How to give the best corporate holiday gifts

Thomas Paris
July 20, 2022
How to give the best corporate holiday gifts | Hoppier

Holidays are always joyful occasions, which makes them great opportunities for you to build goodwill with your employees and clients. It’s no secret: Everyone likes receiving gifts. Being able to give those people things they’d appreciate can go a long way in developing long-term loyalty with them.

It’s more important than ever to show gratitude in the workplace. According to an OGO survey, 40% of workers would put extra effort into their work if they were recognized more often. Getting the best out of your staff leads to better results for your company, so displaying appreciation in the form of holiday gifts is a fantastic way to improve your team’s morale.

You should also look to give gifts to your clients, especially when it comes to holidays. It shows that their business matters to your company, and that you genuinely want to continue working with them.

Giving the perfect holiday gift is never an easy task — so let’s take a look at creative ideas for corporate holiday gift-giving, and we’ll offer some suggestions to use this season!

What makes a good corporate holiday gift?

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No one wants to break the bank when it comes to buying holiday gifts. Inexpensive yet thoughtful gestures are always the sweet spot that people should aim for, and we’ll outline possible solutions to the gift searches you’ll undertake whenever a holiday rolls around.

The hardest part of gift-giving comes when you don’t know the recipients well enough to understand what would appeal to them. Perhaps it’s a new member of your team, or even someone who’s been there for a long time but you simply haven’t spent much time with. Maybe it’s a new client you’re tryin to impress, or a loyal customer that you haven’t gotten to know on a personal level. Look no further — this list of corporate holiday gift ideas is here to help.

8 of the top corporate holiday gifts for employees

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Giving holiday gifts has become a customary thing to do in our society, and there are countless reasons why your company should follow suit with your employees. Not only do you boost your corporate culture by recognizing everyone and making them feel valued, but it can also motivate your employees to keep up the hard work by letting them know how much you appreciate them.

With that in mind, here’s a list of corporate gift options that can work for any employee:

1. Wellness Box

A wellness box is a classic corporate gift that continues to stand the test of time. One of the best opportunities it provides is variety and personalization. You can use any theme you want for the products (self-care, relaxation, stress reduction), and there’s always something inside the box that your employees will find helpful. This versatility allows you to choose specific types of boxes depending on the holiday that’s approaching, while also staying within a budget.

2. Personalized Office Supplies

Presents are always well-received when they have a personal element involved, and personalized office supplies are some of the best gifts you can give employees. Whether it’s getting a personalized notebook, an engraved pen, customized stationery, or even new business cards, getting items with your name on it just feels special. You can even align the colors and design to match your brand, making your workers feel more valued as part of the company.

3. Company Clothing

A strong company has employees who feel a sense of pride, so what better way to recognize their hard work than by giving them branded items of clothing to wear proudly? Giving your workers tangible things to wear, including jackets, sweaters, t-shirts, and hats, can make them truly feel like part of the team. Plus, there’s a good chance they’d want extras for their families, too! 

4. Scented Candles

With more employees working from home than ever before, the need for a welcoming home office is at an all-time high. What better way to spice up a home office than candles? Not only do the pleasant scents help workers feel relaxed on the job, but the calm aura they bring can lead to your employees becoming more productive as well. You can also find seasonal themes for candles, making them a wonderful gift for any holiday coming up.

5. Wireless Charger Stand

Clutter can be a major challenge in any office, but a wireless charger stand can help. It eliminates the need for a charging cord for your employees’ phones, while also opening up space on their desks. These products range in price, so it’s certainly possible to find affordable ones that you can get for everyone. Alternatively, you can focus on higher-end products to give as rewards or perks for those working extra hard.

6. Puzzle Books

There’s a wide variety when it comes to puzzle books, including crosswords, sudokus, word searches, or books that combine all of them! Some of these books feature hundreds of games, meaning it will be a long-lasting gift for your team members while they turn their gears. The versatility of these puzzle books makes them an affordable holiday gift idea that can work for any occasion.

7. Workout Classes

The most popular time for people to sign up for fitness-related activities is right after holiday breaks. So why not encourage healthy lifestyles among your employees by buying them some workout classes as holiday gifts? Sometimes all it takes to get active is a simple push, and even just a few sessions might be enough to motivate them to live healthier. 

8. Catered Work Party

Work parties may never go back to the way they once were (cue the large indoor gatherings with an obscene amount of communal food sharing), but that doesn’t mean holiday work parties can’t be fun and engaging. Whether your employees are working in-person or remotely, you can cater a work event with virtual gift cards that provide tons of food and drink options from various vendors. This lets your team have some fun celebrating the holidays while doing so safely in a post-COVID world.

