Make Your Virtual Christmas Party Memorable

What's one thing that gets everyone excited at your company Christmas Party? If you answered “food and drinks”, then you’re in luck. Increase participation and engagement at your Virtual Christmas Party by sending attendees food and beverage credit. The best part? Send the credit in minutes on a virtual card - no more collecting addresses and no minimum budget.

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virtual christmas party with food and drinks great virtual teambuilding

Give your employees their own personal virtual Christmas spending cards

Get them excited about the Christmas party weeks before it happens. Hoppier virtual cards enable your team to order their favorite drinks, food from local restaurants, Santa hats, Christmas decorations, or whatever you can dream of... within the allocated budget and the list of vendors you pre-approved.

virtual christmas party ideas for large groups
food and drinks for remote employees all dietary restrictions

Options for every person and their dietary restrictions

Get back what is unspent

No minimum budget

send remote attendees employees

No more expensive shipping fees

No more collecting addresses

24/7 customer support

Create your Christmas Party allowance in minutes

Name your experience and determine the allowance per person. Select which vendors people are allowed to spend on and set which day and time people can spend. Enjoy full control over budget and spend.

Invite your team to get access

Create excitement by customizing your event messaging and you can even brand the virtual cards with your logo. Invite your employees in just a few clicks. Get back what is unspent at the end of the event.

Create authentic human interactions

Go beyond virtual and transform your Virtual Christmas Party into a memorable event that builds meaningful relationships.

Make Hoppier your unfair advantage today

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Our team will support you, to make your event a success

Amazing customer service

Average 4 minute response times

International coverage