The 16 Best Digital and Virtual Gifts for Clients and Employees

Cassy Aite
May 5, 2024
The 16 Best Digital and Virtual Gifts for Clients and Employees

Virtual and digital gifts are superb alternatives to gifts sent by mail. It’s an eco-friendly way to wish someone well, celebrate a birthday, thank a client, wish a Merry Christmas, or send holiday gifts to your team or customers. Plus, you don’t need to worry about organizing shipping to multiple locations.

Whatever your reason for sending virtual gifts, your focal point is finding the gift that matches your recipient’s tastes and personality. Use this list of creative and thoughtful virtual gifts that’ll leave an impression on your employees or clients.

8 Creative Digital and Virtual Gifts for Employees

A gift wrapped with pink ribbon sitting on a laptop keyboard

Now is the time to say goodbye to a soulless virtual card and an extra few dollars in your employee’s pay packet. Treat them to one of these interesting, personalized, and more exciting digital gifts instead. You can find something here for every occasion, whether you need a birthday gift for a gamer or a thank-you gift for a coworker who’s turned a difficult project into a success.

1. Entertainment Service Subscriptions

After a long day at work, all you want to do is relax and unwind. To play off that angle, send your team members a virtual subscription or gift card to a streaming service of their choice and take the hassle out of treating themselves to their favorite TV shows and movies.

You can easily buy a subscription to most streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. These are great for people who love catching up with the latest popular shows or rewatching a movie from their childhood on demand. If your gift recipient is more into music, a Spotify or Apple Music subscription is a thoughtful alternative.

2. Virtual Currency and Downloadable Content for Video Games

Video games are a rewarding hobby, and with gamers continuing to play well into their 30s, 40s, and beyond, extra downloadable content is always appreciated. Not only are video games a stress-free way to relax after work, but they can also help you build strategy, awareness, curiosity, and persistence skills. If you have a gamer or two on your team, show interest in their hobby by investing in some in-game content or virtual currency for their favorite game.

This is a great gift idea if you know your giftee well, and you’re sure that you know which game they play the most. That way, you can send them a gift they’ll really want. Find a way to send them some premium in-game currency with a thoughtful note or buy the latest expansion pack for their favorite game so they can continue the adventure.

Alternatively, a digital gift card for retailers like GameStop, Walmart, or Best Buy will allow your employee to purchase in-game content or an unlimited access annual subscription such as PlayStation Plus, Nintendo Switch Online, or Xbox Game Pass.

An added bonus is that video games are an engaging, competitive virtual team-building activity. With these digital gifts, you boost camaraderie between employees while giving everyone something to talk about at the virtual water cooler.

3. Tickets to an Online Class

One amazing thing about the online space is that learning a new skill is only a few clicks away. Treat your employees with a gift voucher for a live or recorded online course, allowing them to level up their skills in something that matters to them.

Sign up for a membership to an online class website like Skillshare, or handpick a masterclass you know your recipient will love. The beauty of this gift is that you can tailor it perfectly to your recipient’s tastes. Whether your giftee adores an online cooking class or a masterclass in watercolor paintings, you can match them with the perfect digital or virtual gifts.

4. Online Fitness Class Membership

Woman taking an online fitness class

Getting to the gym when you work remotely isn’t always possible, especially if there isn’t one nearby. To exacerbate the issue, Investing in fitness equipment isn’t always feasible either due to money or space constraints. However, you can improve the health and wellness of your employees by giving them the gift of an online fitness class membership.

Surprisingly, gift subscriptions to fitness classes or virtual gyms are painless for beginners to access. You don’t need a lot of complex, expensive equipment at home, and you can fit them into your schedule whenever it works best. It’s a simple yet thoughtful way to help your team members stay fit and focused, wherever they are.

Some options for these virtual gifts might include ClassPass, Crush Fitness, or Nike Training Club.

5. Digital Tickets to a Concert or Performance

Even if you’re giving a virtual gift, that doesn’t mean the experience has to be. Experience gifts are becoming more popular, and 92% of employees would rather receive an experience than a traditional online gift.  If a big show is coming up or your employee’s favorite band is playing locally, buy a couple of tickets online and email them as a gift. Websites such as Vivid Seats, StubHub, and Ticketmaster also have a secondary market for sold-out concerts or events, which are a nice surprise.

