25 Fun corporate gifts for clients you want to impress

Cassy Aite
September 23, 2022
25 Fun corporate gifts for clients you want to impress | Hoppier

The best corporate gifts leave a lasting impression and help you develop strong, loyal business relationships. Anyone can send a gift basket, but it takes a thoughtful approach and the perfect gift to make an impact.

In this guide, we’ll share some of our best corporate gifts for clients. There’s something for all budgets and tastes here — from mini succulents to virtual experiences.

25 of the best corporate gifts for clients

There are so many great corporate gift ideas out there. You can keep it traditional with a basket or send your long-time clients the gift of a fun experience instead. Whether you’re looking for an impressive tech accessory or something delicious for your new clients to enjoy, this list of ideal client gifts has an idea for everyone.

1. Luxury gift basket

A luxury gift basket is a popular choice because it’s so easy to get right. All you need is to gather up some delicious local produce, baked goods, and drinks, and you’ve got a winning basket. You can also work with a gift basket company where you can customize each gift and send to your clients from one place.

2. High-quality tumbler or coffee mug

Whether your client’s drink of choice is coffee, tea, or a seasonal hot chocolate, they’ll need the perfect mug or tumbler to drink from. A reusable, stainless steel version is a great option — and you can opt to add your company logo or keep it casual. If your client is not a fan of hot drinks, a high quality water bottle is a great alternative.

3. Movie night basket

We love the idea of putting together a movie night basket for a new client or your favorite client’s team. This works well as a holiday gift because you can throw a holiday movie, seasonal snacks, and cozy socks into a gift box and mail it their way. Outside of the holiday season, you could theme this around a movie you or they love — or keep it open with a Netflix gift card (or a Hoppier card with an entertainment budget!) and popcorn.

4. Flowers

Flowers remain a timeless way to say thank you to a new client or to celebrate someone who's been with you for a long time. Check in with your client to see if they have any allergies or preferences, then work with a local florist to put together a bouquet and send it to their home or office. Add a handwritten note as an extra thoughtful touch.

5. Dinner at a top local restaurant

Your clients work hard, and you want to send something their way that celebrates everything they do. A lovely way to treat your clients is to send them a branded virtual credit card or book them lunch or dinner at a popular local restaurant. This is a business gift that not only shows gratitude to your clients, but supports their local community too.

6. Mini plants

If flowers aren’t your thing, maybe sending adorable mini plants or succulents is the way to go. Look for an online store with fun cacti in bright, bold pots, or take it a step further and start growing your own plants in the office and send cuttings to new clients when they join you. It’s a quirky way to celebrate their arrival and growth with you.

7. Candles

Candles can be such a relaxing gift to receive — especially if you’re curled up on a cold evening or want a fresh scent to brighten up your space. Source some handmade candles from a small business and send them your clients’ way. For a fun twist on this, send a candle-making kit instead, and get together for a virtual party where you can all try it out.

8. Tote bag

Whether you’re carrying things home from the grocery store or transporting books, a tote bag is always useful. Give your clients that convenience by sending them the gift of a high quality, natural tote bag. Shop around for a contemporary design, or create your own and have it screen printed by a local company.

9. Charity donation

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to send as a gift — especially if you haven’t built a deep bond with your new client yet. In cases like this, a charity donation can be a thoughtful gift that helps you get to know them better. Ask your client what their preferred charity is, then make a donation in their name.

10. Online class subscription

Corporate gifts for clients: A client uses an online class subscription

If your client isn’t office-based and you don’t want to send anything by mail, an online class subscription could be the perfect gift. Check in with your client to discover what their tastes, hobbies, and interests are. Then find a gift option to match. There are lots of online course platforms to choose from — with classes on everything from fitness and painting to design and coding.

11. Luxury brownies

There’s nothing more delicious than luxury brownies, which makes them an ideal option for your corporate gifts for clients. With plenty of amazing bakers out there, it's easy to put in a custom order for brownies to send on their own or include as part of a gift basket for clients. Always ask your clients if they have any dietary requirements before you order so you can create a personalized selection that they can actually enjoy.

12. Fruit basket

If you prefer something a little brighter and healthier, a fruit basket is the way to go. Order a mix of tasty in-season produce and locally grown fruits, and send your clients a corporate gift they can enjoy with their team in the office. To liven things up, send some recipe ideas or serving suggestions — along with extras like chocolate dipping sauce or fresh cream.

13. Virtual experience

With so many remote teams, there’s now more choice than ever when it comes to virtual experiences. A virtual team experience is a great corporate gift idea — especially if you’ve worked closely with their team and want yours to join in the experience too. There are lots of fun remote experience ideas — virtual escape rooms and murder mystery events are some of the most popular.

14. Luxury keychain

If there’s something most of us carry with us every day, it’s our keys. Stay on your clients’ minds and in their pocket by sending them a high quality keychain. Look for something in leather or a vegan leather alternative, or put a tech twist on things with a tracking gadget so they never lose their keys again.

15. Wireless speaker

All work and no play makes life dull, so give your clients the gift of entertainment with a wireless speaker. This is perfect if they work remotely and you want to send something they can enjoy wherever they are, or send it as part of a luxury gift hamper to VIP clients. Look for a vibrant, colorful design that stands out, or keep things casual with a sleek contemporary look.

