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The 5 Eco-Friendly Ways Hoppier Helps You Build A Green Office

Recycle a few of our green ideas and see how your office can start to reduce waste with these practical solutions.

Jonathan Marshall

Grow a Green Office with Planet Conscious Practices

We know every office wants to do their part to make their workspace environmentally friendly.

Running a green office means being planet aware

Here at Hoppier, it's a part of our way of life.

We spend a lot of time in green offices all over the country, so we get to see all the different ways that companies are seeking sustainability in the workplace to reduce their environmental footprint.

Supplying snacks for all these offices means we’re even more aware of how we can better serve businesses looking to go green.

Here are the strategies we have developed with our customers to achieve a greener and healthier planet!

1.  Cut down on waste with bulk snacks and drinks.

We love giving our customers the tastiest and healthiest snacks that we can find, and with larger offices that means packages, wrappers and containers can quickly build up.

Bulk office snacks help with a green office

Instead, we find out what their favourite snacks are and stock them in our stylish dispensers!

This lets them nibble away on what they want most, without having to throw out wrapper after wrapper.

Thirsty for more? We also provide large sized beverages for offices looking to kick their cans out the door, complete with compostable cups to pour your pop, juice, and flavoured water into.  

2. We refuse to use coffee pods and other non-recyclable single use plastics.

One of the greatest contributors to our global environmental crisis are plastic items designed to be quickly used and then easily discarded.

No green office should be using coffee pods

These plastics and coffee pods take an average of 450 years to decompose. Now consider that we throw out roughly 10 billion coffee pods a year, all of them un-recyclable.

It’s unconscionable to add any more waste to landfills and our oceans.

So we at Hoppier have made a commitment to refuse to use non-recyclable single use plastics such as plastic straws, cutlery, and other utensils, as a part of our strategy to bring sustainability to the workplace.

3. We partner with groups like TerraCycle to repurpose, reuse, and upcycle snack packaging.

Not every city uses the same recycling program, and oftentimes employees can forget to toss their snack wrapper into the right container.

This means waste can end up in environments where it doesn’t belong.

TerraCycle helps upcycle and reuse plastics from green offices

TerraCycle is a group we can introduce into offices that offers solutions to all sorts of waste that homes and workplace environments create. 

Their Zero Waste Boxes collect your wrappers and excess packaging to be shipped off to their recycling facilities and processing plants.

With redeemable prizes, charitable donations, and upcycling guides for everyday products, we’re proud to work alongside TerraCycle.

4. We use reusable containers to transport our delicious snacks to sustainable offices across the country.

Our dedicated account managers stock offices every week with fresh fruit, delicious beverages and tasty snacks.

Our office snack delivery program keeps offices environmentally friendly

Instead of adding on even more packaging to the process, we utilize reusable bins to transport our products from warehouse to workplace.

Offices that order our Nibbler and Muncher boxes receive their shipments in recyclable corrugated cardboard.

We properly store all snacks inside the boxes so that no spillage occurs, meaning your Hoppier snack box can be recycled and help deliver even more snacks in the future!

5. We collect all excess packaging upon Smart Kitchen delivery for processing so you don’t have to.

We deliver snack packaging to recycle centres to cut down on waste

When you receive your delicious snacks, the last thing you want to be doing is tearing through layers of packaging to get to the good stuff.

We unbox larger quantity items and fill your bulk dispensers so you can get right to snacking!

This ensures the excess plastic and cardboard make it to their final destination with one less thing for you to worry about!


These are 5 real strategies that we have developed to grow green offices, and ensure that as your appetites grow our own environmental footprint stays small.

By reducing waste creation, replacing disposable packages with reusable containers, and forming key partnerships to encourage reuse of materials, Hoppier strives to help companies going green.

We’re always looking for new ways to cut down on waste in every step of our delivery system, so reach out to us with the ideas you use in your sustainable office to help inspire us to be better!

If you’d like to have healthy snacks delivered to your office, fill out our form to see which Hoppier plan is the right fit for your team!

Happy Snacking!