The 16 Most Exciting Virtual Event Platforms and Tools for 2021

Thomas Paris
March 8, 2021
The 16 Most Exciting Virtual Event Platforms and Tools for 2021

Virtual events have come a long way - they are interactive, scalable, and most importantly, cost effective. Virtual attendees aren't limited by logistical, financial, or health-related restrictions to travel.

However, event fundamentals remain the same - people attend these events to learn and network. Online education is fairly easy. The networking bit, not so much. 

The best virtual event platforms allow you to create bespoke experiences at scale while retaining key principles that make networking at in-person events so effective. 

When it comes to virtual events, choosing the right tools is just as important as choosing the right venue for your event.

With this in mind, here’s our list of the top 16 virtual event platforms and tools sorted by event type. 

  • Virtual Networking Events
  • Virtual Conferences
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Virtual Sales and Marketing Events

Top Tools for Virtual Networking Events

1. Wonder

Wonder’s product screen showing people interacting in virtual breakout rooms at a conference
Wonder replicates real-world networking in a virtual setting by integrating social cues into its platform

Wonder strives to mimic real-world social cues through two core actions. If someone wants to initiate a conversation, they can direct their “nose” (a little dot in front of the avatar) toward a person or group, and the recipient can respond by directing their “nose” back toward the initiator.

Another option is to “slowly approach each other,” similar to the way you might in a live networking situation. If someone is not interested, they can just walk away and go somewhere else.

2. Hoppier

A product screen from Hoppier showing a virtual lunch in session along with popular delivery partners and the company’s virtual credit card
Use Hoppier to create bespoke experiences at your virtual events 

Hoppier helps you ramp up participation, improve engagement, and the ROI of virtual events.

Create memorable experiences for virtual attendees with Hoppier virtual cards: virtual lunches, breakfasts, happy-hour drinks, gifts, and so much more made easy. Set your budget and restrict purchases to vendors like Minibar, Drizly, local stores, and any other vendors you would like.

The best part? It takes all the logistics out of the picture!

3. SpatialChat

Spatial Chat’s product screen with a virtual concert underway
Spatial Chat’s virtual networking platform allows you to host unique activities for your team

‘The boss would like to see you in her castle’, is what you might hear someday. 

SpatialChat helps you re-create real-life social interactions at your virtual networking events. 

They don’t have virtual castles yet (I’m disappointed too), but they have awesome venues for your virtual cocktail parties and team building activities. 

4. Bash

A product screen from Bash showing a game in progress
Bash provides personalized virtual spaces for remote teams to connect and have fun 

Pokemon meets Zoom. 

Walk your avatar through a 2D world and meet other friendly avatars. A video chat window will pop up when you’re close enough. 

Perfect for informal, social events and free up to 25 participants! 

5. Mixily

The upgrade to Facebook events.

The perfect virtual event platform to host small-scale virtual parties with friends, family, or colleagues. 

Top Tools for Virtual Conferences

6. Hopin

Hopin’s product screen showing participants interacting at a virtual conference
Hopin’s virtual event platform offers a comprehensive set of features suited for businesses of all sizes

Loved by event planners across the globe, Hopin aims at giving organizers the ability to recreate the in-person event experience as closely as possible. 

Its most exciting feature is the speed networking algorithm that matches people based on their pre-selected parameters. 

Your attendees can network one-on-one over live video at a Hopin event, exchange virtual business cards, join breakout sessions, watch keynote presentations on stage, and explore interactive expo areas. 

You can charge for tickets and take payments within the platform, handling up to 100,000 attendees. 

The interface is easy to use and we like the way the design caters to both passive and active attendees. If your guest prefers to be a voyeur in a breakout, only the host knows they are in the room. Attendees who want to be seen or heard can make themselves visible and be invited by the host to interact with the group. 

7. Hubilo

Hublio’s product screen showing virtual event engagement and statistics
Hublio allows businesses to scale their hybrid events and improve stakeholder ROI 

With so many events going virtual, “Zoom fatigue” and “webinar fatigue” have now become catchphrases. Event organizers have to convince people to buy tickets and keep them engaged during an event.

Hubilo “gamifies” the experience of attending a virtual event with features like its Leaderboard. This enables organizers to assign points for things like watching a session, visiting a virtual booth or messaging someone. Organizers can reward virtual engagement with prizes and gifts. 

Increased engagement on branded content also means happy sponsors and secured funding for future events. 

