35 Unique Virtual Party Themes to Try in 2023

Cassy Aite
January 5, 2023
35 Unique Virtual Party Themes to Try in 2023

Forget the standard murder mystery party or movie night — stand out from the crowd with one of these fun, creative virtual party themes. 

Your guide to the most fun virtual party themes out there

Ready to get that virtual party started? Here are some of our favorite virtual party themes and party ideas in 2023— perfect for your next team event or online gathering. 

1. Virtual video game night

Host a video game night for fun or as a lively competition. Battle it out to see who can win the most rounds of Mario Kart, play online Scattergories, or meet up to tackle a new adventure in a multiplayer online game like Lost Ark. 

2. Animal themed trivia quiz night

Invite your team members to join you for a themed trivia quiz night all about animals. Create rounds based on famous animals, songs about animals, and what they like to eat. For extra laughs, encourage people to show up in animal themed costumes. 

3. Relaxed dinner party

Gather round to enjoy dinner together across the distance. Make the tone super casual and invite people to show up to enjoy dinner, drinks, and plenty of conversation. Send your guests a Hoppier virtual credit card to order ingredients for a tasty dish, or takeout from their favorite local restaurant. 

4. Great Gatsby virtual happy hour

Celebrate in style with a Great Gatsby themed virtual happy hour. Ask people to turn up in their best 1920s apparel, with plenty of glitz and glamor. Take inspiration from the film premier menu and mix up these Great Gatsby themed cocktails

5. Horror movie night

Shake up the usual Netflix party plans with a horror themed get-together. Dress up as a super scary creature from a classic horror flick, or get cozy ready for the viewing party. This isn't just for Halloween, it works great all year round. Use Hoppier to help your guests find the perfect popcorn, drinks, and candy ahead of the event. 

6. Virtual music festival

Recreate that carefree atmosphere with a virtual music festival for your team members. Create your own music festival experience by watching videos and recorded shows together, or make plans to attend a live online show together. Rock some festival attire, enjoy delicious drinks, and host musical trivia — winners can get free tickets to an upcoming concert! 

7. Rainbow scavenger hunt

Swap the classic scavenger hunt for a brighter version with this fun rainbow themed interpretation. Challenge your guests to hunt for items around their home that recreate the rainbow. Give them a list of specific items, or see who can return with the rainbow the fastest. This works great as a mini online event, or as part of a bigger virtual party.

8. Virtual workout party

Give everyone the perfect opportunity to sweat it out with a virtual workout party. Follow a workout routine or yoga video together, or meet up virtually to play Just Dance and see which of your online party guests can score the highest. 

9. Superhero themed bash

Take inspiration from your childhood favorites and host an unmissable superhero themed party. Dress up as your favorite superhero, watch a superhero movie, share memes, gush about your most-loved hero, and enjoy themed drinks, snacks, and fun games. 

10. Classic games night

Invite your friends or coworkers to enjoy a few hours of nostalgia with a virtual classic board game night or childhood games night. Hunt down online versions of those classic board games like Monopoly and Scrabble, play online Pictionary or charades, or host your own mini chess tournament between players. 

11. ​Cozy book club party

Get all cozy with your blankets and cups of coffee for an evening of discussing the latest book you’ve been reading. Send your guests a Hoppier virtual credit card that they can spend at Amazon for books, Audible for audiobooks, or their favorite coffee house for their go-to order. 

12. Virtual spa night

Arrange a virtual spa night to bring people together for a little relaxation and pampering. Mail a package of beauty supplies and accessories to your party guests, or send them a list of ingredients and a Hoppier card to buy supplies for homemade face masks. 

13. Virtual campfire party

Gather everyone around for an online campfire party—a cozy way to celebrate the seasons. Send your guests supplies so they can create a camping setup at home, or ask them to DIY some decorations. Tell spooky stories, eat smores, and drink hot cocoa together. 

14. Bob Ross Painting party

Choose your favorite Bob Ross painting tutorial and create a themed party around it. Share progress as you go, and give an award out for best re-creation. Use Hoppier to send funds your guests’ way beforehand, so they can stock up on paint and brushes at Amazon. 

15. Superfan sports night

Get together with your fellow sport fans for a game night watch party and enjoy snacks and drinks together. Dress in your team colors or jerseys, play sport themed party games, and cheer your team on to win.

16. A night in Rome party

Invite your favorite coworkers or friends to join you for an evening themed around a night in Rome. Order Italian food or follow a cooking recipe together, alongside some fine Italian wine. Take a virtual tour of the Colosseum or look through photos of Rome while you eat, drink, and chat. 

17. Parisian brunch party

Head to a virtual version of Paris with a themed brunch party filled with delicious French favorites. Send your guests a Hoppier card so they can order their favorite French pastries using Instacart, and start the day with great food, juices, and a digital backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. 

18. Virtual Broadway show night

Tune in to a top Broadway show together as if you were all at the theater in person. Schedule a video call so you can watch along with a drink and refreshments, share your live reactions, then talk afterwards about the show. It's team building, but fun.

19. Baking competition party

Host your very own version of the Great British Bake Off with your team members. Send over an ingredients list and a Hoppier virtual credit card so people can get prepared. Then, bake your cake, pastry, or sweet treat. Showcase the final product at your live baking competition party and award a prize to the winner. 

20. Virtual casino night

Swap your usual office attire for something more glamorous and take part in a virtual casino party. Opt for an externally hosted casino night, or simply visit the online slots and casino games over a shared video chat. 

