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Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit for how many stipend programs I can create?

No, create as many stipends for your employees as you wish! Keep in mind that if you have 2 or more stipends, you will fall into the Hoppier Flex+ tier.

Can I get reports on my employees' spending?

Yes, we can provide reports on your employees’ spending. You can obtain a report by reaching out to your account manager, or contacting support using the support chat icon in the bottom left corner of your dashboard.

Do I need to sign a contract to use Hoppier Flex?

No, we do not have any contracts with Hoppier Flex. If you would like to cancel, simply reach out to our support team and request cancellation so we can refund your balances on all employee cards according to your cancellation timeline.

Can I brand my employees cards?

Yes, our Hoppier Flex+ plan has the option to brand your employee cards with your own company logo.

Can your virtual credit cards process refunds?

Yes, Hoppier Flex cards can be refunded the same way that a credit card can be refunded.

Do we have to set restrictions or can we leave it open?

No, you do not have to set restrictions on where your employees can use their Hoppier Flex cards. We can provide reporting so you have visibility into where your employees are spending their stipends.

What is Hoppier Flex?

Hoppier Flex is the modern way to manage employee benefits. By facilitating the distribution of stipends, Hoppier makes it easy to implement flexible benefits that cater to the needs of each individual employee.