What's A Virtual Christmas Party Without Delicious Food?

Hoppier cards make it easy for remote employees to choose food and drinks that are delivered right to their house for party time.

Treat anyone, anywhere, instantly.


Why hoppier works

Bonding together over food is party planning 101. It gives your party guests the fuel they need to laugh and enjoy the event for its entire duration. But here comes the headache when it comes to virtual... Will every employee receive it in time? What about dietary restrictions? What about my international employees? How will I manage shipping costs?

Hoppier cards let your team choose the food and drinks they love from a large selection of food delivery apps and local restaurants, anywhere in the world.

Give your employees their own virtual spending cards

With Hoppier, you can take the challenge out of providing food, drinks, and gifts to your virtual holiday party guests. There are no stressful event logistics or wasted funds, and your guests get what they really want — the flexibility to choose their own event catering options from vendors they know and love.

Employees love having

You can’t go wrong when everyone on your list gets to pick their own treats. Best of all, ordering is easy (like get-it-done-in-5-minutes easy).

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Treat global teams
with ease

How is Hoppier like a reindeer? They both have no borders! Hoppier's diverse library of international and local brands gives your team the best experience worldwide.

Give Hoppier cards a Christmas style

Don’t host just another Zoom meeting with a colorful background. Customize your pre-event messaging and in event food experiences with our 100% brandable cards.

Get unused funds back!

No more expense reports. Know how many people actually used the gift card. Receive the remaining or give it to one of our charity partners!

Here's why our customers love us

Rated 4.7/5 on Capterra
Rated 4.9/5 on Google Reviews
"This is awesome. Hoppier saves me so much time and stress. Before I was sending over physical items like coffees and muffins to employees but it was so stressful dealing with deliveries. This is way better."
Hoppier customer Brad
Brad Bethune
Events Manager at Fluke
"I looooove the variety! Previously we were going direct to Grubhub for a service like this, but the variety started getting dull so that's why we looked around and I'm really glad we found you!"
Hoppier customer Lillian
Kelly Dolphin
Office Manager at Katz, Marshall & Banks, LLP

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