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They get to choose the gift they want. You get a seamless way to send personalized gifts at scale. No more logistics nightmare.

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"I wasn't aware of Hoppier until recently, and I must say that their platform really does help streamline the giftcard process and gives the recipient the freedom they deserve, while the sender can provide some guardrails on usage. It's a great marriage of sender and recipient chemistry"
John T.
"Our organization sent out meal  gift cards through Hoppier.  I have to tell you-for some reason the first few transactions were denied (error was on my side) and the folks at Hoppier pro-actively reached out to see if I needed assistance, and,  problem solved.  Outstanding customer experience! Thank you so much"
Daniel M.
“Used it for our virtual event! Really awesome tool to make virtual events more engaging for employees and it also helped us increase attendance at virtual events with prospects and customers!”
North J.
"Had such a great experience with Hoppier! Highly recommend it. Our company used it to reimburse the organization for specific items, and it was super easy to spend and use my Hoppier money on the sites I went to spend it on. When I had a quick question about my account, I used the chat feature, pretty late at night I'll acknowledge, and the co-founder himself actually answered the chat in a matter of seconds."
Michaela K.
"Super easy and a great experience. I was offered a sponsored lunch and learn, and the food was on Hoppier. You get a virtual credit card that you can simply enter into UberEats or another platform and just order. Everyone that was part of the meeting enjoyed it. Thanks Hoppier!"
Martin S.
"I had a wonderful experience using Hoppier for the first time. I had some issues with my credit card and chat was very helpful in resolving my issue. Hoppier also followed up with an email to ensure my issue was addressed."
Clifton P.
"Great selection and super simple to use ! Also great customer service - I had an issue and not more than 5 seconds after they reached out!"
Sindy G.
"They are so fast to fix any issue that you are having, without question! So glad that my company uses such a wonderful vendor!"
Ashley H.

15-20% of gifts cards end up unused or can't be redeemed

Not meant for global and rural employees
Redeemed or lost
Limited customization options

Hoppier cards are the future of employee engagement

Works on any vendor that accepts VISA
Get leftover money back
Brand the experience your way

Deliver great choices anywhere in the world.

Choose when and how employees can use the card

Determine the allowance per employee and fund your account. Set smart time and vendor restrictions. Brand the cards with your colors and logo.

Employees receive their virtual VISA cards by email or magic link

Global employees receive the Hoppier invite by email and access their account.

Approve vendors from the world's largest catalog

Using the credit card information, employees can purchase from the list of approved vendors. They can add their personal credit card to go over the balance.

Get back any unspent money

Unlike regular gift cards or vouchers, at the end of the event, all unspent money can be refunded back to you or used for your next recognition program!
$5 / per card sent
$5/per attendee

Let's show you how Hoppier can be your best asset for employee recognition.

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