9 Marketing Gift Ideas to Attract Prospects and Retain Customers

Cassy Aite
February 6, 2024
9 Marketing Gift Ideas to Attract Prospects and Retain Customers

Almost 90% of marketing firms rely on email as their number-one source of new prospects. While somewhat effective in cultivating leads with an open rate of 21.5%, emails ignore one major facet of business: differentiation.

Differentiation isn’t just a marketing strategy for marketing firms. It’s an asset to your business that promotes brand awareness — and hopefully — brand loyalty. As a result, emails, social media ads, and other lead-generation methods are only half of the puzzle. You still need something to attract new customers while retaining current clients.

So, how do you promote your marketing business with other methods? The answer lies in gifts.

Marketing gifts are a smart approach to customer retention and lead generation. With thoughtful, high-quality gifts, you bestow a token of gratitude on existing customers while garnering attention and notice from potential customers — even on a modest budget.

If you’ve never sent client gifts or you’re not sure where to begin, these marketing gift ideas will expedite the process from prospecting to closing the deal — and all while forging a deeper connection on a personal level.

5 Marketing Gift Ideas To Wow Prospects

View from inside the box of a happy man opening a gift

Luring new prospects to your marketing firm or small business with gifts requires some planning. Yet, it’s the most direct way to find business. Prospective clients are inundated with cold calls and emails — so much so that they may even feel annoyed or attacked by the idea.

A great gift sets you apart while showing your willingness to go the extra mile. Think of marketing gifts as a way to open yourself up, show your true colors, and connect outside the business world — even if your goal is to seal the deal.

To attract quality customers, you need a great marketing gift idea. Use a few of these options to get your client interested in your services and separate you from the rest.

1. Branded Baked Goods

Promotional products don’t have to be mundane. In fact, marketing gift ideas incorporating something delicious like baked goods with your company logo will surely wow business owners and decision-makers — the people you target when generating leads.

Thankfully, you can design cookies, cupcakes, small cakes, and other goodies in a gift box or gift basket with your company name and logo that provides a delicious treat while reinforcing your brand.

2. Useful Office Swag

When you’re generating leads, you’re never certain what tastes the recipient has. Rather than miss the mark completely, go with useful and traditional office swag — just like you’d give at a virtual event.

Some of the best virtual and digital gifts to showcase your company include branded stainless steel tumblers and water bottles, coffee mugs, bottle openers, and tote bags. The prospective client can use each of these daily, and your brand is front and center.

And just for the sake of establishing your brand, don’t be afraid to throw a keychain or a sticker in with your gift.

3. Cool Gadgets

Phone charging on a wireless charger

Though the work-from-home craze has passed, 12.7% of people still work remotely. Another 28% are part of a hybrid model. As such, marketing gift ideas that add value to the home office are always appreciated.

Some business gift options for prospects in this realm might include a wireless charging pad, Bluetooth speaker, ergonomic keyboard, wireless mouse, a cellphone stand, or small lighting fixtures. The key is to spruce up the office, make work easier, and let your prospect know you understand the importance of a fully functioning home office.

4. Gift Cards

Whether you’re trying to woo a referral or you’re gifting as part of your cold-calling campaign, gift cards are always a crowd-pleaser. From popular options like Amazon and Starbucks gift cards to open-ended virtual cards they can use anywhere, you’re sure to provide a gift that keeps on giving.

Hoppier works with thousands of vendors to help you find the perfect gift. Just select the amount, the vendor, and the expiration date, and voila! You have yourself a marketing gift idea that your future client can use anywhere.

5. Something That Exudes Your Brand and Philosophy

You don’t have to get too outlandish with your marketing gift ideas, but you should always try to make a statement. Something that’s memorable will almost always outweigh gifts that every marketing firm offers as a giveaway.

Some examples might include branded versions of:

  • Wind-up car or toy
  • Squirt gun or rubber-band gun
  • Neighborhood map of the client’s city
  • Health and wellness subscriptions with a handwritten note
  • Succulents or hard-to-kill plants in a pot with your logo

Loyal customers often look for something different, and these gifts will oblige that sense.

