12 Office Gadgets That Will Change How Your Employees Work

Ana Gotter
July 20, 2022
12 Must-Have Office Gadgets | Hoppier

It’s hard not to love office gadgets and toys that boost productivity, are fun to play with, and can even have quality of life perks that make coming to work a little more comfortable. So many of these gadgets are useful, making office life more convenient (and keeping your managers happy!), and some of them are downright ingenious.

Whether you’re looking to change up your office flow or just want to contribute something great to your team, check out these 12 office gadgets that your employees will love in 2020.

1. Affordable Standing Desk Converters

Actual standing desks are expensive, but the positive health effects have made them increasingly popular in 2019. Instead of springing for entirely new furniture, test out standing desk converts. These are much more budget-friendly, and can be placed on top of your desk when you’re feeling like standing instead of sitting.

Standing desk converter with a laptop and computer screen on top
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Many are also adjustable, including this one, so there’s no need to worry about height discrepancies.

2. Laminated Wall Calendars

Project management software can keep your team on track, but having a visual that everyone can see regularly ensures that nothing slips between the cracks and that everyone is on the same page. Have one for the office in general, or get a few for each department.

Woman sitting on a cushioned chair holding a tablet in front of a laminated wall calendar
Image source: softwhiteboard.com

There are wall calendars you can add to a blank wall in your workspace, where you can add everything from office meetings to big deadlines everyone needs to remember. Choose a laminated option like this, so that it’s easy to set up and clean.  

3. The Pomodoro Timer

The pomodoro technique is a productivity-booster that encourages workers to work for 25 minutes at a time on a set task, take a short break, and then head back to work. After four 25 minute sessions, you take a longer break. If your office encourages this scheduling, choose an adorable pomodoro timer to help you stay on track (and on schedule!)

Tomato-shaped timer
You can get yours here

Any timer will work well for this, but you can’t beat a timer in the shape of an actual pomodoro tomato!

4. Solar-Powered Battery Charger

We’ve all been caught with our phones dwindling much closer to zero battery than we’d like, and it always seems to happen when there are no plugs in site. This solar-powered battery charger is a game changer for these situations.

Square solar-powered battery charge
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All you need to do is stick this charger against a window with great natural light, and use it to get your battery life back up. As an added bonus, using solar power instead of electrical can cut back on energy bills over time.

5. Book-to-Screen Highlighter/Scanners

If you ever need to sort through a large number of documents and files to find key facts that must be organized, this book-to-screen highlighter and scanner is a great gadget that your employees will absolutely love.

A hand highlighting a book with the highlighter and the content is being transferred to the laptop next to it
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As you glide this highlighter over a document or book in front of you, it will scan the text directly to the computer application or web browser of your choice. It can even translate the text into more than 40 different languages.

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6. Washable Keyboards  

Soda and coffee spills are inevitable, and with washable keyboards, you won’t be sentencing an employee to an eternally-sticky keyboard after a small mishap.

Logitech keyboard
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There are several washable keyboards out there, but Logitech’s is a great option. It’s durable, and can even be soaked in water and dish soap when a full cup of tea goes tumbling directly on top of it.

7. A Smart Pen

It may seem like we’ve gone too far with office gadgets in 2019 if we’ve even got smart pens as luxury items, but hear me out; sometimes, having such a simple item that’s so incredibly useful can go a long way.

Pen with the features outlined around it - phone cable, memory drive, batter, steel materials, multi tip
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The Beyond Ink Pen is a smart pen that does act as a pen, but it also acts as tablet-friendly Stylus, 16G memory drive, and phone cable. It’s made with stainless steel and brass, and comes with a built in battery to help charge your devices. Bring it with you everywhere and you’ll be set; just make sure that none of your clients accidentally walk off with it.

8. A High-Tech Memo Board

Paper memos are often overlooked, and are also wasteful and potentially costly overtime. Instead of relying on paper memos that just get tossed in the trash, opt for a high-tech memo board, like this LCD writing tablet.

Glowing rawing board with a pen beside it and images of stars, planets, an alien and a space ship
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Place this tablet in the break room, kitchen, or other high-traffic areas to distribute messages. Share information about upcoming office events, big announcements, or quotes of the day.

9. Cable Organizers  

Nothing can stress out a Type A person more than walking into an office to see cluttered desks full of tangled-up cords. Cable organizers like these are affordable and can be bought in bulk, and will allow your team to have a neat, clutter-free, tangle-free workspace.

Three cords being help by multi-coloured cable organizers
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Trust us when we say these little desk accessories can go a long way in office organization.  

10. A Smart Warming Coffee Mug

Managers are often pulled in too many directions, meaning that their coffee can get cold and stale before they even get to savor their morning pick-me-up. This self-warming coffee mug will prevent that from happening, keeping their drinks hot so they can start the day off right.

Ember mug on a plate
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11. The WiFi Scanner Wand

If your team ever needs to scan documents on the go or out in the field, this portable WiFi scanner wand is something you should look into. It’s small and convenient, and will quickly scan documents or images and send them right to your device.

Hand holding a scanner overa document
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If you ever need to bring contracts directly to your clients to sign and don’t want to risk something happening to them in transport, this small tool is all you need to ensure a copy is kept safe.

12. Decision Paperweight

On any given day, your team can be bogged down with critical choices and this decision paperweight is like an adult version of the magic eight ball.

Gear shaped eight ball
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With labels like “Maybe,” “Pass the Buck,” and even a downright “No,” it’s a fun gift that your employees will love. It also spins, giving them a fidget-spinner tool that’s office friendly on days when the decision making gets a little too stressful.


There are so many cool office gadgets and desk accessories in 2019 that it can be difficult to choose from them all; even limiting this list to only twelve was a challenge. That being said, each of these gadgets are sure to be favorites of your team, as they’re useful and fun to use. What more can you ask for?

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Ready to 2x your global engagement at your next event, with Ox stress?

Make Hoppier your unfair advantage today, schedule a demo

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Ready to 2x your global engagement at your next event, with Ox stress?

Make Hoppier your unfair advantage today, schedule a demo


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