Employee Appreciation Day Messages To Thank Your Staff

Cassy Aite
September 22, 2023
Employee Appreciation Day Messages To Thank Your Staff

On the first Friday of March, employers celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day. Created to honor the contributions, work ethic, achievements, positive attitudes, and overall great work of employees, the day stands as the perfect time to recognize employees within your own company.

One way that you can connect with your employees on Employee Appreciation Day is by crafting a personalized message to accompany a small gift or company swag. With the right message, you can appreciate employees’ hard work while also letting them know how much you respect and admire them as both a person and a worker.

Find out why Employee Appreciation Day messages are integral to your business and company culture, as well as a few ideas to help you pen high-quality, personalized words of appreciation for each of your great employees.

What Is Employee Appreciation Day?

Started in 1995, Employee Appreciation Day is an event observed on the first Friday in March that reminds employers of the importance between an organization and its employees. Intended to foster goodwill between employees and employers, the day highlights the positive impact of strong employee-company relationships and the outstanding performance of both individuals and the entire team.

Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day — in unison with an employee recognition program and incentive program — comes with a number of benefits for employers. It boosts morale, reinforces company values, improves retention, and acts as a catalyst for a company’s success.

Why Are Employee Appreciation Day Messages Important?

Manager appreciating his employee as coworkers look on

Though you should certainly appreciate your employees more than just a single day each year, Employee Appreciation Day gives you another opportunity to show your appreciation for employees — and reap the benefits to boot.

Experts have found that 69% of employees say they would work harder if their efforts were better recognized. But employee recognition influences more than employees — it affects the entire company.

Here are just a few key benefits of recognizing and rewarding your employees:

  • Improved Retention: Recognizing and rewarding your employees can help to increase their loyalty to the company and reduce turnover.
  • Enhanced Teamwork and Collaboration: When employees see that their contributions are being recognized, it can encourage them to become team players, collaborate more effectively, and go the extra mile.
  • Increased Productivity: Recognizing and rewarding employees for their excellent work can increase their productivity by giving them a sense of purpose and encouraging them to perform at their best.
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction: Happy and motivated employees are more likely to provide better service to customers, which can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction, reviews, and ratings.
  • Boosted Morale and Motivation: Giving kudos to the efforts of your staff can make them feel valued and appreciated, which can in turn boost employee engagement, employee morale, team spirit, and motivation. In an overarching sense, the best employee is an engaged employee.

Prioritizing employee recognition via Employee Appreciation Day creates a win-win situation for both you and your employees. By recognizing and rewarding good work, you can create a positive and productive work environment, resulting in increased job satisfaction — which ultimately leads to a successful business.

Employee Appreciation Day Messages Your Staff Will Admire

Manager showing appreciation for his staff member in the office

Now that you understand the importance of Employee Appreciation Day messages, it’s time for you to craft a handwritten note of your own. Each message will vary depending on the personality of the recipient, the years of service with the company, and your personal rapport with them. However, you have a unique perspective of each employee, giving you insight into the perfect employee appreciation messages for each individual.

While “Happy Employee Appreciation Day!” is a good starter, you need to add a bit more bulk to your message to get your enthusiasm and appreciation across. A savvy method to achieve this is by tailoring the message to each individual’s talents, be it work ethic, acting as a role model for other employees, or being a great teammate.

Remember, the more time and effort you put into your message, the better the result and appreciation of your employees. But if you’re struggling, don’t stress. Use these Employee Appreciation Day messages and employee appreciation quotes to get your creative juices flowing.

Basic Employee Appreciation Day Messages

If you have a new employee or if you’re a first-time manager during Employee Appreciation Day, keeping the message simple is in your best interest. You don’t want to dive too deep in your first go-around, so use these basic messages to get your point across:

  • Our success wouldn't be possible without your hard work and dedication. We're lucky to have you as part of our team. Happy Employee Appreciation Day!
  • You're more than just an employee; you're a valuable part of our family. Your contributions are deeply appreciated. Enjoy this day!
  • Your unwavering commitment to our mission and values is an inspiration to all. You are the heart of our team and a valuable asset. We appreciate you!
  • Your positive attitude and dedication inspire us all. Thank you for being an amazing part of our team. We appreciate everything that you do!
  • On this special day, we want to express our heartfelt thanks for your tireless efforts and dedication. You truly make a difference.

