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Eat Your Way Around the World, Starting with International Snacks

International snacks can bring exciting new flavors to your life, so check out these top 10 snacks for something sweet & something savory!

Ana Gotter

Need something to tide you over between meals but getting tired of your go-to options?

There’s a great deal that we can learn from other cultures, but perhaps one of my personal favorites will always be the recipes and flavors that are used in each one. I grew up raised on steak and potatoes, and it was like my entire world opened up the first time I got to try authentic Colombian empanadas and Indian paneer.

If you’re looking to expand your palate and try some new flavors, international snacks are a fantastic option to start with. Since many are available online for purchase and others are relatively simple to make, they’re an easy way to bring new flavors into your life.

Not sure where exactly you want to start? Let’s take a look at some of the best snacks in the world and what makes them great.

1. India’s Petha

India is known for its rich, complex savory curries, but they’ve also got some incredible sweet snacks, too. Their Petha, for example, is a popular sweet that’s soft, chewy, and almost candy-like. It’s made from a gourd vegetable known as white pumpkin, it can come in a large number of flavors, and it can be eaten dry or dipped in a simple syrup.

Try some petha from India as your first stop on our tour of international snacks!
Looking to try this sweet treat for yourself? You can order it online here, or try this recipe at home.

2. France’s Macaron

France has a rich culinary history-- our “classic” culinary training was developed in France-- and perhaps one of their most famous snacks is the classic macaron. These meringue-like cookies are delicate and filled with a creamy center, and they can be made in a number of different flavors. They’re vibrant and colorful but aren’t too sweet, and they’re just as delicious as you’d expect.

Macarons are fantastic treats, and our choice of French international snacks!
Looking to buy picture-perfect, tastebud-approved macarons? You can get them here.

3. The Netherlands: Stroopwafel

This incredible Netherlands treat pretty much translates to “syrup waffle,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like, with two very thin layers of baked waffle and a caramel center. They can be eaten on their own, but they’re often served warm alongside coffee or tea.

This familiar international snack is the Netherlands version of waffles!
Want to try this rich treat? You can purchase them online from Amazon here, or try out this recipe to make them yourself!

4. South Africa: Biltong

Biltong is like South Africa’s version of beef jerky: salty dried meat that’s also a little bit spicy. The dried, salty foods were necessary for preservation before refrigeration was an option, and spices like coriander make it so good to eat. It’s filling and rich in flavor.

This spicy and savoury international snack really hits the spot, thanks South Africa!
Interested in getting your hands on this one? Check out a recipe here.

5. The Philippines: Ensaymada

Ensaymada is fluffy, soft, creamy, sugary, cheesy bread that’s a go-to for Filipino people. It’s typically sprinkled with sugar on top, but it can also be served cheesy, which is both sweet and a little salty. Either way, they’re popular afternoon snacks for people of all ages.

Try ensaymada, an international snack from the Phillipines that's sure to be a hit!
The preparation time for this one is steep at 5 hours with lots of time to let the dough rest in between, but it only bakes for 20. You can learn more about how to make it here.

6. Germany: Leberkase

Sometimes a half a sandwich is the perfect thing to tide you over, and Germany’s Leberkäse could be the perfect filling. It’s a meatloaf made with veal, beef, and pork, which is emulsified with reduced lactose and made flavorful with spices like pepper and mustard. You can also pan-fry some of it up for yourself in a tiny bit of olive oil.

If you were looking for a hearty international snack, look no further than the German Leberkase!
You can order this German delicacy here.

7. Italy: Cannoli

This totally tubular dessert is a southern Italian delicacy but is popular around the world! While it looks complex, it’s not too difficult to make. A sweet, creamy filling (usually ricotta) rolled up in fried pastry dough, sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar for that #fancy look!

Fan of sweet treats? Cannoli is my favourite international snack for dessert!
Interested in trying this enigma of a snack? Here’s a recipe that will make your mouth water!

8. Greece: Tiropita

Greek is known for its rich flavors and flaky phyllo dough, so it’s no surprise that tiropita is one of the best snacks in the world. These small greek “pies” are often phyllo-dough shaped triangles that are filled with creamy, savory cheeses like ricotta and feta.

Try tiropita, the international snack from Greece with a rich filling!
You may be able to find tiropita at your local greek restaurant or in the frozen section at your grocery, but you can also take the time to make this decadent, cheesy pie with a recipe like this one.

9. Thailand: Khanom Bueang

Khanom bueang are most similar to the crepes that we may be familiar with in North America, but they’re Thailand’s delicious version. Looking like tacos, they’re a popular street food in Thailand, and can be filled with creamy sweets or something savory instead. The crepe itself will be slightly crispy and golden brown.

Probably the coolest street food you'll find on our list of international snacks, khanom bueang looks absolutely delicious!
You can indulge with this recipe.

10. Australia: Meat Pie

When we’re looking at the top ten snacks in the world, you know we have to end the list with something salty (I know I’m not the only one who can’t leave things on a sugary sweet note)! Australia’s meat pies take the cake for this one, with spiced minced meat baked into golden-brown puff pastry.

Australia's meat pies are some of the tastiest in the world!
There are endless recipes you can choose from, including beef with cheese, chicken and mushrooms, and more. You can order some here, or check out a simple recipe here.


Cultural appreciation can enrich our lives, and one of those ways is by bringing new foods and new flavors into our lives.

Gaining an understanding of new foods-- and potentially how to cook them-- can be an incredible (and oh-so-tasty) experience. And here at Hoppier, we’re all about that.

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