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12 Black Friday Deals For Office Managers

Don't miss our curated list of the best Black Friday deals for the office. Take advantage of huge discounts on productivity software, equipment and of course - healthy snacks for your workplace.

Anastasiya Shulyarenko

The holiday season is officially here, and Black Friday is just days away. For office managers, Black Friday is a great opportunity to take advantage of seasonal discounts on productivity tools, office supplies and of course healthy office snacks.

If you’re looking for deep discounts on big-ticket items like computers, office furniture, desk chairs, printers, routers, ink, and toner, there are many big-box stores and websites offering great deals. In some cases, it’s also possible to snag discounts on crucial-to-your-business software that can help streamline your internal systems. 

Let’s take a look at some of this year’s best Black Friday deals for the office.

1. Hoppier

Offer: 20% off your first order

Looking for healthy snacks for your office? Drinks? Fresh fruit? We got you covered!

This year Hoppier is offering 20% off your first office snack subscription order. Lock in your discount today and discover a curated snack selection your team will love! With thousands of healthy options, automated ordering features and a feedback portal to help you customize your subscription, managing your office snacks will feel like a breeze.

Get the deal here.

2. Chanty

Offer: 70% off the annual Business Plan

Chanty is a simple, AI-powered team chat that helps improve communication and boost productivity across all business functions. Easily reach your team and stay synced with text, voice/video and screen sharing features. Seamlessly share files and links as well as set tasks in order to help bring more context to your discussions. Chanty integrates with all the popular productivity tools, including Asana, Trello and Mailchimp. One of the coolest features of this chat is the ability to share code snippets with dev-friendly formatting so your team can share clean lines of code and get instant feedback in one place.

Image source: Chanty

Want to give it a try?

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3. HR Partner

Offer: 50% off for life

HR partner is an HR solution for small to medium sized businesses looking to streamline processes and save time managing data, employees and specific procedures. With friendly cloud HRIS that handles time-off management, onboarding and employee self-serve features this modern HR solution is a perfect fit for offices ranging from 20-500 employees.

Image source: HR Partner

To get the deal, start a free trial, then use the code "BLACKFRIDAY" to continue using HR Partner and get 50% off for life. 

4. Infinity

Offer: 95% lifetime discount

Infinity is a flexible and customizable work management tool that helps organize and manage team tasks all in one place. The features extend into many functions of the business and include everything from event planning and habit tracking to employee onboarding and meeting planning. Infinity allows for easy customization of your workspace and integrates with popular apps like Zapier and Trello.

Image source: Infinity

Want to see what Infinity can do for your office?

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5. Achieved

Offer: 75% discount on first 12 months for new users

Achieved is a flexible, intuitive and user-friendly team progress tracking tool for teams of any size. Easily check in on individual progress, link daily actions to long-term objectives and celebrate achievements in an easy, transparent way.

Image source: Achieved

Want to try it for your office?

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6. Avaza

Offer: 50% off for 3 months

Avaza is an all-in-one platform that helps you run your team collaborate on projects, schedule resources, track time, manage expenses and invoice customers. This tool easily integrates with your favorite apps like Slack and the company provides 24/7 customer support in case you have questions or need help.

Image source: Avaza

Use code: AVAZABLACK2019. 

Get the deal here.

7. Vacation Tracker

Offer: 50% off for the first 3 months

Vacation Tracker is a Slack integration that helps teams all over the world request, approve and manage time off. It allows you to set your own vacation policies, leave types and track all types of leave taken. This tools allows you to keep your team informed with daily and weekly notifications, export valuable reports and integrate with your preferred calendar. Easily get a full overview of future absences and vacation history, as well as update settings to ensure the team is in line with company policies.

Image source: Vacation Tracker


Get the deal here.

8. KiwiHR

Offer: 20% off a year of service

Another HR tool for small to medium sized businesses, KiwiHR is a powerful software that helps you manage employee records, HR reports, onboarding tools, time tracking, time management, and more. The differentiator here is that KiwiHR helps you automate your repetitive HR tasks so you can save time and focus on other parts of your day.

Image source: KiwiHR

Use code: BLACK20

Get the deal here.

9. InvoiceBerry

Offer: 50% off on monthly subscription 

InvoiceBerry is an online invoicing tool for small businesses designed simplify creating, sending and tracking invoices. With automated features, online payment integration and easy-to-use interface, InvoiceBerry helps you save valuable time in your workday.

Image source: InvoiceBerry

Want to give it a shot?

Get the deal here.

10. Best Buy

Best Buy is discounting office supplies like computers, printers, ink, and toner this year. If your team members need laptops, Best Buy is offering one of the lowest Chromebook deals we’ve found so far for $89. 

They’ve also got deep discounts on HP monitors and desktop computers. Some of the best deals include $59.99 for an HP monitor and $499.99 ($300 off) for an HP desktop.

Image source: Best Buy

Shop deals here.

11. Dell

The Dell store is offering up to 30% off desktop computers and laptops during their Black Friday event. While this discount may not look as deep as some of the big-box stores’ deals, buying directly from Dell allows you to have custom computers built to spec. 

On paper, some of the computers may look more costly than elsewhere, but it’s always worth purchasing exactly what you need--with all the must-have features--rather than settling for a machine that doesn’t really fit your or your team’s needs.

Image source: Dell

Shop deals here.

12. HP Store

The HP store, like Dell, will be discounting its computers and accessories for Black Friday. Some of their best doorbuster deals include $480 for a 15.6” laptop and $400 for a desktop (sans monitor). If your organization prefers to use HP equipment, this is a great opportunity to get your computers custom-ordered to spec if needed, while still taking advantage of an incredible discount.

Image source: HP Store

Shop deals here.

How to know if a deal is worth buying into

The best Black Friday deal for office managers are those that involve deep discounts off the retail price. Saving a significant chunk of money off the regular price of an item is a no-brainer if you’ve got the budget and the green light to shop for the office.

Here are a few things to watch out for when you’re looking for the best deals:

  • Deals that take little to nothing off the MSRP
  • Deals that offer reward points with the purchase of an item at regular retail price (unless you actually use the points to help offset your costs, and they’re worth using)
  • Limited quantities, which can inhibit you from actually being able to stock up on much-needed supplies (in the long run, you won’t be saving that much money, but maybe you can save on a few items if they fit your needs)
  • Low prices on items that don’t fit your spec

Don’t be afraid to take the extra time to compare sale prices with MSRP, just to be sure you’re getting the best deal possible and items that will be a great fit for your office and team.


It’s possible to take advantage of some great Black Friday deals for your office and save money in the process. Most deals come in the form of big-ticket items like computers, monitors, printers, office furniture, hard drives, and similar items. 

Whether or not you land some doorbuster deals this Black Friday, your first priority should always be to purchase products that are right for your office, your business’s needs, and your team. But when you get a chance to leverage a good deal, always take the opportunity to do so.

Happy shopping!