How ADP Recognizes Employees Globally Using Hoppier

The Challenge
ADP couldn’t host their traditional corporate retreat in person, so they needed another way to give thanks to hard-working employees.
The Results
Hoppier makes it easy to offer personalized, experience-based gifts that combat isolation and bring employees closer to friends and family.

When in-person gatherings ceased in early 2021 due to COVID-19, ADP shifted to remote work knew they’d have to send their remote employees something to enjoy at home.

Originally, they brainstormed gift cards to food delivery services and online retailers. But that didn't feel like an accurate replacement for the amazing group gatherings they’d had in the past, because it still lacked the element of connection. James Lord, Vice President and General Manager of ADP Insurance, reached out to Hoppier to see how we could help him offer experience-focused gifts—something more than the average gift card—to stand in for their previous gatherings.

"“It was important for me to try to find something that encouraged people to have an experience, because we’d been so isolated from COVID-19.”

Bringing Group Experiences to Employee Homes

Within a matter of weeks, Markus at Hoppier had helped James and his team add a handful of event-based experiences for the ADP team to choose from.

From live virtual concerts and broadway shows, to group video gaming, The ADP management team provided a branded menu of options for employees to choose from, creating a cohesive experience. Rather than ordinary retail gift cards, this list included Hoppier cards from vendors like Netflix, Ello Concerts, Playstation, Masterclass, Thirftbooks, and Udemy, which ensured that team members could focus on enjoying fresh, engaging experiences.

Plus, it helped them get out of their comfort zone at home and have an experience with friends and family, whether they were in the same room watching a play or connecting virtually via a live video game. James loved that he was able to provide recognition to all of his hard-working associates in a personalized way, especially because it urged them to try something new and reconnect with others during a period of isolation.

"When you give someone the opportunity to watch a live concert, or a live virtual broadway show, it’s likely they’re going to do that with friends or family. It was the perfect solution."

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Personalized Recognition with Positive Results

It was easy to track which experience gift cards were the most successful (virtual video games were a hit!), but they could also see which employees didn’t take advantage of the opportunity.

In turn, those funds were recycled and put to use later on when James and his fellow managers asked employees to work overtime. They simply transferred the money into employee’s existing Hoppier accounts as a form of bonus, then let them choose from the whole Hoppier menu for anything they’d like to enjoy that weekend—whether it was food delivery, games, or a performance they’d like to enjoy.

"I was even able to color code and customize how the gift cards and emails looked so that it used our company color schemes. It was really easy to execute and deploy!"

These gifts were well-received by employees, many of whom didn’t even know it was possible to attend a live concert or show of that nature. As a result, it was an entirely different level of offering that cultivated surprise and delight across many fronts.

Hoppier has helped ADP say" thank you" in a more meaningful way despite the challenges of COVID-19. To find out if Hoppier can help you connect better with your employees, schedule a free demo.

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