Concerts and performance tickets are a thoughtful way to celebrate what your team members enjoy, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. If you want to make the gift even more impactful, arrange for your employee to have a VIP experience at the venue, or have some tour merch sent to their home address too. This is also a fun virtual team party experience if the band plays a live-streamed show, as well as great fodder for a next-day virtual team lunch.

6. Gift Voucher for a Travel Company

For many people, taking time off to relax isn’t always at the top of their priorities. In a busy company where you’re always on the go, making time for a solo or family trip can feel challenging. To battle burnout, quell monotony, and build work-life balance, encourage your team members to take a well-earned break with their loved ones and make it easier with a gift voucher for a travel company.

This digital gift is one that’s more of an investment, but it’s a lovely idea for a milestone anniversary or reward for a successful year. Make this virtual gift feel even more personal by including a bestseller book in the travel niche or a few travel podcast suggestions.

You could also feature a list of your favorite destinations, including things to see and personal recommendations based on your experiences and what you know about your giftee — whether they’re going to New York or Vietnam.

For a final coup de grace, throw in an Airbnb gift card or another card for a night or two of accommodation on the house.

7. Beauty or Wellness Subscription Membership

Just like vacations, sometimes those smaller moments of self-care can elude your employees. To allow your team members to relax, unwind, and hit pause, sign them up for a beauty or wellness subscription box service.

You can find plenty of great gift boxes and apps out there, ranging from meditation-based ones like a Headspace subscription to an eco-friendly cosmetics of the month club such as BeautyBio. Look for a beauty or wellness box that matches their needs and one that’s filled with luxurious treats or miniatures that mimic a wellness retreat, cozy weekend, or spa day gift.

8. Virtual Gift Card

E-gift cards were once considered a quick “last minute” gift, but they’re now one of the best virtual gifts to say thank you or celebrate together — especially if you use Hoppier. Personalize your card, set a balance, and send it with a handwritten email when the time to celebrate comes around.

One of the best things about sending the gift of a Hoppier virtual card is the huge amount of flexibility. Your giftee can spend their digital gift card balance on a language learning subscription, the latest Apple technology, or a new Fender guitar.

If you send digital gifts regularly or have many employees, virtual bulk gift cards for employees can take the hassle out of purchasing individual cards. In the virtual gifts space, Hoppier is your best friend.

8 of the Best Virtual and Digital Gifts for Clients

Man holding a gift voucher

Virtual gifts aren’t just ideal for your team; they’re also a wonderful idea for your clients or customers as well. Take a look at these virtual corporate gifts for clients to find inspiration to surprise your most valued customers.

1. Digital Tickets to a Sporting Event

Sending sports tickets as client gifts is a timeless tradition and something that’s as painless as ever now that you can order them online. Find out what your client’s favorite sport is and who they support, then give them the gift of digital tickets to the next game.

These virtual gift ideas are entertaining, but they’re also a fun way to build relationships. If you’re close by, have a conversation before you buy the tickets and see if it’s something you can do together. Make this digital gift even more special by sending enough tickets for their loved ones to join them for the game and dinner afterward.

2. Charitable Donation

Your client might be someone who has everything and doesn’t need a gift to feel like they’re valued. If so, use this as an opportunity to donate on their behalf instead.

Ask them which charity or cause they’re most passionate about, then send a donation to one or more organizations in their honor instead of a holiday or anniversary gift. This is a lovely way to help make a difference. If you can, go a step further with your charitable digital gifts and see if you can donate your or your team’s time to support a virtual fundraiser or charity event

3. Virtual Coffee or Tea Subscription

Person reading a book a cup of tea on the table

Remote and hybrid workers spend lots of time at their desks; It’s inevitable. If your clients are remote workers, they often rely on their kitchen supplies to enjoy a good cup of tea or coffee. Help make that coffee break feel more indulgent or relaxing by sending them a membership to a high-quality tea or coffee subscription service.

These tea and coffee delivery services are a wonderful way to discover new flavors and brands or to keep your client’s supplies of their favorite blends topped up. If you want to combine this with a physical gift, mail them a gift package with a mug, coaster, and some delicious local cookies. You can even add your company logo to the gift — reinforcing your brand with useful swag.

4. Audiobook Subscription

We talked about gifting wellness and entertainment memberships to employees, but that’s something that works just as well for clients. A prime example of this is an audiobook subscription service.