8 of the top holiday gifts for clients

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As key as it is to find good gifts for your employees, it’s equally important to get thoughtful gifts for your clients. All relationships with them, whether new or long-term, should be valued. Making it a tradition to send one another holiday gifts is a great way to maintain a good corporate relationship that goes beyond business.

Knowing that, here’s a list of corporate gift options to put a smile on the face of your clients:

1. Gift Basket

Corporate holiday gift baskets are always a safe choice. They can be customized for each of your clients, depending on their unique interests. It’s also an effective way to sneak in some free samples or gift cards for whatever your business provides. This is particularly useful with new clients, giving them a taste of how your company could help them, and it reinforces to existing clients why they should stay in business with you.

2. Baked Goods

Another slam-dunk option to make your clients feel appreciated is to give them baked goods. It’s ideal if they’re homemade and delivered yourself, but that’s not always possible. Store-bought treats are still a great way to show appreciation for someone’s business, and the packaged items will last longer if you’re going through a delivery courier. But if you want to send holiday-themed baked goods or other edible snacks and keep them as fresh as possible, you can purchase virtual gift cards to let your clients customize an order and have their tasty treats delivered promptly.

3. Succulent Plants

Everyone likes things that can add some color to their office, and a great way to help your clients with this is by getting them a succulent plant. They’re remarkably easy to maintain, making them a low-maintenance gift for your recipient — while also serving as a low-cost item for you to buy. Succulents also serve as a conversation-starter whenever you meet in their office, and it’s always fun to see where they wind up being placed in the room.

4. Coffee Mug

How often do you start your workday with a hot cup of coffee? Getting that caffeine boost has become an essential part of so many people’s work routines. If you want to find your client a gift they can use every day, get them a coffee mug with your brand’s logo on it. Corporate holiday gifts with logos aren’t just a practical gift they will use regularly; they’re a walking advertisement! You could also package this mug with a custom set of coffee blends.

5. Reusable Water Bottle

Buying a reusable water bottle for your clients is an eco-friendly gift they can use every day. Just like how it would work with a coffee mug, they’d remember your organization each time they fill up their canister. As the world moves away from wasteful plastic bottles and into reusable ones, people are always looking for durable water bottles — so they make for a terrific gift regardless of the holiday at hand.

6. Alcoholic Beverages

One of the most traditional corporate holiday gifts is to send your clients a bottle of their favorite alcoholic drink. Whether it’s wine, beer, rum, whiskey, or another adult beverage, delivering a care package of good liquor is a timeless gift for any holiday. You can also make them a custom cocktail kit if they enjoy exploring their taste buds. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be encouraged to join in for a shared beverage, which could help your relationship grow stronger.

7. Charitable Donation

If you can’t think of a specific gift for your client but really want to do something for them, a creative gift would be to make a charitable donation to a particular cause or non-profit organization that matters to them. These contributions go a long way in demonstrating to your customers how closely your values are aligned with theirs. Additionally, the proceeds also go to a worthwhile cause to help people in need — making it a true win-win scenario for both you and your clients.

8. Catered Virtual Lunch

A popular gift for your corporate clients is to buy them lunch, where you can conduct your meetings in-person over delicious food. But when you’re working with clients who aren’t able to meet at a restaurant, an ideal gift would be to buy them a catered virtual lunch. This idea is particularly helpful when you’re gathering with several different companies at the same time, creating a sense of shared connection over the good food despite everyone being far apart.

Hoppier: an easy holiday gift for your employees or clients

If you’re hosting a virtual event or webinar around a holiday and would like to treat everyone attending to lunch or snacks, try using Hoppier. Our virtual cards give your guests the ability to choose from a variety of food and drink options from several vendors, which will then be delivered to everyone’s respective locations for the meeting.

It’s easy to create a Hoppier account, and even easier to manage. Once it’s set up, you can start customizing your virtual card however you want. If you’re trying to stick to a particular holiday theme, you can use specific colors associated with the event — and can even encourage attendees to look for food and drink options related to whichever holiday is coming up.

Give thoughtful corporate holiday gifts to keep your company strong

There’s an old saying: “It’s the thought that counts.” That phrase rings true when it comes to corporate holiday gifts. Showing people that you appreciate their hard work never goes unnoticed, and it can help motivate and encourage them in their job.

If you see one of our listed holiday gifts for employees, but you think it will work well for one of your clients instead (or vice-versa), go for it! After all, no one knows your workers and business partners quite like you do.

To learn more about keeping strong relationships with both employees and clients, check out our webinar on how to get people to show up to your virtual events.

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