See why offices are choosing Hoppier

"We have so much to do every single day, that having you all, experts in your field supply us with healthy office snacks is so important"
- HomeStars


With Hoppier, you're in control.

Hoppy speaking loudly into a megaphone for employee feedback to be heard

Easy customization

Flexibility to choose your office snack favorites. Switch up your items when needed to make sure you have snacks your team loves, every time.

The Hoppier app allows you to switch out products for your upcoming office snack delivery order by choosing healthy office snacks you love and taking out the items you don’t want.
Download the invoice for your office snack service under the “my invoices” tab on the Hoppier app.

Flexible budget

Set a budget that works for you. There is no price point locking you in–you have full control of how much your office spends. Increase or decrease your budget as often as needed.

The Hoppier ordering app allows for the office snack delivery budget to be adjusted as needed in the account settings on the right side of the screen.

All your team's favorite snacks, at the click of a button

Hoppier truck showing free delivery for office snack subscription

Free delivery

There are no delivery fees or service fees for using Hoppier. Pay only for the items you order.

 ripped paper indicating that hoppier office snack subscription is contract-free

No pesky contracts

Enjoy the freedom contract-free office snacking. There is no commitment required and you can cancel at any time.

Slackbot that collects employee feedback in the office

Employee feedback

Easily collect and manage employee feedback in one place. No more hallway requests!

Slackbot that collects employee feedback in the office

Office supplies

Get all your office necessities in one place! Our platform connects you with stationery and office supplies.


Calvin, an Uber employee holding a rabbit and commenting on the benefits of Hoppier as their office snack vendor