Send your short-on-time clients credit for a service like Amazon’s Audible so they can relax and unwind after work with the book of the month or catch up on the latest industry publications while they’re exercising. It’s a gift that keeps giving, especially if your client doesn’t strike you as a bookworm.

5. Virtual Styling Appointment

We all know someone who absolutely adores interior design and loves to get their home or office space styled just the way they like it. If you have a client like this, an appointment with a virtual stylist to help them create something amazing for their space is one of the better digital gifts money can buy.

This is the perfect corporate gift idea for a client you know well. You can surprise them when they’re considering renovations or investing in a new office space. It’s a hands-on way for them to get a fresh perspective and new ideas, and for you to help be a part of that experience.

6. Software or Resource Subscription

Running a business or managing a team comes with plenty of overhead, but one way to give a small yet thoughtful gift to a client is to pay for one of their monthly subscriptions. This works great if there’s an expensive or must-have software tool that you know they use regularly.

As a token of your appreciation or a special occasion, cover the costs of graphic design, office management, productivity, or virtual counseling software for their team. You could also gift credits or vouchers for resources like graphics, stock photos, or stock video footage if they’re part of a creative team.

7. Virtual Wine-Tasting Experience

Virtual wine-tasting on a laptop with a charcuterie board next to the computer

If you want a client gift that works well for a team, a virtual wine-tasting experience is ideal. You can book your client’s whole team for a virtual session as a corporate holiday gift or client thank-you gift.

Offering both remote and in-person elements, this is one of the rare digital gifts that creates a hybrid experience. You’re spoiled for choice with a virtual wine-tasting experience with dozens of options on the web that take care of the finer details, wine shipping, and live demos. All you need to do is find the perfect partner and make the booking.

8. Gift Certificate To Spend With a Freelancer or Agency

Sometimes, your client needs another pair of hands to help out — especially if they’re a super early-stage start-up or a freelancer themselves. Hook them up with a gift certificate for a talented virtual assistant, graphic designer, or another professional to work with them on a project they’ve been meaning to tackle for ages.

What’s lovely about these types of virtual gifts is that you’re supporting not just your client, but another freelancer or agency too. Your client benefits from getting something done that they didn’t get the chance to before, and the other party gets the work and the opportunity of a future ongoing client.

Hoppier: A Better Way To Send Digital and Virtual Gifts

Even if you love the DIY aspect of finding the perfect gift for every recipient, choosing a personalized gift for every recipient is time-consuming. When you’re busy running a team or a business, you need a way to give virtual gifts with a personal touch without all the hassle.

Hoppier lets you quickly and easily send thoughtful digital gifts to your employees and clients. With our virtual credit cards, you can give the gift of choice and make the whole experience fun, colorful, and engaging. Set up a program in just minutes, and then you’re ready to get started.

Once you’ve created a program, you can customize your card to your liking. Choose the following to create one of the best digital gifts with a touch of personality:

  • Colors and a logo
  • Spending balance per card
  • Expiration date or open-ended
  • Vendor limits (which is great if you send a gift card themed around wellness, entertainment, food and drink, or just treating yourself)
Hoppier client anniversary card

Hoppier is a great way to do gift-giving throughout the holiday season, for anniversaries, birthdays, and any occasion where you want to say thank you or reward someone. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to mailing out gifts across distances and lets your giftees choose exactly what they want.

Express Your Gratitude With These Inventive Virtual and Digital Gift Ideas

Virtual gifts used to feel less special than their in-person counterparts, but there are lots of interesting and engaging ideas out there these days. Take inspiration from this list and put together a master list of great digital gifts, or make the switch to Hoppier and streamline the whole process.

If you’re thinking of going a step further and throwing a holiday party for your employees or clients, take a look at our webinar on the best vendors for your holiday party. We’ll take you through our recommendations on the tech vendors you need to help you create a showstopping holiday party.

No matter who you’re gifting, turn the mundane and time-consuming process into something that’s quick, easy, and fun. And that’s just what Hoppier is — virtual gifts made simple.

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Ready to 2x your global engagement at your next event, with Ox stress?

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Ready to 2x your global engagement at your next event, with Ox stress?

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Ready to 2x your global engagement at your next event, with Ox stress?

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