Lady with an event budget

Send food or gifts to event attendees in 60+ countries in minutes!

Lady with an event budget
1000+ Organizations around the world create more engaging events with Hoppier!
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The old way vs Hoppier way

The old way

Traditional Gift Cards / Sending Gifts

No control or tracking

Don't work internationally

$$$ - Lose unused funds

Boring and not personal

The Hoppier Way

The Hoppier Platform

Total control and reporting

Works in 60+ countries

$ - Recover unused funds

1,000,000+ options

Works in 60+ Countries

Celebrate your remote team by letting them order food, drinks, and gifts of their choice. Find thousands of vendors and local restaurants, worldwide.

Team members enjoying food rewards

Create exceptional brand experiences

Your virtual cards should be as unique as your brand. Use your logo and brand colours on our 100% brandable smart virtual Hoppier cards.

Custom brandable card

Get unused funds back!

Wondering what if they don't spend all the added funds? Don't worry, you'll get back what's unspent right in your account.

Get back any unused balances after your event

100% visibility & transparency

Say goodbye to complex expense reports, forever! Get real-time data and track how much is spent, who spent it and where it was spent.

Get detailed reporting about spend patterns

Create memorable team experiences at scale

Keep your remote workforce connected, engaged, and well-fed over virtual lunches, breakfasts, happy hours, and coffee breaks.

Two team members enjoying their lunch time pizza reward
Example of a participants program with vendors and virtual VISA card

Increase Event Engagement

SEE IT IN ACTIONTeam members distributed globally connecting and building culture

Learn more about your employees

Comprehend spending patterns within your organization by tracking how much is spent, who spent it and where it was spent without cumbersome expense reports.

Example of participant transactions reporting

Here's why our customers love us

Rated 4.7/5 on Capterra
Rated 4.9/5 on Google Reviews
"People really appreciated, number one, the gift, and number two, just how easy it was to execute"
Hoppier customer Brad
Brad Bethune
Events Manager at Fluke
"It was awesome. It saved me so much time and stress. Before I was sending over physical items like coffees and muffins to employees but it was so stressful dealing with deliveries. This was way better."
Hoppier customer Lillian
Lillian Perez
Creative Coordinator at Matrix Events

Make Hoppier your unfair advantage today


Our team will support you, to make your programs a success

Amazing customer service

Average 4 minute response times

International coverage