Supercharge your virtual event experience

Provide physical experiences to virtual attendees - fresh morning coffee, virtual lunches, after-work drinks, branded swag, and so much more! Recreate these memorable experiences while minimizing costs and headaches.

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virtual lunch and social drinks happy hours for virtual events
Trusted by leading companies and event agencies

"When all our events went online, it made the logistics of offering lunch and drinks 10X harder. Hoppier solved that."

Senior Event Planner
Ashleigh Tane,
Senior Event Planner

"We knew going in that there were some people in a remote area that DoorDash doesn’t service, the fact that you offer any local service from the get-go was HUGE!"

VP of People & Culture
Will Foster,
VP of People & Culture

Make every virtual event memorable

virtual conferences


virtual company events


virtual conventions


virtual seminars and workshops

Seminars & Workshops

virtual hackatons and competitions

Hackathons & Competitions

virtual networking events


get a refund for what virtual attendees don't spend

Get back what attendees don’t use

If attendees don’t use the full amount, you get that money back!

generate more sponsorship revenue for your virtual event

Generate more sponsorship and event revenue

Offer your sponsors or brand one-of-a-kind exposure

no more admin, no expense consolidation, auto-generated expense report

No more tedious admin work

No more collecting addresses. Send credit out in minutes.

get access to a large selection and variety of food and drinks wine beer vendors apps event partners

Offer a wide variety of categories

Cocktails, lunches, breakfasts, costume parties, etc. Creativity is the limit.

set time restrictions on the virtual credit card allowance

Ensure people enjoy the experience together

Set time restrictions for using the card so people can connect

engage improve the experience of your virtual attendees

Attendees love Hoppier

Create an amazing experience that is more memorable and engaging

24/7 reactive customer event support via our live chat

Active & immediate support

Make sure you and your attendees get immediate live chat support for any help needed.

nationwide coverage feed guests anywhere across the United-States North America in all remote areas

Enable local spots

Attendees outside delivery zones shouldn’t be left out. Enable local options so everyone is included.

give your brand or your sponsors more visibility by branding the virtual credit cards

Show off your brand

Create a consistent branded experience for your attendees

How Hoppier works

There’s no better way to increase engagement and improve the overall experience than by providing attendees with their own personal allowances.

food delivery social drinks happy hours remote lunch for virtual events meetings conferences

Enjoy full customization of your event experiences

Decide what experiences you wish to give an allowance for: lunch, swag, social drinks, prizes, NGO support. Name your perks, select vendors, and set your budget.

Thousands of vendors, 1 platform

Full control over budget and spend

Invite attendees and give them access to their virtual credit cards

In just a few clicks, invite your event participants to access their virtual allowance cards. They can start spending immediately or you can set up a time limit.

Customize your email outreach for smooth onboarding

Activate and deactivate the virtual credit cards on your timeline

 virtual credit cards allowance for virtual lunch social drinks

Approve vendors and control spending

Track where and how much is being spent. Your reports will keep you tax compliant.

Stay 100% tax compliant

Unspent funds returned to customer

best way to boost engagement and improve attendee experience of virtual events

Boost engagement while saving time and money

Once it’s set up, you can relax. Our dedicated support team works around the clock, making sure your attendees have a smooth experience accessing and using their allowances. All unused funds will be refunded to you at the end of the event.

Set it up and relax, we’ll handle onboarding and support.

Full visibility of expenses into our auto-generated expense report

Your event.  Your brand or sponsor.

Create new opportunities to brand your event your way and create new sponsorship revenue opportunities.

Add your company or sponsor logo to Hoppier cards

Ensure a consistent experience for attendees

easy way to brand virtual event credit cards and create new sponsorship revenue

Your employees get to choose the benefits and perks they need

Flexible stipends programs allow your employees to get exactly what they need to be effective.

Employees can spend at the vendors they love

The benefits you work hard to provide are used

Employees can add a personal card to spend extra

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Finally, one single platform that lets attendees pick their favourite food, drinks, and event gifts themselves.

Everyone expects a good streaming solution, but no one expects the Hoppier treats.

Brighten their day with fresh morning coffee and snacks

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nomz logo
naturebox logo
caribou coffee logo
starbucks logo

Easily provide lunch for all your attendees

Uber eats logo
Grubhub logo
Postmates logo
Seamless logo
Doordash logo

Facilitate real human connections with after-work drinks

Drizzly logo
Winc logo
Saucey logo
Instacart logo
parachute logo

Create experiences like costume parties, send books, and create sponsor opportunities

Golftown logo
Partycity logo
Black Lives Matter logo
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Barnes & Noble logo
Your favorite vendor not listed?
No problem, we can add it to our portfolio, free of charge.
$5/per attendee

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Provide a best-in-class attendee experience

Get 97% utilization on what you work hard to provide to your attendees.  Our application is simple and fast for attendees to use.

Easy & fast to use

Full customization

24/7 support during your event

Auto-generated expense report

screenshot of Hoppier virtual event platform to improve experience of virtual attendees with lunch and social drinks

The best part?  If Hoppier is not perfect for your event we’ll refund you in full

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