A shelf with supplies and non-perishables

Get 50% off any plan for Hoppier Flex.

Hoppier flex was created to help companies facilitate and distribute employee stipends to be spent on essentials needed to work effectively, whether from home or from the office.

Our programs are easy to implement and available across North America. Find out how it works below or book some time with us to chat.

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Managing a remote office

Supporting teams working from home

In-office service budgets such as snack, supplies & coffee are being repurposed to provide employees with the items they need to work effectively at home.

Based on a monthly stipend provided by the company, employees can select a variety of snacks, supplies, drinks & more to be delivered directly to their home.

How to get started

Assisting employees during this time of change, and emphasizing your support for your teams is critical. For those that are considering making this transition, here is how we can support you.

A shelf with supplies and non-perishables

Set a monthly stipend per employee

You can use your monthly benefits budget for your employees at home. Using existing budgets, set a monthly stipend that applies to each employee. Our team can help you select a reasonable stipend.

Set your remote program allowance
Invite your remote team members

Invite your team members

Send your team members a Hoppier link to create an account on our platform. From there, team members can choose the products they want.

A shelf with supplies and non-perishables

Your employees receive their stipend

Your employees will see the stipend on their account and can keep track of how much they have spent. Employees are welcome to order additional products outside of stipend, out of their own wallet.

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Remote employee item delivery

Everything is on the way!

Once an order is placed, employees will receive their items within 3-5 business days. Delivery is free for all employees and no extra charges apply.

Make working from home a great experience for your employees.


All kinds of products your employees love.

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Keep your remote teams healthy & happy.

Our team would love to help you learn more
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