31 Practical Corporate Gift Baskets For Employees Working From Home

Cassy Aite
November 8, 2022
31 Practical Corporate Gift Baskets For Employees Working From Home

Remote work has its fair share of challenges. While the new-age employees are using technology to coordinate and stay connected, being a part of a virtual team can lead to feelings of workplace isolation. Your employees may find it challenging to feel truly connected and valued in the hybrid office environment of today.

Engaging in practices that foster good relationships with the people who drive your business makes them feel appreciated for their work. And what could be a better way than giving nicely curated corporate gift baskets for employees working from home?


Assembling gift baskets isn't exactly easy. There are professional boundaries you don’t want to cross but still make a lasting impression. To ensure your expressions of gratitude are meaningful and have an impact, we've hand-picked our top recommendations for the best corporate gift baskets.

In this article, we cover the best corporate gift baskets for employees working from home.

1. Classic Gourmet Gift Basket

Whether it’s the holiday season or some special occasion for your company, a gourmet gift basket is a year-round winner. 

A basket full of delicious fruit cakes, smoked Gouda cheese, truffle balls, and bacon habanero bites makes it perfect for your employees working from home to take a break and enjoy.

2. Dried Fruit And Nut Gift Basket

Put together a corporate gift basket with a variety of raisins, cashews, almonds, and other dried fruits. It’ll offer your staff the much-needed energy boost as they work from home.

3. Snack and Wine Combo

When it comes to corporate gifting, nothing beats a classy snack and wine combo. Put together a basket of crisp tortilla chips, popcorn, and red and white wine, this basket can be a great gift for your employees to enjoy with their families.

4. Healthy Gift Basket

Swap junk food with nutritious options with a healthy gift basket for employees working from home. 

Consider making a basket with organic treats (nuts and seeds, protein bars), an affordable fitness device (wearable, oxygen meter), scented candles, some fruits, and a gym subscription.

5. WFH Essentials

Thinking of gift options other than snacks and desserts? Look no further. 

A work-from-home essentials package containing headphones for noise cancellation which help them stay focused, blue-light computer glasses to prevent eye strain, and other desk accessories will make your employees feel cared for

6. Stress Buster Spa Basket

Stress Buster Spa Basket

Want to go that extra mile to show your employees they’re valued? Choose a spa gift basket! 

A pack of luxurious lotions, shower gels, and other spa products will refresh their senses after a tiring day of work. 

7. Women’s Special Gift Basket

Women are a driving force in society. And what could be a better way to promote women's empowerment within your company than by gifting them a women’s special gift basket? 

You can add oil diffusers, a travel wallet, nail polish, and perhaps gift cards to Amazon or Target with other essentials to make them feel valued for their contribution.

8. Men’s Special Gift Basket

Men deserve to be pampered too! Gifting a basket containing men's essentials like a shaving kit, aromatherapy bath bombs, and beard and hair care products is a great way to celebrate Men's Day or Father's Day at your company. 

9. Personalized Gift Basket

Did you know 62% of Americans prefer personalized gifts over expensive gifts?

Thoughtful, custom gifts make employees feel valued and supported, so consider adding items that show you care. For example, a technical team member will appreciate portable chargers to charge multiple devices at once, while a drawing pad will make a good gift for someone in the design team.

10. Baked Goodies Basket

Baked Goodies Basket

From cakes and cookies to muffins and donuts… who wouldn’t love a basket full of these delicious baked goods? 

With a variety of options to pick from, this is one basket that is sure to satisfy your employee's sweet tooth right from the comfort of their home. Don't know your remote workers' flavor of choice? Send them a Hoppier virtual card where they can order goodies from their favorite patissier on UberEats or Doordash.

11. Delicious Meat and Cheese Crate

You really cannot go wrong with a meat and cheese combo. 

Pack different varieties of cheese along with fresh meats that your remote employees can enjoy with their loved ones.

12. Botanical Basket

Attention restoration theory suggests looking at nature — or even just seeing images of it — can change the brain's processing mode, allowing employees to feel more at ease and focus more easily.

Precisely why you should consider making green corporate gift baskets for your remote employees. Plants like philodendron, aloe vera, and snake plants will be a great addition to their WFH setup, adding aesthetic appeal and refreshing their mind from tiring work.

13. Scented Candles Package

Help your employees create a relaxing ambiance to work in by giving them a scented candle package. Choose from focus-enhancing fragrances like peppermint, sage, and rosemary that inspire fresh thoughts and aid in their memory.

14. Coffee and Biscuit Classic Combo

Gift the coffee connoisseurs on your team a thoughtfully crafted basket filled with premium coffee, fresh biscuits, and cocoa. Include a mug with a humorous saying so they can laugh out loud while they drink their coffee.

15. Game Night Gift Basket

Studies have found board games can help combat stress and anxiety. 

Perfect reason for you to make a basket of fun board games, deck cards, or checkers to help employees alleviate stress levels and enjoy some downtime with family — or even with colleagues virtually. 

Our top picks? You can never go wrong with Snakes and Ladders, Coup, Top Trumps, and Monopoly Deal.

16. Italian Gift Basket

Italian Gift Basket

Transport your remote team members to Italy with a corporate gift basket containing Italian-themed goodies. Think: one or two varieties of artisan pasta, fresh seasoning, red wine, and, of course, authentic extra virgin olive oil.