Employee Appreciation Day Messages for Work Ethics

Work ethic is an invaluable asset that not all workers possess. For those on your team who put forth their best effort day in and day out, a little recognition goes a long way. Use a few of these recognition messages to demonstrate your love of their work ethic.

  • Your discipline, dedication, and unwavering work ethic are truly exceptional. We're fortunate to have you on our team. Enjoy your well-deserved recognition on Employee Appreciation Day!
  • You exemplify and embody the spirit of our company and mission in all that you do. Thank you for your undying work ethic on every project you undertake.
  • You don't just work hard. You work smart, which shows in the results you deliver. Your work ethic is an inspiration to everyone in the office. Enjoy this day dedicated to you!
  • Your work ethic has a ripple effect on your teammates and inspires them to do their best. Happy Employee Appreciation Day!
  • Our team continues to thrive and excel, especially due to your strong work ethic. All the work you do is appreciated and valued.

Employee Appreciation Day Messages for Excellent Collaborators & Teammates

Companies can thrive with many different personalities in a single office. But those who have an innate ability to inspire others, get work done, and do it all enthusiastically are a rarity. If you have an employee who’s a great collaborator, recognize them for all they do with one of these Employee Appreciation Day messages:

  • You truly are a great teammate, and you inspire all of your coworkers to work together like family. We couldn’t achieve our goals without you.
  • Great teams have even greater teammates. You are one piece of our team, but your willingness to work with everyone makes you a true asset. Happy Employee Appreciation Day!
  • You’re living proof that teamwork makes the dream work. Thanks for all you do. Your coworkers from top to bottom appreciate all that you do.
  • Your collaborative spirit and can-do attitude are an inspiration to everyone on our team. On this day, thanks for being the person who everyone can count on.
  • Your ability to support and lift others is something few possess and that we can’t afford to ignore. Thanks for your team-building attitude and your contributions to our organization.

Employee Appreciation Day Messages for Goal Achievement

For the employees who go the extra mile, small gifts — like virtual gift cards — are always appreciated. But on Employee Appreciation Day, you can recognize each employee’s specific achievements and contributions in a personalized way. If you’ve recently completed a project or an individual went above and beyond, use one of these message templates:

  • On Employee Appreciation Day, I just want to point out how valuable you were toward the completion of our latest project. Without your guidance, insight, and hard work, who knows where we’d be. Thank you!
  • Every project you undertake is an insight into your experience, expertise, and skills. Happy Employee Appreciation Day, and we hope that you remain a guiding light on future projects.
  • Your attention to detail and tireless efforts make every project that much easier. We appreciate all that you do, and we can’t say thanks enough.
  • Your positive attitude and skill set make you a valuable addition to any project. We couldn’t have done many of our biggest and most complex projects without you.
  • Your commitment to every project you do is truly exceptional. Thanks for your hard work; we truly appreciate you as part of our team.

Add a Token of Gratitude to Your Employee Appreciation Day Messages

These Employee Appreciation Day messages may seem relatively insignificant, but these little tokens of gratitude provide recognition and thanks that keep team members motivated. The bottom line of your organization will benefit if you take the time to acknowledge and appreciate your employees — on Employee Appreciation Day, work anniversaries, career milestones, and more.

To make your employee recognition efforts more effective, pay attention to the reactions and attitudes of your staff. Plus, you can always sweeten the day by adding a Hoppier virtual gift card to the equation.

Hoppier gift card example

So, simplify sending employee thank-you gifts with Hoppier today. With hundreds of vendors, instant delivery, and leftover balances that go back into your account, virtual gift cards are the perfect accompaniment to your Employee Appreciation Day messages.

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