The Best Holiday Gifts for Employees and Clients

Cassy Aite
May 24, 2024
The Best Holiday Gifts for Employees and Clients

You’re ready to say thank you for a job well done or welcome a new client to your company, but you're stuck on what to send. But when you're looking for holiday gift ideas for employees, we've got you covered.

In this gift guide, we’ll take you through our tips on how to find the right employee gift and share some of our best ideas for employees and clients.

How To Choose The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Employees and Clients

Man and woman holding holiday gifts for the office

Sending a gift is easy, but finding the perfect one takes a little more thought and care. Great employee holiday gifts take into account not only your requirements — such as budget and scope — but also the needs and wants of your gift recipient too.

Whether you need Christmas gifts, employee appreciation gifts, or just last-minute gifts for one of the holidays on your calendar, use these tips to get you started.

Set a Budget

Even if you don’t have a set figure in mind, a rough idea of your budget per gift for each employee or client is essential. This figure won’t always be the same. The amount you spend on an annual birthday gift for an employee will look different from a special employee holiday gift or corporate gift for a VIP client.

Knowing your budget allows you to source the best business gifts that you can reasonably afford. You want to look for a great gift that’s high quality but still within your financial means. Understanding whether you can spend $15 on a gift or $75 allows you to consider or eliminate options like personalized gifts or luxury gift baskets, making your selection process easier.

Consider the Recipient’s Taste

Gift-giving outside of work is all about making the person on the receiving end happy. It’s the same for holiday gifting too. Although you may also have another goal in mind — such as signing or retaining a client — keeping the recipient’s taste in mind when you choose your gifts is a smart idea.

Think about your relationship with the employee, client, or prospect and consider what you know about them. What are their hobbies, interests, and passions? What drives them?

This will help you pick the perfect employee or corporate holiday gift for them — whether it’s a gadget, food gift, or experience voucher. The best gifts are the ones that pique a person’s interests, and more importantly, something they’ll actually use.

Stay Relevant to the Occasion

Different occasions call for different holiday gift ideas, so keep this in mind as you make your shortlist. The gift you send to employees to celebrate the holiday season isn’t the same as what you send as a welcome gift to a new client.

Consider why you’re sending this gift and what the context is. If you’re sending an employee recognition gift to honor their hard work, a digital card with a balance they can spend on personal development or wellbeing is a great option. For the holidays, you might send out baked goods or a bottle of wine.

It’s all about staying relevant to the theme and putting some extra thought into your holiday employee gifting.

Make a Lasting Impression

With every holiday gift you send to employees, you’ll want to make an impact.

Making an impact with every holiday gift you send creates a long-term impression on the recipient. So whether you’re buying a gift for remote employees, onsite workers, clients, or vendors, take the time to add a personalized touch.

For gifts to existing clients and employees, include a handwritten note. It can add that intimate approach that makes the occasion special and show appreciation — especially if the recipient is celebrating a milestone or going through a tough time.

If you’re sending a holiday gift to seek out new business, you can add a promotional product featuring your company logo or include your business card with a personalized message. Don’t go overboard with this though — you still want your gift to feel like a genuine gift.

8 of the Best Holiday Gifts for Employees

Employee opening a holiday gift at their dsk

Employee gifts are all about making your team feel welcomed, supported, and appreciated — just like they’re part of the family.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, attempting to improve employee engagement, or giving thanks for all their hard work on a project, these gifts can spruce up the home office or brighten someone’s day.

1. Reusable Water Bottle

You can’t go wrong with something that promotes wellness, has practicality and functionality, and looks great too. Reusable, stainless steel water bottles are great for employee gifts, encouraging hydration and health. Adding an amazing custom design or company logo, as well as offering people a choice of color options can make the holiday gift for employees that much more special.

2. Tote Bag

A tote bag is always practical, and one that’s super cute (or masculine) and useful will make a great holiday gift for employees. Look for a design that appeals to the people you work with, and only opt for a holiday design if it’s something your team would actually use while out and about.

3. Care Package

Is there a better way to celebrate your employees than with a box filled with an assortment of fun holiday gifts? Probably not! Great for any time of the year, a care package is the kind of holiday gift that recipients find useful while giving them a chance to unbox the appreciation themselves.

If you want to send these gift boxes out to your teams, the employee care experts at Caroo curate one-of-a-kind care packages/snack boxes filled with your company’s swag, healthy and delicious foods, personalized messages, and other unique gift ideas.

4. Wellness Gift Set

Receiving a gift that’s centered on your wellness is refreshing. It focuses on your staff members as individuals rather than revolving around the workday.

Treat your employees to a wellness gift set filled with self-care goodies like candles, chocolate, or feel-good tea for a great pick-me-up. It’s one of the holiday gifts for employees that shows appreciation while also bettering them away from the office.

5. Movie Night Box

Help your employees plan a movie night with a gift box designed around getting cozy and catching up with a great piece of cinema. Send a gift card for their favorite streaming service along with popcorn and candy. If you want to streamline the process, use Hoppier to send a digital card with enough cash on it to make movie night happen.

You can even use the movie night box as a team-building event by discussing the movies when you’re back at the office or virtual office.

6. Coffee Subscription

If you know someone on your team who loves their coffee, a subscription service makes for a thoughtful gift idea. With most services, they’ll be able to expand their tastes and enjoy a new brew every month. For good measure, include a coffee mug or a temperature-controlled tumbler for employees to enjoy a cup of joe.

