Virtual celebration ideas to host the ultimate team party

Thomas Paris
July 20, 2022
Virtual celebration ideas to host the ultimate team party

Virtual celebrations are a great way to honor milestones like company anniversaries, project wins, birthdays, holidays, and award wins. They’re also a fun way to reward everyone’s hard work.

In this guide, we’ll share with you some of our best virtual party ideas. Take these as inspiration to help you throw an unforgettable event that your remote team won't forget. 

25 virtual celebration ideas to bring your team together

Want to come up with something memorable for your next virtual celebration? These are some of our favorite virtual team event ideas, so you can gather everyone together for an amazing virtual birthday party, anniversary, or virtual team building day. 

1. Video game night

Sometimes the best way to celebrate is to relax and chill with an online RPG together, or challenge each other to a few Mario Kart races. Set a date for a video game night with your team members and play party games, racing games, RPGs, puzzle games — the choice is endless! 

2. Virtual happy hour

Toast to a job well done with a virtual happy hour. Invite your remote team to join you for drinks to celebrate success. Ask people to turn up with their favorite cocktail, mocktail, or beer, and use Hoppier as a generous way to supply the drinks for your virtual happy hour

3. Cocktail making class

If you want to take it a step further, book your team in for a cocktail making class. Hire an expert to host a bespoke eventr for you, join a live online class, or follow a tutorial to DIY your own classic or quirky cocktails and mocktails. Make it even better by setting a challenge to see who can create the best company signature drink. 

4. Virtual awards night

There’s always something to celebrate, but hosting a virtual awards night at the end of the year is a lovely way to honor your remote employees’ hard work. Create a slideshow with music and video to play as you shout out the award winners, and either mail out some trophies or use Hoppier virtual cards as thank you gifts. 

5. Virtual escape room

Take your remote team somewhere new without leaving their desks with an escape room adventure. Challenge them to see if they can work together to find a way out of the room before the timer runs out. This is a great team building activity, and works well as the main event or as an icebreaker for a virtual retreat. 

6. Board game evening

For something a little more relaxed, a board game night is a great idea. Try a virtual version of a classic game like Catan, or something more contemporary like Codenames. This is a laid back way to get people talking, strategizing, and working together (or against each other) to see who can win.

7. Virtual cook-along

Break out the saucepans and ask your remote team to join you for a special video chat cook-along in celebration of a big milestone. Have everyone follow a simple recipe together, or invite a trained chef to give a video demo for everyone to follow along with at home. 

8. Virtual dance party

girl dancing happily on purple background

If your team’s up for it, you can’t go wrong with a virtual dance party. Create a playlist full of everyone’s favorite upbeat tunes, mail out some disco decor, and spend some time dancing along on a video call. 

9. Karaoke night

For a super adventurous team that loves to sing, karaoke is the way to go. Ask around for everyone’s karaoke classics, then build a list of instrumental song versions. Or, use a virtual karaoke tool to make it even easier. 

10. Virtual casino night

See who has the best poker face and who has the best luck with a virtual casino night. This can be a super fun online celebration — especially if you ask everyone to dress in something fancy and make it a for-good event by raising money for charity.

11. Virtual pamper evening

For something different, why not host a virtual pamper evening? Instead of hitting the spa, send your team members a care package in the mail with face masks, relaxing teas, and cozy candles. Get together on a video call to pamper, talk, and unwind. 

12. Murder mystery game

There’s something compelling about a murder mystery game — especially if your remote team loves guessing, strategy, and figuring things out. Keep it simple with a casual game, or go all out and ask people to dress up as their characters for a more immersive experience. 

13. Virtual city tour

With remote work, you’re not tied to one place. But you’re not always exploring, either. Invite your team to see some new sights with you on a virtual tour of somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. Take a look around the streets of Paris or explore an exotic island with the help of online maps, videos, and guides. 

14. Virtual comedy show

When you can’t get together in person for a laugh, take part in a virtual comedy show instead. Find out when your favorite comedian is hosting an online show and set a date for your next virtual team celebration. 

15. Art class

Virtual parties can be a lot of fun, but they can also be the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill. Use your next virtual celebration as a great way to try out your painting, sculpting, or design skills with a live online class or tutorial. Compare your DIY efforts at the end and share the photos on social media. 