8. Tame

A product screen from Tame’s platform showing the homepage of an economic forum for European leaders
Tame’s slick interface allows businesses to choose from a wide array of event customization options and optimize virtual event experiences

Tame’s virtual event software helps you host a virtual conference for 500+ attendees.

Features include multiple live tracks, 1:1 meeting bookings, and all the great features we know from in-person events.

Create incredible virtual experiences through advanced customization options.

9. SnapBar

An image of an event participant using the SnapBar virtual photo booth
SnapBar’s virtual photo booths are a fun addition to online events

Who said virtual events had to be boring?

Build connections and create authentic user-generated content with SnapBar’s web-based, virtual photobooths.

The experience can be fully branded with a custom start screen, color scheme, URL, overlays, stickers, and more; there's also an optional AI background removal software that allows for branded or themed backgrounds. Add some interactive fun that doubles as a keepsake to your next virtual event!

10. Gamerjibe

A screenshot of Gamerjibe's virtual event platform that shows people crowding around an exhibition space, taking a product demo
Explore 3D virtual environments with Gamerjibe’s intuitive event platform

As close as you can get to the real thing. 

Virtual attendees can use avatars to explore the 3D environment, approach booths & tabletops, and view videos, live-streams, or slideshows with a branded shirt and drink on-hand.

Top Tools for Virtual Team Meetings

11. The Sketch Effect

An image of a virtual whiteboard with notes, sketches, and mini-comics
Design interactive visual communication boards with The Sketch Effect

With Sketch Effect “Remote Notes”, an offsite Live Artist will join your virtual meeting or event and sketch out the big ideas in real-time. Your team will enjoy watching the live-streamed sketch and will walk away with compelling images and time-lapse video deliverables.

12. Miro

A screenshot of Miro’s virtual whiteboard showing colleagues collaborating on different ideas
Improve team collaboration and visual communication with Miro’s easy-to-use virtual whiteboards

Organize virtual brainstorming sessions or run interactive workshops with Miro’s online collaborative environment.

Whether your teams are co-located, distributed, or fully remote, Miro provides an engaging, intuitive, in-person collaboration experience with multiple options for real-time or asynchronous teamwork on an online whiteboard.

13. Rume

A screenshot of a virtual meeting in progress on Rume
Rume infuses life into virtual meetings with fun features like games, whiteboards, and breakout rooms

Rume is the perfect video chat platform to play games and has multiple conversations in one space, just like in person.

Easily break off into conversation by just clicking on someone’s face and pulling them aside. Only people in your conversation can hear you, but you can still see the whole group. 

Top Tools for Virtual Sales & Marketing Events

14. Livestorm

A screenshot of a meeting in progress on Livestorm’s event platform
Livestorm makes event managers’ lives easier by offering end-to-end promotion, marketing, and analytical capabilities

Instead of just offering webinars, Livestorm allows for live, interactive sessions as well as pre-recorded and easily shared sessions.  Also, hosts can create automated webinars so that certain actions can be seamlessly added into an easy “set it and forget it” option for busy organizations. 

Attendees can interact with the presenters, ask questions, be asked questions with polls. 

What has attracted many to Livestorm is that the data generated by a webinar can be funneled into 1,000+ platforms such as Salesforce, MailChimp, Hubspot,...

If you wish to experience Livestorm, you can do so using a free version of the service that limits the webinar to a single meeting, 4 participants, 10 registrants, and 20 minutes in length.

15. Banzai

Ideal for marketers seeking to build community with online events, Banzai’s rich toolset can help event organizers to generate qualified leads and increase sales velocity. 

Banzai’s solution automates your event marketing process across multiple channels and enables you to build your audience all in one place. 

16. Splash

Splash’s product screens showcasing its versatile event UI
Splash’s virtual event platform allows marketers and event organizers maximize the ROI of their virtual events

The all-in-one virtual event platform designed to create a consistent brand experience at every step of the journey - from registration forms to invitations, virtual waiting rooms, live streams, and post-event content.

The Splash integration with Zoom gives users the tools to automate virtual event marketing and webinar programs. Events built-in Splash automatically create corresponding Zoom webinars, save time, reduce manual effort, and sync attendee data.  The new Virtual Event Page touchpoint also allows users to embed Zoom directly into their Splash branded event page.

In addition to Splash's latest virtual solutions — including native integrations with webinar providers BlueJeans and ON24 — Splash recently deepened its integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, and Slack to support the event marketing landscape and full marketing technology stack.

Your marketing operations team is going to love it.

There you have it! These platforms coupled with thoughtful execution should help you create memorable virtual event experiences.  

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