Since not everyone is a coffee drinker, you can easily change the subscription to something that appeals to them. Tea subscriptions, wine of the month clubs, or even charcuterie of the month clubs — that’s a real thing — might work just as well.

7. Office Gifts

If your business employs remote workers, a superb holiday gift for employees centers around the home office. Office supplies such as a cell phone charger, desk organizer, or affordable Bluetooth hardware can turn a ho-hum workspace into a hotbed of productivity.

8. The No-Brainer Approach

As a manager or business owner, your time is valuable. If you don’t have the resources to dive into all of the various gift options, a gift card from a popular retailer should do the trick. Amazon and Starbucks gift cards are two exquisite holiday gifts for employees but feel free to explore gift card options more relevant to your staff.

6 of the Best Holiday Gifts for Clients and Customers

Bottle of wine and other holiday gifts for employees and clients

If you want your client to feel like they’re a VIP, you can create that feeling with the right holiday gifts. Client gifts are all about strengthening that relationship and making sure you’re always top of mind when they need you. They’re not quite the same as holiday gifts for employees, and sometimes, they’re a one-off venture. Still, choosing the perfect gift can make all the difference.

To help create that amazing client bond, here are some great holiday gift ideas for clients, customers, and prospects.

1. Luxury Gift Basket

No matter who the client is, you can’t go wrong with a classic luxury gift basket. These hampers are a hit because they’re easy to gift to an office or team rather than send as individual gifts. Fill the basket with seasonal or local treats, along with a handwritten note to express your appreciation.

2. High-Quality Gadgets

If there’s a little more room in your budget or you’re sending a special gift, a high-quality gadget is always a great option. Luxury headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and accessories for phones or laptops make for excellent VIP gifts.

3. Plants for the Office

Plants don’t just brighten up a space; they actually improve the air quality of an office and improve worker morale. Look for a service that sends succulents or small plants to your client — that way they can add some greenery and think of you whenever they see them.

4. Chocolate Gift Set

Chocolate is another classic holiday gift for employees — and clients as well. You can go the extra mile by sending a luxury gift set or even a chocolate-tasting experience. If you’re investing a lot in this, check with your client beforehand to understand their preferences or dietary needs so your gift doesn’t go to waste.

5. Personalized Stationery

A thoughtful way to show a client you care is to send a personalized gift, and stationery is always a good option. Pick out a luxurious pen set, or have some quirky pencils made up with their favorite sayings.

6. Leather Card Wallet

For a timeless luxury gift, a leather (or vegan leather) card wallet is the way to go. It’s a gift your client may end up using all the time — especially if you know them well and can pick out something that’s exactly their taste. Plus, you can slip in a gift card as an extra surprise.

Why Hoppier Is the Perfect Place for Holiday Gifts for Employees and Clients

Woman holding a gift voucher

If you’re having trouble navigating the murky waters of gift-giving, you’re in common company. You have so much to consider — the client’s tastes, your employees’ interests, and how the gift will be received.

With Hoppier, your gifting concerns are no more. Hoppier allows you to send a digital gift card with little effort. Simply add a balance of your choice that they can spend at selected vendors or with any participating retailer, and you can cross holiday gifts for employees off your to-do list.

You can also send bulk gift cards as holiday gifts for employees, or set up a plan to send a monthly treat. It’s the ultimate in freedom, flexibility, and personalization — you customize the experience the whole way through.

Set Up Your Holiday Gifting Program

Creating your own holiday gifting program with Hoppier is straightforward and almost effortless. All you need to do is log in (or sign up), and you can set up a new gifting experience in moments.

Give your program a name that helps you recognize it. Then it’s time to customize. Choose from our built-in color options or add your company colors for a seamless, branded look. Include your company logo, give your program a fun icon, and your card and program design are ready to go.

Choose Your Program Balance and Vendors

Next, set your program balance. This is the amount of money that your gift recipient will have available to them. When you set your balance, you can choose whether you want to add start and end dates. You can also make your gift recurring or one-time.

For example, if you want to send your employees a small appreciation gift every month, you can use a recurring gift amount. It’s also an easy way to set up your holiday gifts for employees. Schedule them to repeat each year so you don’t need to repeat the process again the next time the season rolls around.

By default, your Hoppier card can be used by the recipient at any participating retailer. You can also choose to narrow the focus and select the vendors yourself. This allows you to send a gift card themed around a topic or area — like fitness, wellness, food, or entertainment.

The best part is that the remaining unused balance goes back into your account, saving you money in the process.

Send Your Holiday Gift Cards

When you’re happy with your holiday gift cards, it’s time to send them out to your employees or clients. Just make sure that you’ve uploaded their contact details using our handy template file or that they’ve created a Hoppier account using the invite link.

To make the experience feel more personal, create a personalized email to send to your recipients. Write a heartfelt message of gratitude or something to suit the occasion, then use our smart fields to make it easy for them to claim their Hoppier gift card.

A Simple Holiday Gift Idea That Works

At the heart of your holiday gifting strategy is an opportunity to show your appreciation for someone and turn that moment into one they’ll remember. It shouldn’t be about searching for hours to find the perfect birthday gift for someone on your team, or agonizing over whether you’ve chosen the right gift basket for a client.

If you want to simplify your holiday gifting, we’re here to help. With Hoppier, you can say goodbye to those holiday gifting struggles and hello to sending a gift that’s always appreciated. To get started, book a free demo call with our team.

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Ready to 2x your global engagement at your next event, with Ox stress?

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Ready to 2x your global engagement at your next event, with Ox stress?

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Ready to 2x your global engagement at your next event, with Ox stress?

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