Perks, Stipends, and More: 8 Companies With the Best Benefits

Cassy Aite
May 5, 2024
Perks, Stipends, and More: 8 Companies With the Best Benefits

The right benefits can make all the difference. When you look at two roles with similar salaries, the benefits, perks, and stipends often seal the deal. Because of this, companies are putting more focus than ever on benefits — and it’s paying off.

Some companies offer professional development stipends or tuition reimbursement while others boast generous healthcare benefits — including flexible spending accounts, dental insurance, or mental health and well-being packages. Meanwhile, other organizations provide employee stock purchase plans, retirement plan matches, or other financial perks.

That’s all to say, the benefits your company offers can influence the type of people and talent who join your company. When you tailor your benefits around your vision, mission statement, core values, and the people you want to attract, it’s a winning combination. To gain some real-world insights on what that looks like, let’s review several companies with the best benefits.

Top Ideas From 8 Leading Companies With the Best Benefits

While there are plenty of fantastic companies out there, some are employee benefits superstars. Their perks and stipends feature family-friendly benefits, work-helpful tech, plenty of paid time off (PTO), and an impressive approach to continuing education. Take inspiration from these titans of industry to pivot your own employee benefits programs in an exciting new direction.

1. Google

Google search bar under a faux magnifying glass

As one of the largest companies in America and the world, Google should come as no surprise as one of the companies with the best benefits — consistently placing in the top 10 in many workplace benefits rankings. Not only are employees welcome to bring their dogs to work, but they often get to beta-test products before they hit store shelves. Casual dress is also welcome, and team members have access to plenty of Google tech to help them get their job done.

Tech companies like Google are also known for their attractive benefits packages. While many companies offer new mothers just six weeks of maternity leave, Google provides generous parental leave up to 18 weeks and other thoughtful childcare perks. The company also offers incredibly benevolent benefits in the event that an employee passes away. For example, all their stock vests immediately, plus the surviving spouse gets half of the employee's salary for the next 10 years. Also, surviving children receive an additional $1,000 per month benefit.

Even if you don’t have a Google-sized budget (who does?!), you can still create a benefits package that makes a positive impact during life-changing moments such as pregnancy, adoption, kids heading to college, or losing a loved one.

2. Bank of America

Bank of America logo on a building

As one of the leading financial services institutions in the United States, Bank of America has been a leader in employee benefits packages for decades. Employees enjoy some of the best employee health benefits packages in the finance sector, including health insurance, life insurance, wellness programs, and resources to help lead a healthy lifestyle such as a fitness center membership.

Bank of America also recognizes the importance of employee mental and emotional health, offering 24/7 access to their Employee Assistance Program for those moments when life gets particularly challenging.

Working for Bank of America comes with some favorable financial perks too. U.S. employees can receive up to 5% of eligible pay as 401(K) company-matched contributions, with an extra 2-3% in annual contributions from the bank itself. Employees also have free access to experienced financial advisors who provide financial planning and retirement. This feature is an excellent example of companies with the best benefits that use their particular industry to create enhanced perks for employees.

3. Adobe

Adobe headquarters

Employees at Adobe are eligible for a range of perks that enhance their work environment and beyond, all of which are laid out in a user-friendly manual. Popular perks include a 401(k) match, health insurance, and plenty of onsite and remote family-friendly support.

For example, the company offers a backup care program, which gives employees up to 100 hours of care for children, adults/elders, and even yourself. This could include funds for an emergency sitter, backup care in-home or at a center, or help at home if you need it after an injury.

However, the one perk at Adobe that genuinely stands out is its unlimited time-off policy. Though such a policy may counterintuitively lend itself to low work ethic or poor performance, it has the opposite effect. Having this level of freedom can enhance overall well-being, increase morale, boost employee retention, bolster company culture, and improve employee turnover rate.

With so many advantages, unlimited time off may become a popular offering in the future and a leading perk for the companies with the best benefits.

