Field Marketers, Increase Virtual Attendance by 200%

With Hoppier, you can offer incentives that encourage registrations, attendance, participation, and follow ups — giving you more chances to turn attendees into customers.

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"With Hoppier, we are able to drive more open rates, click-through rates, registrations — and with a really targeted group because It's not a webinar that they're joining, it's an experience."

Sheridan Gaenger, Head of Revenue Marketing at Honeycomb

Introducing the world’s first Smart Digital VISA Card

Hoppier’s Smart Digital VISA Card is the first of its kind, specifically designed to help Field Marketers like you create seamless and engaging virtual events, no matter where your attendees are in the world.

"Sonic Promos has been offering global reward solutions as part of our branded merchandise programs, for many years. While there are some good digital reward platforms out there, Hoppier exceeds them all with everything from customer service, a user-friendly interface, and a buffet of retailer options that will excite even the most challenging gift getter."

Seth Weiner, President at Sonic Promos

Make every moment memorable

Lunch & Learns
Speakers Series
Live Panels
Trade shows

Incentivize attendees. Improve KPIs.

More sign ups.

Use Hoppier virtual credit cards to reward guests when they sign up for your event. Surprise them with a balance to spend at their favorite coffee shop, restaurant, yoga studio, retailer, streaming service, or hundreds of other vendors.

More show ups.

Add to a guest's card balance when they show up on event day, and increase their balance when they actively participate. If they complete a survey, visit a sponsor booth, or ask questions at a Q&A, they get rewarded.

More conversions.

Offer additional rewards when guests schedule a follow up with your sales team or download your gated content. Your sales pitch will go down smoother if guests have a fresh cup of French-press arabica in their hands.

10,000+ vendors to choose from for your global team

Vendors in over 60 countries and rural areas

Brighten their day with fresh morning coffee & snacks

Easily provide lunch for all of your attendees

Facilitate real human connections with after-event drinks!

Surprise them with gifts they actually care about


How does Hoppier work?


Customize your virtual lunch experience

Decide what kind of virtual lunch experience you’d like to give your attendees. Customize your brand, name your perks, choose vendors, and set your budget and expiration date. It’s an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform.

Redeem anywhere that accepts VISA

Available in 120+ countries

500,000+ merchants


Send attendees their Smart Digital VISA Card

Admin work is minimized. In just a few clicks, invite your event participants to access their Smart Digital VISA Cards. They’re able to spend immediately, or you can set time constraints.

Customize your email outreach for smooth onboarding

Activate and deactivate the Smart Digital VISA Cards

Set your own event timelines


Focus on your live event instead of technical details

With 24/7 customer support, you get a dedicated team to ensure a smooth onboarding for all attendees. Stay focused on hosting an engaging event instead of worrying about technical details.

Hoppier handles onboarding and live support

Full reporting of attendee engagement and usage

Unspent money is returned after your event

The best way to increase engagement, attendance, and ROI

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"One of the greatest things about Hoppier from a budget perspective is it actually saves us money compared to just purchasing gift cards up front."

Steven Etzler, Founder & CEO of BDI

Hoppier cards, your secret weapon against virtual event fatigue!