How This Fortune 500 Company Used Hoppier To Create an Amazing Sales Kick Off for 300+ Employees

The Challenge
Fluke needed to provide lunch options for 300+ employees across North and South America during a 4-day virtual sales kickoff.
The Results
Hoppier allowed employees to choose their own meals and order from local vendors anywhere in the world.

As the Fluke Corporation prepared for its 2021 annual sales meeting, Events Manager Brad Bethune needed a way to engage and feed over 300 employees from Fluke and its Fortune 500 parent company, Fortive. The virtual event lasted four days and included attendees spread across six countries in North and South America. This year's theme: Let's get cooking. 

There was a cooking or food motif woven into all of the event experiences, so it was important to provide good meals. Bethune looked at a variety of products, but none were able to do what he needed them to do — until he found Hoppier. 

"There weren't really other solutions that compared." –Brad Bethune, Events Manager at Fluke

The Need 

A man drinks coffee in front of his computer during a virtual meeting

Fluke's needs were simple and well defined. According to Bethune, he wanted to partner with a service that would:

Because this was a four-day event, Bethune ruled out options that offered a one-time meal delivery service where all the food was shipped in one package. He didn't want to run the risk of food delivered at the start of the week being spoiled by the final day of the event. 

Bethune also didn't want to work with a vendor that required Fluke's employees to provide their personal credit card. Even if the credit card wouldn't be charged, some of the services required employees to give their credit card details — an obstacle that could've discouraged people from participating. 

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The Solution

Hoppier solved all of these problems over the course of the event. Bethune was able to send virtual credit cards that employees could use to order from vendors around the world. 

"We were able to customize the card so it looked like it came from Fluke and brand it for our particular event." –Brad Bethune, Events Manager at Fluke

The Hoppier virtual credit card program for Fluke
The participant's view of their Hoppier virtual credit card
The Fluke logo
Fluke's Let's Get Cooking Event Logo

Some of the other solutions Bethune had considered — like Uber Eats and HelloFresh — were available through Hoppier as vendors, so Hoppier was an all-encompassing solution. Bethune also appreciated that the product allowed attendees to support local businesses and order from local restaurants. 

Before the event, Fluke's employees received an email explaining what the program was and how they could claim their virtual card. 

The Hoppier email template to send virtual credit cards to guests

All of the pre-communication helped make the program a success. According to Bethune, most everyone had a great experience and was able to order in a timely fashion. 

"People really appreciated, number one, the gift, and number two, just how easy it was to execute." — Brad Bethune, Events Manager at Fluke

If there was a problem, the Hoppier team was available to offer a solution. When participants in one Latin American country discovered that there were no vendors available near them, the Hoppier team added local vendors on the fly so everyone could participate. 

The Results

Throughout Fluke's four-day event, Hoppier was able to offer flexibility and personalization that no other product could. More than 300 employees chose their own meals and ordered from local vendors across North and South America. Ultimately, Hoppier became an essential tool for keeping employees engaged during the multi-day meeting. 

Because Hoppier will refund unused money after an event, Fluke was also able to recover over $10,000 in remaining funds that would have been lost if they used a traditional gift card or voucher. Fluke now uses Hoppier on a monthly basis.

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