How To Buy and Send Bulk Starbucks Gift Cards

Cassy Aite
May 5, 2024
How To Buy and Send Bulk Starbucks Gift Cards

With over 35,000 stores in 80 countries, Starbucks is to coffee culture what Mercedes is to luxury cars. But what makes Starbucks a successful beverage retailer isn’t just the trendy coffeehouse vibes or its numerous locations — it’s all about drink customization.

So whether a person loves black coffee or a strawberry Frappuccino with vanilla bean and hazelnut blended in with strawberry purée on the bottom of the cup, whipped cream on top, vanilla powder on half of the whipped cream, and crushed-up dried dragonfruit on the other half, everyone can find something to suit their tastes.

This is what makes Starbucks the ideal choice for a gift. If you’re a business owner, freelancer, or boss, a Starbucks gift card is the perfect gift for your caffeine-swilling colleagues, business partners, and team members.

But buying dozens or hundreds of Starbucks cards month after month, year after year, can lead to tedium and time-wasting that could be better spent elsewhere. To save you from these issues, consider bulk Starbucks gift cards. With a single purchase, you can easily start an employee incentive program, stockpile gift options for special occasions like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, or have a virtual coffee with your team. Here’s how to do it.

Questions To Ask Before You Buy Bulk Starbucks Gift Cards

Buying bulk gift cards makes sense if you have a large or growing organization, an incentive program, or a rapidly expanding pool of potential clients. Yet even with these scenarios, you still need to mull over a few considerations. Before you buy, answer some questions:

  • Do you have enough gifting needs to buy hundreds of cards at once?
  • What are your budgetary constraints?
  • Do you want to preserve the remainder of the gift card balance if your recipient doesn’t use all of it?
  • How would your recipients like to receive their gift cards?

By answering these questions, you can decide whether you want to buy virtual bulk gift cards or stop into your local Starbucks store to grab a handful of cards when you need them.

How To Buy Bulk Starbucks Gift Cards

A hand holding a Starbucks frozen coffee drink

In 2022, Starbucks gift card sales tallied over 55 million in the U.S. and Canada alone — a testament to their popularity. But the love of Starbucks isn’t the only reason for their appeal. Starbucks, retailers, and online gift card providers like Hoppier make buying bulk gift cards easy.

Buying Through Starbucks B2B

Going to or allows you to purchase individual or multiple gift cards with a credit card. However, this process can take up valuable time and is recommended only for purchasing 10 or fewer cards.

However, Starbucks also has a B2B site that allows you to purchase bulk Starbucks gift cards in physical or digital format. Once you create an account, you can purchase quickly and easily. Log onto the website, select how many cards you want, choose from several Starbucks card designs, and either ship to yourself or recipients.

As far as card designs, Starbucks offers multiple options. You can send digital or physical gift cards with the Starbucks logo, co-brand with your company logo, or even offer ones that double as a business card — complete with your company name, address, and contact information.

Shipping Options for Bulk Starbucks Gift Cards

Shipping to physical addresses is free if you purchase 15 or more gift cards sent to a single address, but a $0.57 postal fee is attached to send them to individual addresses. Shipping takes anywhere from six to eight business days.

You can also order bulk Starbucks gift cards that are sent straight to your email for free. You typically receive an email for the order within one to two business days, and you can send these cards to each email address free of charge.

Buying Through Hoppier

A viable alternative for bulk Starbucks gift cards is going through Hoppier. As a purveyor of bulk gift cards for employees and clients, Hoppier makes purchasing easier. It works just like a Visa credit card, but allows you to customize to your liking — which includes choosing Starbucks as the sole option for your gift cards.

Once you log into Hoppier, you can choose the balance amount, customize each card with messages and your company logo, and select the colors to represent a holiday theme or match your company’s own color scheme.

A major advantage of Hoppier is that you can add an expiration date. Even if it’s a year or two away, the remaining balance of your gift card goes right back into your account — you won’t see any waste in your budget unnecessarily.

Once you choose the recipients, the card goes straight to the giftee’s email, making the process as simple as possible — whether you want to send a quick thank you to a client or a just-because to a valued employee.

Buying at a Retailer

Retailers have hopped aboard the e-commerce train, offering digital gift cards in addition to physical ones, but not necessarily bulk ordering. Most online retailers allow you to order only 20 digital Starbucks gift cards at once, which can cause you to make multiple orders to fulfill your needs.

Shipping options are similar to other providers, as you can send them to a physical address or straight to a giftee’s email address.

One major difference compared to Hoppier or Starbucks B2B is that the face value of each card isn’t customizable. You can select only from $15, $25, $50, or $75 values. Plus, any remaining balance stays on the card, effectively taking money out of your pocket if the recipient doesn’t use it.

Where You Can Use Bulk Starbucks Gift Cards

Starbucks gift cards are as good as cash at almost any location that sells Starbucks. Locations in certain countries may not accept gift cards, but most are part of the Starbucks gift card program.

When you buy bulk Starbucks gift cards, employees can use them in-store at airports, retailers with Starbucks inside, such as Target, or use the card for online orders from the Starbucks mobile app.

Sending Gift Cards to Clients

A person holding a phone with the Starbucks app on it

Sending gift cards to clients is quick and painless with services like Hoppier, especially as corporate gifting initiatives have surged in popularity. While physical gift cards are always an option, the added postage costs can add up when you have hundreds of clients and like to give presents several times a year.

That’s what makes an e-gift card the better option for most organizations. You can still add a personalized message, include your company logo to reinforce your brand, and boost your relationship with a client all at the same time.

Why You Should Send Gift Cards to Clients

Customer acquisition is always integral to a successful business. But compared to customer retention, it’s far less cost-effective. Around 65% of an organization’s business comes from existing customers, putting a premium on retention. As such, you want to do everything in your power to retain the clients you already have — even if that means spending a bit on bulk Starbucks gift cards or other gift cards.

By purchasing gift cards for clients, you improve customer loyalty, reinforce your brand and company name, and foster a personal relationship — all of which add up to more business at a fraction of the acquisition cost.

Sending Gift Cards to Employees

A well-dressed man reading a book while drinking a Starbucks coffee

Creating personalized gifts for each individual is a valiant approach to gifting, but sticking to a gift budget and selecting individual gifts is a cumbersome venture. The good news is that you can still use that approach with a gift card by choosing a vendor that each individual employee loves — such as Starbucks — or allowing them to select one on their own.

Hoppier works with thousands of vendors, so you have plenty of options. Or you can leave the card open-ended to let them select the perfect gift for their tastes.

Why You Should Send Gift Cards to Employees

Sending gift cards to employees comes with many upsides at a discounted price. Unlike perks like retirement funds, gym memberships, or other high-dollar perks, you can motivate, engage, recognize, and reward your team all in one fell swoop.

According to a 2022 gift card study, 79% of employees state that rewards and recognition via gift cards make them feel valued and appreciated, eliminating low morale and burnout in the process. Plus, using bulk Starbucks gift cards can add some caffeine-based motivation, which may increase productivity and successful results.

Buy and Send Bulk Starbucks Gift Cards and More With Hoppier

Sure, you could go to to buy digital Starbucks bulk gift cards or hop into your nearby location and pick up physical gift cards, but remember. Not everyone loves coffee — even the premium coffee the Seattle chain is known for.

Hoppier Starbucks Gift Card

In the spirit of personalizing gifts and sending something that clients and employees will enjoy on an individual level, Hoppier offers a breadth of options. Hoppier works with thousands of vendors to offer e-gift card options from Amazon to Xbox to Uber. If you want to buy gift cards in bulk with the convenience of email delivery, Hoppier has you covered.

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