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Enable your employees to get the essentials they need to work from home, while keeping spending centralized.
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Employee dashboard your stipends view

How it works

View your stipends

Set up your stipends

Determine the stipend amount your employees will have access to. Stipends can be assigned to specific categories to ensure effective spending.

View your team-members

Allocate to your employees

Invite team members to access their stipends through our virtual cards. Each employee will receive a unique card that can be spent on any of your selected stores.

Monitor your finances and spending consolidate spending

Relax & monitor

Employees can make purchases within designated categories. No expense sheets, reconciliation or reimbursements needed. One invoice, one place to monitor all transactions.

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Employee and virtual credit card
Scalable solution for your remote teams

Individual cards for your remote employees

Your employees receive virtual cards they can use to spend their stipends. These virtual cards can be used to purchase the essentials needed to work effectively from home. No expense sheets, no reimbursements.

Employee and virtual credit card
Distribute your existing budgets
Control company spend with category selection

Distribute any kind of stipend

Ensure efficient spending by allocating budgets for different categories. Simply set up the stipend, add your team members to the platform and choose which stipends they have access to.

Set up stipends for lunches, snacks, equipment and more for remote teams, at scale.

Your employees can purchase anything you allow - uber eats, amazon, boxed, staples and more
One place to support all your employees' needs

Stipends can be used anywhere.

Your employees can purchase the essentials they need to work effectively from home almost anywhere. Hoppier Flex cards are accepted on almost all checkouts world-wide!

Choose which vendors they can make their purchases from.

Your employees can purchase anything you allow - uber eats, amazon, boxed, staples and more
Consolidate your payments, invoices in one place
Streamline your expense management and reconciliation

Reconcile 1000’s of payments in one easy place

Hoppier Flex will consolidate your employees' spending into one simple invoice. No more expense sheets needed by the employee. No more time spent on approvals from managers / accounting. No more waiting for reimbursements.

Enable your remote employees to be successful.

Support your employees wherever they are with flexible programs for offices and remote workers.
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