4. HubSpot

Inside of HubSpot headquarters

Ranked #1 in Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work 2020 as rated by employees, Boston-based HubSpot was and continues to be one of the best companies for benefits. The software company covers many bases with its benefits program, including an Employee Assistance Program, parental benefits, and stock options plan.

Also included in HubSpot’s collection of perks and stipends is an unlimited vacation policy, flexible work schedules, and a remote work program with all those work-from-home essentials. Career development is also encouraged, with the equivalent of a $5,000 learning stipend per year, and plenty of resources for aspiring managers. Employees can also take a four-week paid sabbatical once they've been with the company for five years.

To stay true to its core values and social responsibility, HubSpot also offers various volunteer opportunities. While volunteering may not seem like a perk, studies have shown that volunteerism improves employee morale and happiness — so it’s only natural that one of the companies with the best benefits would offer it.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn logo

Like Hubspot, LinkedIn gets high marks when it comes to employee ratings. The social media company’s employee benefits promote work-life balance with wellness perks, donation matching, and generous paid parental leave.

One of the more unique perks on offer at this Microsoft-owned company is their “InDay” concept. Employees are given a Friday each month to focus on themselves, LinkedIn projects, or the world around them. This opens opportunities for creative thinking and innovation and allows employees to consider their impact on the future.

6. Netflix

Person using a remote to turn on Netflix

Working for a digital media force like Netflix is a dream for many workers around the globe. But its perks are worth acknowledgment. Recognizing that everyone has different wants and needs, employees at Netflix have a $15,000 annual allowance to choose the medical, dental, and vision benefits plan that’s right for them. Some of these options can net employees extra earnings each month in the form of cashback — perfect for side projects, retirement, or a down payment on real estate.

Along with customizable health benefits, the company offers a comprehensive range of well-being and behavioral health support. Employees have access to unlimited coaching, free mindfulness resources, and free therapy and counseling. Not every employee will need or want to use these services, but for those who do, it’s a welcome bonus when they need support. Add it all up, and Netflix makes the list as one of the top companies with the best benefits.

7. Shopify

Shopify logo on side of building

Shopify is a major e-commerce technology company that has a stellar reputation for the way it treats its employees. This Canadian-based business is highly focused on purpose and vision, encouraging its teams to adopt an entrepreneurial spirit.

As an online business, Shopify positions itself as a digital-first organization. As such, the company  actively promotes remote work to allow exploration, inspire self-reflection, and satisfy wanderlust. The company offers an attractive home office allowance plus access to technical support, whether you want to live in New York or set up shop at your local Starbucks.

In the pet-friendly office, onsite workers can enjoy free food and social outings. Shopify also offers tuition reimbursement and an employee stock purchase plan alongside gym memberships and reimbursements.

8. Salesforce

Salesforce front desk

Salesforce isn’t just a cloud-based software company. It has a host of professional development, well-being, and travel benefits that send its employees skyward.

Employees can get up to $5,250 worth of educational courses and support each year. In addition, it has a commuter benefit program worth up to $270 per month, including shuttle services and bike amenities for local employees.

This SaaS and professional services giant goes even further than many of its competitors, matching employee donations to approved charities. If you get the chance to set up a plan like this with your company, it’s a great way to give back to your local community or causes that are close to your heart.

Become a Company With the Best Benefits To Attract and Retain Top Talent

Not every company is an Amazon or Google, but great benefits for your employees are within reach — regardless of the size of your corporation, small business, or startup. All it takes is creating something that matches your values. (Sort of like what we’ve done at Hoppier with our $5,000 learning stipend.)

Take inspiration from the technology and retail companies with the best benefits on this list. Whether you add a lunch program, a coffee stipend for remote workers, or a standout well-being plan, you’ll attract the kind of people who are excited to join your company.

If managing multiple employee benefits programs and stipends sounds like a headache, don’t panic. Find out how Hoppier can simplify your fringe benefit management — and offer your employees the perks they want — by booking a demo with us today.

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Ready to 2x your global engagement at your next event, with Ox stress?

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Ready to 2x your global engagement at your next event, with Ox stress?

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Ready to 2x your global engagement at your next event, with Ox stress?

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