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6 Modern Office Decor Ideas to Brighten Up Your Workspace

Does your office need a makeover? Check out these modern decor ideas to refresh your office and your employees’ productivity.

Ana Gotter

Office decor can change your (work) life.

Is your office due for a makeover?

Modern office decor can increase employee productivity, help you snag that new hire, and make you feel great about the place you work. 

Employers can get so laser-focused on offering traditional benefits like paid time off, competitive salaries, and retirement savings options that they sometimes completely forget about other workplace perks that can affect employee happiness and productivity. One of those perks is the actual office itself and how it’s decorated.

In 2016, 67% of employers interviewed in a survey revealed that the biggest reason they’d renovated their office was to make them more attractive to new workers, but a beautiful office can do even more than that; your workspace can actually affect employee mood and productivity, too.

Modern decor can help with that, because it’s functional as well as beautiful. It’s clean, efficient, and can help keep your employees productive while making them feel like they’re working in a cutting-edge workplace.  

Are you ready to give your office an overhaul (or at least a small makeover) and aren’t sure where to start? Check out these 6 modern decor ideas to brighten up your workspace in a big, game-changing way.

1. Use Neutral Bases & Pops of Bold Colors

A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference very quickly. Modern color schemes typically involve relatively neutral bases like greys, soft greens, taupes, and tans, with pops of bold colors like yellow or navy for accent walls, flooring, or decorations.

Colours can help accent your office decor!

These colors work well for a number of reasons. They’re on-trend, so your business will look up to date, too. The color schemes are also versatile, so they’ll age well or be flexible enough for a decor switch up in the future, and the lighter, neutral main colors can help a space look as big, roomy, and airy as possible.

And if you already have a similar color scheme or want to jazz things up for cheap, look for small accent pieces with bold colors. A clock like the one below from West Elm or even some throw pillows can be a make difference if you’re on a budget.

Quirky accessories are great office decor ideas!
‍Available at: West Elm

2. Opt for Fun Accent Pieces

Many offices won’t have the budget for a full furniture switch up, but just a few fun accent pieces in the office can help make a big impact. Small pieces of furniture like magazine racks, coffee tables, or one or two plush armchairs like the one below from Wayfair that match the sofa you already have.

Take a seat and think of few office decor ideas of your own!
‍Available at: Wayfair

Place them in the waiting areas and or around conference tables, choosing pieces that work well with the likely-classic desks that you already have.Classic and modern decor do work well together, complementing each other, and you can find high-quality and affordable options for a few statement pieces at stores like Costco (see the coffee table below!) for a discount.

Spring for a solid coffee table to help center the other office decor in your workspace.
‍Available at: Costco

3. Choose Open-Faced Lighting

Open-faced lights don’t have the light bulb encased in glass, which allow more light to distribute evenly throughout the space. Not only are these lights currently in style, they also help to literally brighten up the entire office, which has been linked to an increase in productivity. If you need some inspiration, check out YLighting.

Shine a light on your office decor ideas with an open-faced lamp!
‍Available at: YLighting

If you’re converting your office to one with bright, beautiful lights, consider starting with soft white light bulbs or daylight light bulbs instead of “bright white.” If some people are prone to migraines or are light sensitive, this could help keep your workplace beautiful and productive without affecting someone’s health.

4. Look for Functional-But-Still-Beautiful Organization

Clean and organized is a big appeal of the modern decor, with sharp lines and minimal clutter. And it doesn’t just look good; when it comes to organization, it’s exceptionally useful for productivity, too.

Don't forget some office decor for your desk!
‍Available at: Target

Very few people like working on a cluttered desk, and modern desk organizers are aesthetically pleasing and efficient. Instead of opting for cheap plastic organizers, look for options like wood, bamboo, or gorgeous metal organizers. Have these available to your team, and they’ll be able to keep their desks clear and productivity high.

You don’t even have to invest a ton into this. The example we have here is available through Target for only $12.99 USD a piece.

5. Upgrade the Artwork

Adding a few paintings can make a huge impact, so if you’re on a tight budget and can only afford to make a few small changes, this could be the way to go. Look for clean, minimalist paintings with bright colors, and the more abstract, the better.

Investing in beautiful wall decor and art is a must for the modern office space.
‍Available at: Great Big Canvas

While you want to save money, however, you do still want the paintings to look fantastic. Opt for canvases instead of posters. You can check local art fairs to support your community, but if you aren’t finding what you want, look at Great Big Canvas. I’ve ordered multiple canvases for my home, there are thousands of options to choose from, and you can customize the size and type of canvas you want to get.

6. Jazz Up the Breakroom

You want every inch of your office to look great, but make sure you pay extra special attention to the breakroom. That’s your employee’s sanctuary, so you don’t want to neglect it and only favor client-facing spaces.

In addition to comfortable chairs-- hopefully including dining chairs and a few armchairs if there’s room-- and strong, non-rocking tables, you can make a big impression with bold-colored napkins and modern plates, mugs, and bowls. Change things up with square or oval dishware, looking for something that’s just a little new like the set from Wayfair we have featured here.

If your workplace loves healthy office snacks you'll need some fashionable dishware!
‍Available at: Wayfair

Make sure that you have healthy snacks stocked up, well displayed, and easily accessible on the countertops, too. We can help with that. Learn more here.

An office snack delivery service with healthy office snacks are great for employee morale!


A few changes in decor can boost productivity, increase the odds that you get that new hire you’re after, and help people feel good about where they work. If you can find room in the budget, you can make a few small changes that can make a huge impact on everyone who comes into your office-- and that goes for your clients, too.

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