Event attendees with their cards and purchases

The Easiest Way to Send Your Team Virtual Lunch Cards

Hoppier smart digital Visa cards allow your remote team to order their preferred meals from all delivery apps and even directly from local restaurants! Never worry about attendees having a bad experience again.

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Event attendees with their cards and purchases
1000+ Companies Use Hoppier Virtual Lunch Cards
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hoppier virtual spending cards for virtual events

Hoppier Works in 60+ Countries!


Available in 60+ countries


Get back what unspent funds


500,000+ merchants


Reloadable cards


App to manage and track spend


24/7 Customer support

Hoppier smart gift cards are virtual credit cards. Attendees are able to redeem their credits on any delivery app, local restaurant, or retail store that accepts VISA.

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Event attendees with their cards and purchases
hoppier virtual spending card for virtual events and virtual meetings

Choose from 1000's of Options Including Local Restaurants

Name your experience and determine the allowance per person. Set clever constraints on the way the cards can be used, including timing and vendors. Enjoy full control over budget and spend.

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Event attendee users ready for your event
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Send The Lunch to Employees with One Easy Link

In just a few clicks, invite your event participants to access their virtual credit cards. Create excitement by customizing the virtual experience with your branding. Get back what is unspent at the end of the event or allow attendees to donate to charities.

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2 virtual attendees ordering food for a virtual event

Get Back Any Unspent Funds

Go beyond virtual and transform your Remote Lunch into a memorable event that builds meaningful relationships and brings your people together.

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Excited team members with rewards from virtual cards

Use Hoppier with any video conferencing tools

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“When all our events went online, it made the logistics of offering lunch and drinks 10x harder. Hoppier solved that.”

Female customer with positive review
Ashleigh Tane,
Senior Event Planner

"I’m so glad we found you. We were joking around that we finally found a vendor with such an amazing variety. We also love the timeline and refund component."

Female customer with a positive review
Kelly Dolphin,
Office Manager

Make Hoppier your unfair advantage today


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