16. Movie marathon

young man happily eating popcorn on yellow background

Sometimes when you’ve worked hard on a project for months, all you want to do is relax. Take that idea and add some company by hosting a movie night with your team members. Look for a film that’s easy to find on a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, and plan a date to watch it together. This works even better if you can create a theme — like a spooky Halloween movie night, or a holiday movie marathon. 

17. Virtual role playing game night

Calling all dungeon masters and adventurers! If your group features lots of creative, curious minds, try hosting a virtual role playing game night. Set a theme, create a story and characters, and invite your team members to take part to complete a mission or defeat a troublesome foe. 

18. Virtual supper club

You can’t always meet up in person to enjoy a delicious dinner together, but you can host a virtual supper club for a similar experience. Ask your team members to show up with something tasty for some great conversation over dinner. What’s great about this idea is that you can turn it into a monthly get-together and encourage relationships to grow over time. 

19. Sports game watch party

Is there a big sports event coming up? Create a virtual event for you and your team to watch it together. Find a high quality livestream link, mail out some fun party decor, and send your team members a Hoppier virtual card so they can order some drinks and snacks to enjoy while the game happens. 

20. Virtual concert 

Live music is incredible, and even if you can’t make it to the venue you can usually find an engaging livestream to watch these days. See if there’s a big name artist or hit local band playing soon and sign your team up to watch. This works well as both a major celebration event or as an intro or outro to a company retreat. 

21. Virtual holiday party

Man with silly holiday sweater smiling

As the winter season approaches, a holiday party will be on people’s minds. Instead of a standard office party, host a virtual holiday party with plenty of high vibrations and virtual gifts for all. Host an ugly sweater contest, decorate cookies together, listen to holiday music, and see who can win your holiday trivia quiz. To help you plan an unmissable event, see our webinar on the top vendors for a magical virtual holiday party

22. Virtual game show

We can’t all be on our favorite TV game shows, but you can bring the idea to a smaller stage by hosting a virtual game show night for your team. This is such a fun way to tackle team bonding and it’s one of our favorite virtual team building activities. Survey your team for their favorite TV game show ideas and recreate one or two at your next virtual event

23. Trivia quiz night

There’s always someone that thinks they know more than the rest of us. Here’s their chance to shine or be challenged with an engaging trivia quiz night. Host a multi-round trivia spectacular to mark a holiday, or make this feature part of your next big online party. 

24. Virtual talent show

See which talents your team members are hiding with a virtual talent show. Find out who is a talented musician, or who can tell the best jokes. This can be a laugh, but you need to make sure your team is onboard with the idea first. A virtual talent show is a super fun way to end the year together. 

25. Virtual costume party

There’s something magical about a costume party — finding out the theme, planning an outfit, and showing up to see what everyone else has chosen. Take that experience to the digital space with a virtual costume party to celebrate a holiday like Halloween, or to match your movie night theme. It’s the perfect excuse to dress up or show off your DIY skills and creativity. 

Add some hybrid fun to your virtual celebrations with Hoppier

Sometimes, virtual events can feel a little stale. There’s only so many Zoom calls you can show up to if they’re nothing special. Take your next virtual celebration as the opportunity to introduce something different — make it a hybrid event with Hoppier.

Hoppier gift card ideas

Hoppier’s virtual credit cards are an ideal way to bring some in-person experiences to your virtual event. Send virtual cards to your guests in advance so they can order supplies, decor, food, drink, or entertainment subscriptions to use during your get-together. It’s a fun way to buy ingredients for your cook-along, order their favorite takeout, or get art supplies in for an evening of painting. 

Beyond bringing your virtual party to life, Hoppier cards can also make great gift cards and prizes for games. Reward the best costume at your Halloween party with a Hoppier card, or send them out to members on the winning trivia quiz team. It’s a great way to take that employee engagement further and introduce a little competition for your virtual party games. 

screenshot of all hoppier partners

It’s easy to customize your Hoppier cards to match your event perfectly. Personalize the virtual card colors, branding, spending limit, vendors, and when the card can be redeemed. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to make Hoppier a useful reward, no matter the reason for celebrating. 

Recognize success with these engaging team celebration ideas

It’s always a good time when you can bring everyone together to celebrate hard work, a major milestone, or a huge project win. Use these virtual celebration ideas to help you plan your own impressive line-up of virtual events to thank and reward the team around you. 

For even more ideas to help you throw the ultimate virtual celebrations, check out our on-demand webinar on how to create memorable and engaging virtual events. We’ll take you through some expert tips to help you plan and host the kind of events your team members actually want to take part in.

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