Show Your Appreciation With These Birthday Wishes for Employees

Cassy Aite
April 3, 2024
Show Your Appreciation With These Birthday Wishes for Employees

Trying to find the right words to say to an employee on their birthday? It’s a problem that many managers and business owners have. Maybe that’s why so many people turn to Hallmark for their well-wishing remarks than hand-writing a happy birthday card.

However, a considerate birthday wish for employees adds to their special day. By feeling appreciated and valued as a team member, amazing employees are likelier to stick around for the long haul. Plus, you build a company culture that adds a personal touch and recognizes that employees aren’t just workhorses —they’re assets. With a simple and consistent employee birthday program, you can send your warmest wishes without playing favorites.

Learn how you can turn your whole team’s yearly trip around the sun into a wonderful birthday experience with these birthday wishes for employees.

Thoughtful Birthday Wishes for Employees

Employees in an office celebrating a birthday

If you want to make an impact, boost morale, and offer something extra beyond perks and stipends, making a concerted effort to send birthday messages is integral. Unfortunately, crafting birthday greetings that are heartfelt yet seamless is challenging. But even if you aren’t poetic, sentimental, or a wordsmith, the effort makes all the difference.

With your knowledge of your employee as a person and your own creative ideas, you can present a thoughtful wish for the big day.

Quick Note: Adding in the employee’s name and any contributions or accomplishments they’ve made will make the birthday wish even more meaningful.

Quick and Easy Happy Birthday Wishes for Employees

You don’t have to write an entire book or even a paragraph to get your best wishes across. Sometimes, a succinct one- or two-liner will suffice. If you’re short on time but you still want to wish an employee a great day, here are a few surprisingly effective happy birthday messages.

  • Wishing a very happy birthday to a great person and valued member of our team!
  • Cheers to another wonderful year of excellence!
  • Best birthday wishes and hopes for a fantastic year ahead!
  • Wishing you happiness, success, and a great year ahead!
  • Good luck in the next year in both your personal and professional pursuits!
  • Here’s to good health and a fantastic birthday!
  • May your special day be filled with fun, laughter, and an even more delicious birthday cake!
  • Have a great birthday!
  • It’s your birthday today! Sending you good wishes for the next trip around the sun!
  • Happy birthday to a good employee and an even more fantastic person!

Feel free to combine a few of these together and add your own ideas for an excellent birthday quote that your employee won’t soon forget.

Career-Oriented and Professional Birthday Wishes for Employees

If you have extra time or you want to specifically send a birthday message that mixes with their professional goals or upcoming work anniversary, career-oriented birthday wishes for employees will check all the boxes.

  • Happy birthday! Your strong work ethic and leadership skills continue to inspire us. Keep making a positive impact in the workplace!
  • On your special day, we applaud your commitment to the team and wish you continuous success in your career. Happy birthday!
  • Wishing you a birthday filled with exciting challenges and opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally.
  • Hoping you have a birthday filled with inspiration and motivation as you continue to excel in your professional journey. Thanks for being a shining star within our organization!
  • Happy birthday to a true asset to our team! Your commitment and work ethic sets a high standard for everyone around you.
  • May this year bring you new opportunities to showcase your talents and achieve even greater heights in your career with us. Happy birthday!

If you choose, you can also add a specific contribution or accomplishment that helped your organization during the past year. Again, the more thought you put into the card in a personalized manner, the more your employee will appreciate it.

Sentimental Birthday Wishes for Employees

A sentimental birthday wish doesn’t have to be maudlin — you can still make it tasteful without reading like a Hallmark card. Perfect for expressing your appreciation for your employee while providing a personal remark on their character, these birthday wishes should be met with approval and gratitude from your employees.

  • On your special day, we want you to know how much your hard work and kindness mean to us. You truly make a difference, and we're lucky to have you on our team.
  • Your birthday is important to us in more than one way. It reminds us of the incredible impact you have on our organization and the dedication and talent that touch the lives of so many.
  • As you celebrate another birthday, we celebrate the amazing person you are. Your genuine care for your work and colleagues makes work and the office a remarkable experience.
  • Sending you heartfelt birthday wishes as a token of appreciation for all the hard work and effort you put into your job. You make a positive difference every day you’re on the job.
  • Happy birthday! You’re an inspiration to our organization and we appreciate everything you do to make every day successful.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Employees

Depending on the size of your team and how well you know each person, you may want to opt for a humorous approach to your birthday day wishes. But tread lightly.

A fine line exists between funny-professional and funny-unprofessional, and you don’t need to cross it. If you want to create a funny birthday wish for employees, don’t make any comments about age — it’s just good practice. You’ll also have to gauge the employee’s sense of humor to avoid any potential issues. If you’re not sure, skip the humorous approach.

How To Send Your Birthday Wishes

birthday cake with happy birthday candles

An email is a bit too formal and mundane for employee birthday wishes. It fails to capture the moment in an exciting manner and shows a lack of foresight or thoughtfulness.

Instead of zipping over an email, use something with more pizazz. Online birthday cards and e-cards allow you to customize the card's appearance, all while adding a personalized message.

Alternatively, you can mail them a birthday greeting card — because — who doesn’t like getting mail in the modern era of digital messages? You can send this yourself, or if you don’t have time, a company such as Postables will do the work for you. Just pick a card, type in your message, and they’ll do the rest.

Online shoutouts are another way to send your birthday wishes. You publicly announce the birthday, give your employee the recognition they deserve, and allow others to do the same. At the very least, it’s a great way to increase employee engagement.

4 Gifts To Add To Birthday Wishes for Employees

Employee giving a gift to a coworker

Birthday wishes are always appreciated, but if you add a gift or birthday celebration, you can make the occasion one to remember. Regardless of whether you work onsite, remotely, or through a hybrid arrangement, these gifts are a surefire hit.

1. Gift Cards

Warm wishes are a nice touch for a birthday, but no employee will turn down a gift card. Gift cards allow employees to choose their gift from a vendor that suits them so you don’t have to buy a gift they’ll never use.

If you have a large company, bulk virtual gift cards allow you to purchase numerous cards at once — saving you time while also remembering your employee’s big day.

2. Subscription Services

Another gift to accompany your birthday wishes for employees is a subscription service. You can tailor the subscription to their interests as well. From wellness baskets to movies to wine of the month clubs, these services remind the employee each month of your generosity and thoughtfulness.

3. Desk Accessories

Whether you have a fully remote team or an onsite team, desk accessories can lead to productivity and more engaged and satisfied employees. Desk organizers, engraved pens, stylish mousepads, or Bluetooth headphones give employees something useful while making their lives easier throughout the workday.

4. Experiences

Unlike their older counterparts, Millennials and Gen Z’ers don’t spend a ton on stuff. According to studies, 78% of them prefer experiences rather than things.

Using this knowledge to your advantage, you can give a birthday gift that gives them an experience of a lifetime. Concert tickets, sporting events, and cooking classes are just a few options that can give them a memorable birthday.

Recognize Birthdays, Special Events, and Hard Work With Help From Hoppier

Now that you have your birthday card and celebrations in order, let Hoppier help you add a virtual gift card for a satisfying denouement to your employee’s birthday. With hundreds of vendors and fully customizable options, you can give your employee what they truly want for their special day — the ability to choose their own gift.

Hoppier virtual gift card for an employee birthday

With a gift and birthday wishes, you let your team know that you care about them as a person just as much as an employee. With a well-constructed e-card and an accompanying gift, you can build morale, team bonding, and loyalty — all in one fell swoop.

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