Coresight Research, 66% of companies giving more employee gifts are doing so to keep team members motivated during difficult times. 

It’s clear that presents are an excellent way to show your gratitude, but if you want your gifts to leave a strong impression, it’s time to think outside of the box. This guide will outline what makes a great business gift, plus a roundup of unique corporate gift ideas you can explore this season.

What are the best corporate gifts?

1. Thoughtful

Any good present should have an element of thoughtfulness, and corporate gifts are no different. The best gifts have a unique component showing you've put genuine thought into finding something terrific. What does a person love? How can you make the gift special? That’s how to leave a lasting impression.

2. Relevant

girl excited about gift on blue background

Always keep in mind which occasion you’re celebrating because different circumstances will call for different gifts. If it’s approaching Christmas time, consider getting a creative corporate holiday gift that’s themed toward the season. And consider the context of who you’re buying the gifts for, as a gift for a prospective client will likely be different than one for a long-time associate.

3. Personal

Not everyone wants the same things. Ensure your gift options are tailored to specific people so everyone receives something they love. It’s also important to offset group gifts with personalized gifts. As great as it is to treat your employees or clients to group activities as part of milestone celebrations, having a personal component for each person shows you value them all individually, too.

4. Professional

The perfect gift is also professional, regardless of whether it's for clients or employees. Think about how people will react on receiving them; if you believe there’s a chance they’ll feel even slightly uncomfortable, drop it. Your gifts should also be balanced, meaning if you're giving a group of people coffee mugs or Bluetooth speakers, don't give others iPhones or something outrageously costly. Spend equal time and money on each gift to avoid jealousy.

What are some creative corporate gift ideas?

1. Virtual Experience

Rather than doing a traditional in-person event, take on a modern twist by making it virtual. Swap traditional swag and promotional products with fun virtual team gifts like escape rooms, scavenger hunts, digital tours, and online concerts. All of these employee team-building ideas make for captivating virtual gift experiences that work for even remote teams.

2. Personalized Desk Supplies

Workplace desk supplies are extremely practical gifts, and adding a personal element to them can significantly increase their value. You can get someone’s name engraved on pens or notebooks, which could be used by them every day at work. Giving your employees or clients customized stationery will always keep you top of mind when they use the gifts.

3. Wireless Charging Stand

Another unique office desk feature is the invention of a wireless charging stand. They’re an easy way for people to charge their phones at work while not taking up much table space, making them a convenient corporate gift for anyone. Desk clutter can be even more of an issue for remote employees, so this small addition could be extremely useful for them.

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones

man listening to headphones on pink background

We’ve all had our fair share of Zoom meetings during the pandemic, and we’ve all had incidents where the noise from someone’s home can cause distractions. Noise-canceling headphones improve virtual meeting etiquette by providing smooth audio regardless of the noise. So not only can you follow the meeting better, but everyone can hear you better too.

Earbuds are also a great option if you want something more affordable.

5. Office Plant

Workers are always looking for ways to spice up their offices. Move over plain ol’ office supplies and give them potted plants like air plants or succulents to add a splash of color to any room. The fact that they are low maintenance and super affordable makes them a great gift for your team.

6. Coffee Subscription

Thank the coffee lovers on your team for their hard work by ordering them a coffee subscription. Keep the order options relatively simple, or send a corporate coffee gift basket. Virtual coffee is not going away any time soon, so hop on the trend and encourage your employees to enjoy a few free cups of joe.

7. Beer or Wine Tasting

Beer box sets or bottles of wine make for a classy addition to corporate gift boxes, but why not go beyond that and organize a fancy tasting session or virtual happy hour? This creative concept works perfectly for employees due to the traditional team building that comes from post-work drinks, but it’s also a brilliant idea for any clients you know who have adventurous taste buds.

8. Reusable Water Bottle

It’s always a good idea to promote eco-friendly values in your company. Not only do reusable stainless steel water bottles curb the daily waste of single-use plastic bottles, but they also give you an opportunity to demonstrate a positive organizational mandate. Perhaps add a company logo on the bottle as a way to have people instinctively think about your company each time they grab a drink.

9. Catered Work Meal

Buying a meal for someone has long been a staple of the corporate gifting world, but the pandemic has forced us to think outside of the box. Hoppier is a convenient solution, as our virtual card system lets people choose from a variety of vendors who will promptly deliver the items to each person — simplifying the catering process and delivering a positive experience for everyone enjoying the meal.

