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Why We Rebranded: Meet Hoppier!

Jonathan Marshall

Meet Hoppier, the best unified vending platform for offices of all sizes!


We’ve got a surprise for you, but you have to promise that you’ll tell everyone you know.

You may have noticed that things around here aren’t quite the same.

Surprise! We’ve rebranded from Desk Nibbles with a fresh look and a new name, to Hoppier!

We’ve seen amazing growth this past year, and as our service changes it’s important to make adjustments to our image in order to showcase the very best of what we have to offer.

Allow us to (re)introduce ourselves; meet Hoppier!

What’s New?

Meet Hoppy, our new mascot for office delivery!

New Name

Let’s talk about the rabbit in the room.

We all loved the name Desk Nibbles. From a branding perspective it immediately explained that we excelled in delivering snacks, beverages, and fresh food to offices. And it sounds pretty cute.

However, we soon realized our customers were looking for more than “simply snacks.” They were asking for kitchen equipment, more choice in their snacking selection, and other workplace consumables such as stationary and cleaning supplies.

The word “hopper” refers to a distributor of bulk items, and as our customer’s appetite for more features grew larger, we saw a hoppertunity.

A new name was needed, but at the heart of our company culture is the belief that work shouldn’t be dull and boring, it should look for the fun.

So, we kept our friendly bunny and chose a name that reflects our commitment to simplifying the office ordering process.


New Way To Order

Previously, customers had to decide between Box Plans and Smart Kitchen delivery. For larger offices that don’t snack often and for small offices that do, this wasn’t working out.

Now, we have optimized the ordering process with three customizable plans designed to save you time in your busy schedule.

Every plan comes with our wide selection of healthy snacks and supplies, integrated employee feedback system, and access to dedicated customer support when you need it most.

Our three office snack and supply devliery plans from Hoppier!

What Stays The Same?

Change is good, but some things you just can’t replace.

We’ve built up a reputation for listening closely to the needs of our customers. That means staying attentive and curious about new ways to delight our community!

For instance, your employees want their voice to be heard. Our popular Slack integration allows for instantaneous feedback collection and response, so their preferences are recorded and acted on.

We know how frustrating it can be when you can’t get what you really want. That’s why all of our plans are customizable, so you can choose what’s best for your workplace. From veggie chips, vegan snacks, to healthy alternatives for your favourite junk foods, your plan is in your hands.

Get all your favourite snacks and supplies with our office delivery service!

As always, you still have access to thousands of options with totally free shipping.

Have an office party to plan? We’ll still be there to provide assistance with these special moments to make sure you have everything you need to please your office! Ask your account manager about our other features, such as kitchen stocking and budget optimization.

Now, sometimes issues can arise out of nowhere. Since you can’t plan around them we don’t expect you to wait for standard office hours to ask for help. Our top-notch customer support agents are ready 24/7 to handle all of your unexpected requests.

We’re always here to help and we’re constantly looking for new ways to make work happier for your office!

What’s Next?

This new chapter is just as exciting for us as it is for you, but this is just the beginning.

Our rabbit represents one more thing: Growth.  

In the past year we have grown exponentially across the country, with satisfied customers from coast to coast choosing to take control of their office ordering experience.

Now available in Canada and the United States, Hoppier is revolutionizing B2B eCommerce and we want to bring our platform to your workplace.

The future of office ordering is a unified shopping platform, where managers and employees can easily choose all their supplies.

With access to features from in-office assistance to our Special Moments, and deep insights into what their workplace truly needs, our services go far beyond the checkout cart.

In the coming months, we’re planning on rolling out new features to truly transform the office ordering experience, and we want you to be a part of it.

Our customers will have priority access, but you can stay in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter below.

For now, check out the plans page to see how you can make work happier with Hoppier!

Browse our plans to see how we can make your office happier!