16. Team experience day

Sometimes it’s nice to gather together in person and do something fun. A team experience day is a great gift if you’re close with the business owner and want to collaborate to reward their team. There’s a lot you can do here, like adventure sports, casino trips, theme parks, and more.

17. Personalized t-shirt

If you’re looking for something that combines corporate swag with a gift, a personalized t-shirt is a good option. Commission a designer to create something in your company colors with your company name or logo on it. You can send it to clients when they join you — or in advance of a fun sponsored event.

18. Notebooks

For a thoughtful, timeless gift, a collection of luxury notebooks is always a hit. A notebook is so useful — whether your client plans to use it to take down notes at a meeting or work on a script for their dream movie. If you can, have the notebooks personalized with your client’s initials or name, and include a personalized pen too.

19. Bottle of wine or local brew

Corporate gifts for clients: A client holds a bottle of craft beer

A bottle of wine remains a classic corporate gift because wine is delicious and it’s an easy gift to buy and send in bulk. For non-wine drinkers, a bottle of a local gin or whiskey, or a six-pack of a local craft beer is a great alternative. Don’t forget to check in with your clients first to ask if they’re happy with an alcoholic gift, and offer a super tasty non-alcohol alternative too.

20. Digital gift card

Sometimes you won’t want to send a gift by mail. Maybe you’re being conscious about your eco footprint, or it’s tricky to manage the logistics of sending gifts to clients all over the world. Enter the digital gift card — the perfect appreciation gift for clients. With Hoppier, you can send a virtual gift card to your clients that they can spend anywhere they like. They get plenty of choice, and you get to simplify your corporate gifting strategy.

21. Terrarium kit

If you love the idea of sending plants or flowers but want something sturdier, try a terrarium gift set. These containers are the perfect environment for low-maintenance plants, making them a great corporate gift for office dwellers or home workers. Send a terrarium with everything they need to create their own custom mini ecosystem.

22. Polaroid camera

For a corporate gift that keeps giving, a polaroid camera is a lovely idea. Not only does your client’s team get a brand new (yet delightfully vintage) piece of tech to play with, but the photos and memories they capture can be endless. Put together a gift kit with a polaroid camera, plenty of film, a photo album, and some markers so they can start their own album of office memories.

23. Beer brewing kit

This is the perfect corporate gift idea for beer lovers and anyone who likes trying new DIY experiences. Send a beer brewing kit to your client and ask them to keep you updated on the progress, or get together for a taste test (or battle) to see whose wins. If you’re looking for something a little simpler, a gifted craft beer subscription is a fantastic option.

24. Coffee or tea subscription

While we all have our favorite brew, there’s something exciting about trying a new brand, flavor, or coffee bean. Send the gift of curiosity and fun with a coffee or tea subscription and encourage your clients to explore new flavors every month. For a bigger corporate gift idea, combine this subscription with one of those reusable coffee mugs we mentioned earlier.

25. Desktop charging station

There’s nothing worse than running out of battery when you really need it. Help your corporate clients avoid this hassle by sending them a desktop charging station where they can charge their phone, tablet, and accessories all at once while they work. If you know your client’s workspace well, you could even look for a design that suits their space and aesthetics.

Hoppier: a simpler way to do corporate gifting

There are so many moments where you might want to send an amazing corporate gift to a client. A welcome gift, birthday gift, holiday gift, or a simple thank-you gift are all perfect occasions to send something their way.

With so many moments to cover, managing all those corporate gifts can get challenging. That’s where Hoppier comes in. With Hoppier, you can set up and run your corporate gifting programs in moments and give your clients the flexibility to choose something they’ll love.

Easy to manage and customize

With Hoppier’s virtual gift cards, there’s no worrying about choosing the perfect gift or figuring out how you’ll ship them out to your clients across the world. You can set up your own corporate gifting program in no time at all, using our simple dashboard.

Corporate gifts for clients: A virtual credit card

Once you’ve created an account, it’s easy to start a new program. Give your program a name, add an emoji for fun points, and customize the look of your virtual card with your company logo and colors.

With the card design sorted, you can customize other elements of your corporate gifting program — like the card balance and any expiration date you want to add. You can also leave the vendors wide open so your clients can shop anywhere, or narrow the list down to some of your favorite entertainment, food, or wellness brands.

Vendors clients can purchase gifts from using their virtual credit card

When you’re happy with your corporate gifting program, it’s easy to send those virtual gift cards on their way. All you need is your client’s email address, and you can create, personalize, and send an email with all the details they need.

Send better corporate gifts for clients this year

Once you’ve figured out what approach you want to take with your corporate gifting program, all that’s left is to find the ideal client gifts. Use this list to build your own shortlist with the best contenders for your next corporate gift program.

If you want to simplify your corporate gifting strategy and give your clients exactly what they want, try Hoppier. Our virtual gift cards give you the ultimate flexibility to create a program that works for you and puts a smile on your clients’ faces.

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Ready to 2x your global engagement at your next event, with Ox stress?

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