21. Cozy pajama party

Get comfortable and enjoy all things nostalgia with a cozy pajama party. Ask your guests to show up in their favorite PJs or loungewear, watch a classic movie together, eat popcorn, and chat like you’re all BFFs.

22. Virtual dance party

Create a super lively event by throwing your own disco dance party. Encourage people to dress in their best retro outfits, create some fun virtual backgrounds, and make the hottest dance playlist around. Dance, sing, and laugh the night away. This is super fun for a virtual birthday party, or an employee appreciation party.

23. Virtual un-talent show

Give your party guests a quirky twist on the usual talent show by hosting an un-talent show instead. Challenge people to show off things they’re very much not talented at — think bad singers, awful jokes, and terrible juggling skills. Award prizes for the performances that made you laugh the most. 

24. Futuristic murder mystery party

Swap your vintage attire for a more futuristic look for a murder mystery night with a twist. Come up with a fun storyline set in future Earth or space, then play it out to see who did it. Assign characters in advance and send goodies or funds to your guests, so they can come along dressed to impress. 

25. Movie themed virtual karaoke night

Gather everyone up for a karaoke night with a twist — you’re all singing hits from movies. It’s super easy to throw a virtual karaoke Zoom party, with just a few things to prepare. Team up to sing duets, belt out movie ballads, and enjoy a relaxed evening with your favorite coworkers and friends. 

26. 90s virtual party

Host a virtual party with a throwback theme and take it back to the 1990s. Set up a playlist with hits from Britney Spears and Mariah Carey, or fill it with your favorite Nirvana tunes instead. Dress in 90s brights and embrace the awkward fashion, then play a 90s themed trivia game to see who knew the decade best. 

27. Around the world wine tasting party

Ask your coworkers or friends to join you for a virtual wine tasting party. Sample wines from different countries around the world, like France, Italy, and Australia. Rate the wines and see which scored the highest. Use Hoppier to make it easier for your guests to order wines to their door. 

28. Famous favorites cocktail party

Bring people together for a virtual cocktail party that’s themed all around the movies. Send your guests the recipes for cocktails from the movies, then host a party where you can all make them together. Sip on your cocktails (or mocktails) and enjoy some relaxed conversation together. 

29. One color themed party

Create a virtual party with a fun color theme — you can only wear the specified shade. Host a green party in Spring, or a hot pink party in Summer, or the favorite color of your team member to celebrate their birthday. Play virtual games, listen to music, and enjoy refreshments all based on the party color. 

30. Virtual comedy show night

Tune in to an incredible virtual comedy show or standup performance and laugh the night away. Host a video call so you can watch along. If you’re feeling brave, you could even host your own version. This is a great way to relax after a tough week, or to say thank you to your team for doing an amazing job. 

31. Hackathon party

Get together to build something exciting outside your day job with a hackathon party. Set a time to hop on a video call to share updates and host a celebration party when you’re all done. Send your guests a Hoppier virtual card that they can spend at local restaurants to order takeout, or for supplies to build their own prototype. 

32. Virtual fashion styling party

Channel your inner fashionista by inviting your team members to join you for a virtual fashion styling party. Get together to share your fashion dilemmas and questions, then solve them as a group. Give wardrobe tours, show off your favorite looks in a virtual fashion show, and help each other find the perfect outfits and accessories. 

33. Golden age of Hollywood movie night

Celebrate all that’s wonderful about the golden age of Hollywood with a themed virtual party. Choose a Hollywood classic to watch together, then show up in your fanciest outfits that wouldn’t look out of place at a movie premier. Cook up your favorite popcorn, make your most-loved cocktails, and watch the movie in style. 

34. Virtual beach party

Take your party guests somewhere tropical — even if it’s only on a Zoom or Skype call. Host a virtual beach party and encourage everyone to join in with the fun. Dress in your vacation attire, cook or order in tropical inspired dishes, and explore beautiful tropical islands through videos and photos. 

35. Meme themed costume party

Invite your guests to join you for the ultimate fun party — a meme party. Send your party guest this list of the best memes ever, then challenge them to show up at your party dressed as the one they love the most. Put together a meme quiz and see who knows their stuff, and listen to all the music that reminds you of those classic comic moments. 

Hoppier: a better way to cater for your virtual party

Your virtual party theme is anything but ordinary, and your catering and gifting should reflect that too. Add Hoppier to your virtual event must-haves list and experience a better way to manage event catering, party favors, and experiences. 

It’s easy to send virtual credit cards to your party guests with Hoppier. Set up a program and give it a fun title that matches your virtual party theme. Customize the card with your brand logo and colors, or come up with something unique for your event. 

Personalize the whole virtual card experience. Set a spending limit that lets you stay on budget, and a spending period that suits your virtual party. Once the time ends, any leftover funds get returned to you — so you can invest them in your next hangout. Choose the vendors your guests can shop with, or leave the choices wide open so they can make the decision. 

What makes Hoppier even better is that it’s truly global. You can send Hoppier virtual cards to your team members, wherever they are in the world. 

Host better virtual parties this year

With everyone so used to virtual gatherings by now, your virtual parties have to stand out. Choose one of the fun virtual party ideas above and build a creative, quirky, and exciting event around a theme that captures people’s attention. 

For more ways to make your next virtual party the thing everyone’s talking about, watch our on-demand webinar on 7 ways to create memorable and engaging events. Steal the best ideas from our event experts on how to make your next virtual event totally unmissable.

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