10. Tote Bag

If you have more than one gift in mind for someone, getting them a high-quality tote bag allows you to maximize your creativity. Not only would you be getting them a convenient bag, but you can even put some other affordable goodies inside. Consider it a fun spin on the gift basket cliché, transforming one present into a combination of gifts for the recipients to enjoy.

11. Company Brand Items

Giving people branded items from your company is a corporate gift that works well for any person regardless of the occasion. If it’s for your employees, get them a few pieces of clothing they can wear with pride as members of your organization. And if it’s for clients, this is one promotional gift idea that’ll keep your business top of mind.

12. Online Fitness Class

Encouraging physical activity is never a bad corporate stance, so you should consider offering your staff some free virtual fitness classes. This gesture shows your team that you truly care about their health and well-being, which means a lot to any employee. It’s one of the best online unique corporate gift ideas out there, especially if you have a remote or geographically distributed team.

13. Wellness Package

When it comes to promoting health and positivity, another great company gift idea is to put together a wellness package. Possible items to include are scented candles, cozy blankets, bath bombs, or tea bags. Go the extra mile to show people that you care about their mental health as well as their physical health, and you’ll leave lasting impressions that develop strong business relationships.

14. Movie Night Box

woman at movies in 3d glasses on red background

Going out to movie theatres isn’t as safe as it once was, so why not bring the joy of the theatre to the comfort of someone’s home? You can purchase and deliver a movie night box to anyone you’re looking to treat with a unique corporate gift idea. These boxes should include a few DVDs and an assortment of common snacks, which will offer a fun alternative to the entertaining movie theatre experience.

15. Charitable Donation

Some people feel inspired by acts of compassion or volunteerism. So if you have no clue what gift to get an employee or client, you can always demonstrate your kindness through a charitable donation to something they care about. Ask them if there is a particular cause or foundation that matters to them, and follow it by giving a donation in the name of your recipient.

16. Digital Gift Card

Speaking of scenarios where you aren’t sure of a specific item to get someone, you can always buy a digital gift card to let them have a say. Make sure you consider the unique interests of each person and maximize your creativity. Hoppier virtual cards are a great example because you can personalize them however you’d like as a sincere way to say thanks and celebrate together.

17. Handwritten Letter

Handwritten letters are a lost art in today’s digital world, but that certainly doesn’t mean they’re out of style. Personalized notes are inexpensive yet deeply meaningful gestures, making them a perfect complement to another corporate gift idea. Employee appreciation matters more than ever before in the workplace, and showing thanks through handwritten letters is a genuine way to do it.

18. Wireless chargers

Your employees will appreciate the convenience and inconspicuousness of portable, wireless universal chargers that keep devices charged at all times. This will be a particularly handy gift for employees who are always in front of a screen looking up the latest market trends or managing company social media accounts.

19. Stylish leather accessories

Leather has always been synonymous with durability and quality. Send employees stylish full-grain leather accessories like a business card holder, backpack, or wallet/purse. Add a debossed logo or monogram to make them feel extra special.

20. Branded drinkware

Branded drinkware will make a great addition to a gift set or as a standalone gift for the holiday season. Insulated tumblers keep their drink hot or cold, while a pair of wine or champagne glasses make an elegant addition to their celebratory dinners.

Hoppier: personalized corporate gifts everyone loves

The best corporate gift ideas are ones that create memorable experiences, and using Hoppier will do exactly that.

Our virtual card system is highly customizable and provides a long list of gift options so that there's something for everyone to enjoy. Simply create an account, upload some money onto your customized cards with your company's name, and send them to your team members.

Even if you’re planning to get individual gifts for your team or clients, Hoppier can be a simple add-on to virtual parties or provide individual incentives for people. And unlike how most gift cards work, don’t worry about people not spending the allotted money you provided on their virtual cards. We offer full refunds or credits to future Hoppier cards, and we’re flexible to make sure our system gives you the least stress and most fun possible!

Creative corporate gift ideas create happiness

The importance of creativity when it comes to picking unique company gifts can’t be stressed enough. Creative corporate gift ideas are a springboard to building strong business relationships, so give unique presents as a way to leave positive impressions on every recipient.

To learn more about showing gratitude to your employees, check out our webinar about the secret ingredients for fun holiday parties, and read our guide on how to throw a memorable staff appreciation week.

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Ready to 2x your global engagement at your next event, with Ox stress?

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