The 4 Best Marketing Gift Ideas To Keep Clients Coming Back

In a dynamic, competitive marketing landscape, differentiation is key. You must constantly ask, “What can I do that no one else can do?” One crucial mistake is that marketing firms may not consider gifts an added edge — but it certainly is. It’s the personal touch that helps you connect with clients, keep you on their minds, and, hopefully, provide continued customer loyalty.

Try a few of these corporate gift ideas on for size; you might be surprised just how much your clients appreciate your gesture.

Oh yeah, and marketing gifts for clients are also tax-deductible — just another bonus for showing your clients how much you care.

1. Clothing

Some might say clothing is one of the most overused and ubiquitous marketing gift ideas, but that’s not always true. Your client already knows you, and you’re trying to improve your business relationship.

Instead of giving them branded clothes they may never wear, choose something they almost certainly have to wear. T-shirts and hoodies from their favorite apparel company are always a winner. Or if they’re a golfer, polos and hats they can wear on the course should do the trick. The idea is to think beyond the obvious and choose something they can truly appreciate.

2. The Pasta Box

Bowl of penne pasta with red peppers, spinach, and cheese in a cream sauce

Who doesn’t love a nice bowl of pasta? Even the gluten-intolerant can get gluten-free pasta, so just about everyone’s on board.

If you’re looking for a client appreciation gift that entrenches the spirit of your marketing firm, think about a pasta gift box.

The box can contain different pasta flavors instead of the traditional options — think spinach or tomato pasta — as well as a cookbook, interesting sauces, and even some branded spoons. They’ll get a delicious meal, and you’ll get all the gratitude.

3. Reclaimed and Recycled Goods

Sustainability is a business-positive role to have for customer and client engagement. Customers, consumers, and clients all want to work with someone with a degree of eco-friendliness, and you can parlay that into a better business relationship.

Goods made from recycled materials — be it metal, wood, or paper — provide depth to your marketing gift ideas. So whether you send a pen made from reclaimed wood, a small lamp made from the fender of a rusted Ford, or something else, you’re taking things out of a landfill and turning them into a useful, cherished gift.

4. Cigar Box Guitar

Man playing a cigar box guitar

This may seem out there, but cigar box guitars are among the coolest marketing gift ideas. Everyone likes music, and even if your client doesn’t strum, a cigar box guitar makes an excellent art piece or conversation starter. And guess who comes up in the conversation? Your company! You can even brand the headstock or the body with your logo, solidifying your role as a top-notch gift giver.

Things To Consider When Sending a Marketing Gift

Sending gifts comes with a bit of planning involved. You shouldn’t hop straight into gift-giving without carefully considering the operations, budget, and appropriate. Before you send a gift, ask yourself some of these questions.

  • What’s my budget? You shouldn’t overextend your finances to impress a gift. The perfect gift is a thoughtful one that leaves a lasting impression, not an expensive one.
  • Does my client add value? Businesses get loaded with swag and promotional items. Do they really need another branded promotional gift like a pen or stationery? Probably not. Think of something that adds value or is something that the client or prospect will actually use.
  • Are you personalizing the gift? Great marketing gift ideas have a handwritten note or personalized message that pares down the business aspect of the gift and lets you connect on an emotional level.
  • Are you planning ahead? Planning is tantamount to success with respect to marketing gift ideas. Whether you’re sending a thank-you gift, a holiday gift, an anniversary gift, or a birthday gift, timing is essential. Make sure your gift gets to the recipient on time to maximize its impact.

Take Care of the Uncertainty of Marketing Gifts With Hoppier

If you’re limited on time, sending multiple gifts, or you want to ensure your gift hits the mark, don’t stress. Marketing gift ideas can still make an impact even if you don’t send a personalized gift or a shot in the dark.

That’s where Hoppier can help. With Hoppier’s digital gift cards — or virtual bulk gift cards — you can let the client or prospect choose the gift independently. Thanks to Hoppier, each gift card is also customizable. You choose the amount and expiration, plus, you can add your company colors and name for a touch of personalization and business promotion wrapped up in one.

Hoppier client anniversary virtual gift card

Let Hoppier do the work for you and take the guesswork out of marketing gift ideas — freeing you up for the business side of the equation. It’s a win-win that’s sure to work out in your favor.

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Ready to 2x your global engagement at your next event, with Ox stress?

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Ready to 2x your global engagement at your next event, with Ox stress?

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