17. Exotic Harvest Basket

Considering that 90% of Americans don't have an adequate intake of fruits and vegetables, sending your remote employees handpicked, farm-fresh fruits and veggies is never a bad option. 

Nutritious. Great for their tastebuds. Excellent nourishment to keep them energetic throughout the day. They really do check it all!

18. Tea Break Gift Box

Breaks are essential while working, and having tea during that time is nearly always a good stress buster. Put together a corporate basket containing black, green, and white tea for your remote employee's work-from-home drinks collection. 

19. Boredom Buster Gift Basket

Enliven and blitz away the tedium of your employees by gifting them a basket that’s full of boredom-busting items. A sketching book, fun quizzes, easy puzzles, and other activities will brighten your employee’s day and ensure hours of fun to help relieve the boredom of working. 

20. Movie Night Gift Basket

How do you make movie night much more exciting? With a movie night gift basket! 

Make sure your basket contains everything from popcorn to crackers and an additional gift card for movie rentals, and your employees will be set for a fun cinematic experience with their loved ones. 

Even better if you get employees to sign up for Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) as a fun virtual team building activity.

21. Candy Gift Basket

Who doesn’t love candies? With M&Ms, Hershey’s Kisses, and Twizzlers in their basket to choose from, your employees will feel like a kid in a candy store when they receive this gift basket. 

22. Fitness Freak Package

Gifting a basket encouraging fitness shows that you care about the health and well-being of your staff. A yoga mat, water bottle, and Jump rope among other workout items will aid your employees in their daily exercise. They’ll stay energetic throughout the day which will lead to better performance and output.

23. Book Worm’s Special Package

A corporate gift basket containing some books

When we think of learning and self-improvement, reading naturally comes to mind.

A bookworm’s basket containing some must-read books, a compact reading light, a reader bookmark along with a coffee mug can be the perfect gift for your employee to learn and grow as an individual. 

This also shows you genuinely care about their overall growth, which is another benefit.

24. Champagne and Truffles Combo

Give your remote employees' taste buds a cause for celebration! 

A corporate basket comprising a bottle of bubbly and truffles combo makes a generous gift that’s guaranteed to impress employees and show you appreciate their contributions in the company. 

Admittedly, the price tag is a bit steep on this one, but it's a great idea to celebrate big milestones or achievements.

25. Cozy Comfy Gift Basket

Bring coziness and comfort to your employees with this gift basket. A calming heat pillow, a blankie, an oil diffuser, and even some soft pajamas will make great additions to ensure they can enjoy a relaxing night's sleep.

26. Gluten-Free Gift Basket

Worried all the unhealthy snacks and drinks might affect your employee’s health negatively?

Try a gluten-free gift basket filled with delicious gluten-free and organic goodies so they can enjoy them without worrying about their health.

27. Ultimate Lavender Gift Basket 

Corporate gift basket with lavender-scented candles, perfume, and hair oil

Lavender helps relieve stress, chronic pain, and high blood pressure and can act as the perfect solution to your employee's problems. Exactly why we recommend adding this wonderful ingredient or ingredient-based products to corporate gift baskets for employees working from home.

Curate a gift with a lavender-scented candle, perfume, and calming hair oil to help employee lay back and relax after a long day of work.

28. Brownie Gift Basket

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, nothing can beat a brownie baked to perfection! With a mix of flavors of dried fruits and white and dark chocolate, it’s definitely a delicious dessert for your staff to enjoy after a meal.

29. The Beer Trio

Nothing can beat a beer trio of crisp, hop, and malt beers. It’s everything a beer lover would need for a relaxing night in. With three options to choose from, your employees will cherish this classic trio for a long time. What's more, you can also add a Hoppier card to let employees enjoy happy hour by ordering from Drizzly, Minibar, and Bitters & Bottles.

30. Signature Corporate Kit

How does the idea of a corporate kit that promotes your brand while also serving your remote employee’s needs?

Curate a gift backet with everyday products like water bottles, caps, and pillows, ensuring each item is branded with your company’s name or logo. In addition to free advertising, this also helps instill a feeling of belongingness within employees working from home.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

31. Eyecare Gift Basket

Post COVID-19, a study found remote workers began to experience increased eyesight risks. 

Considering most of their time is spent in front of mobile and desktop screens, it's honestly not surprising — but that doesn't mean you can't do anything it.

Help your employees look after their eyes with eye masks, computer glasses, and cooling creams that keep their eye health in check. Ideadlly, you want to add items that help prevent eye strain and fatigue.

Make Corporate Gifting Easy With Hoppier

Making a lasting impression on your employees is like investing in your business. And with remote employees miss out on the in-person workplace experience, you shouldn't shy away from doing small acts to show your gratitude.

The above unique corporate gift basket ideas will help make your remote team feel appreciated and valued. With a little thoughtfulness, you can make your staff who work from home feel a little happier and more productive.

Want to simply employee gifting further? Sign up with Hoppier to give your remote workers gifts they actually want. Simply set up a gift card balance, choose from our diverse range of vendors, and send your employees a virtual card they can use anytime, anywhere.

Learn more here.

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