Show Your Office Love With This Valentine’s Day Toolkit

Read this Valentine’s Day checklist and enjoy a free downloadable toolkit with office decorations, thoughtful cards & fun activities!

Jonathan Marshall

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Kit

1. Print Your Own Office Cupid

This cut out office decorations is perfect for Valentine's Day!


It’s hard enough to pull employees together for a trust fall, let alone for decorating the office. So make it a fun activity with playful and unique DIY office decor that you can put up as a team.

Use free printable office decor to cut out and stick to your walls, your ceiling fan, even your coworkers backs (shhh).


Be creative and string up cutouts as hanging decorations around the corners of your office, from desk-to-desk, and even to different rooms! The possibilities are endless!


These super-cute decorations of our Nibbler are the perfect addition to your office Valentine’s Day!

2. The Healthy Valentine’s Snacks Everyone Will Love

Besides office decorations, snacks are a great addition to office Valentine's Day!

What’s a holiday without any snacks? Not one I wanna celebrate!


Whether setting up a snack bowl or getting a little treat for everyone’s desk in the office, these are the best Valentine’s Day snacks for any workplace!

Are you hungry for more sweet snacks?


Click here to download the whole list with even more Valentine’s Day treats for you to sink your sweet tooth into!


3. The ‘Sweetest’ Valentine’s Day Cards


These office Valentine's Day cards are great to hand out at the workplace.

Even if you’re in an office where you can remember everyone’s names, it can still be hard to decide what to write in your Valentine’s Day cards.


Instead, use fun (and tasty) Valentine’s Day cards for your workplace!

(Psst! There's more in the Toolkit!)

Download all of our a printer-friendly cards in the Valentine’s Day Toolkit below!

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Kit

4. The Best Valentine’s Day Games For Work

Trivia is a fun office activity on Valentine's Day!

It can be tricky to find new ways to have fun in the workplace, but don't go breaking your heart!


There are plenty of office activities for Valentine’s Day that you can set up in no time. These office activities are perfect for office managers who don’t have a lot of time to organize a workplace event.

  • Give your employees an hour to help make the DIY office decor from the lists above
  • Set up a jar filled with cinnamon hearts and offer a prize for the closest guess (remember to count them first)
  • Host a love-song themed charades game and see who can solve the most answers
  • Play a game of Valentine’s Day trivia with these themed questions that are ready to print out with this download here!

Check out the Toolkit below for our ready-to-play Valentine's Day themed trivia game!

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Kit


It doesn’t have to be a chore to spread the joy at your workplace this year. In fact, it can be a lot of fun to bring people together to celebrate this time of year!

Give your office something to love this Valentine’s Day with these beautiful office decorations, cards, snacks and activities.

Still unsure about where to start?


Get your Valentine’s Day Toolkit for your workplace today from the download below!

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Kit